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Restoring ventilation duct in an apartment on their own

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airbox, located in classical multi-storey apartment House need to ensure regular conditioning and circulation of air flow inside the rooms of the building. The most common location for Krobia choose kitchen, less corridor, toilet or bathroom, if separate bathroom. Inside this element structure of the house is a total ventilation shaft and two or three special channel, which are air ducts, through which the inflow and outflow of oxygen. During the outflow air contains dust, chemical inclusions and other harmful substances, which draws the exhaust duct.

ventilation duct
Duct ventilation must always be in good condition

not infrequently Fume hoods are putting together a box on the kitchen, when the extra money for it there. Full replacement this will not be, but a certain effect to appear. Thus consider, that the ventilation in a building is a complex engineering and interfere with specific changes can not be there. Restoration of air allowed to do, it is not for the intervention, and repair, so there is nothing illegal in it there.

Technology ventilation shafts

Duct ventilation in the apartment

As we have already realized a ventilation duct in the kitchen it consists of two or three holes. If you look at stats, the three-way conduit for ventilation, It does not occur in the sample more frequently. With them, the kitchen ventilation or sanitary node goes active, harmful substances and odors leaving the premises.

shaft device

ventilation outlet

the main channel, which has an air duct is a ventilation shaft and standard looks like a rectangle with sides of 30 × 60 cm. is he, as sewage riser extends on each floor and move air through it from the basement to the attic.

When air begins recovery does not forget to put in a partition between the main channel and the large auxiliary channels. The material for the partition choose Refractory, that hot summer air not oplavil.

ventshahty unit in an apartment building

auxiliary channels

From the main shaft, we figured out, are two more channels. Classical ventilation has two additional channels, oval or rectangular cross-section. The dimensions of the ventilation ducts as standard 130 and 125 mm. If you previously did not notice, that your house has ventilation, then look lattice boxes in the kitchen or lavatory, they will find there. The fresh oxygen supplied through them into the room, and unpleasant odors disappear. Thanks to, that box out of plywood are in different rooms, the incoming and outgoing streams do not mix during the motion. It turns out, that if during the cooking in the kitchen door to close tightly, the smells of cooking does not get into the other room, and disappear through the ventilation shaft. Mixed leaving air mass above the level meter in the apartment 2-3.

Auxiliary channels ventshahty in an apartment house

Make ventilation in the kitchen will have to use one of two preferred types of baskets:

  1. concrete;
  2. gypseous.

And on the basis of the information obtained, that the decorative duct pipe runs:

  • Kosygin;
  • direct.

Restoring ventilation ducts: installation work in the kitchen

Often people instead, to restore duct tried to reduce the section of the mine for the sake of adding a piece of usable space in the room. This supposedly beneficial effect turning into a disaster for the whole entrance, because of the technical regulations reduced section of the mine ventilation is unacceptable. Remember, in times of, when such restructuring seemed the right decision, a seat just placed refrigerator. And then all went to the entrance of stories, how loaded the food refrigerator, standing on shaky floor air mine flew in floor apartment below.

repair of ventilation ducts

Note, that if even a small change in the ventilation shaft, reducing the cross-sectional area, increasing pressure within the conduit. This is the reason, that the contaminated air instead of, to go to the street pressure will fly someone in the apartment. Therefore, if the installation of the ventilation ducts is made incorrectly and the cross section is reduced tenants sooner or later notice the problem and turn the housing office. And those after time figuring apartment with a reduced mine and you will have a bunch of new problems.

We carry out repairs of plastic and galvanized (metal) rectangular box

Now let's pay attention to repair, we'll see, How to conduct a recovery box in the apartment. You have to do it so, so as not to cause unnecessary harm to other tenants:

installation of ventilation ducts

  1. Remove decorative lattices and reach the channels. Inside disassemble and remove the partition wall. Often, you had to use a heavy electric tool, as earlier we built for the ages;
  2. Next, measure the size of ventilation shafts and select the appropriate repair materials: tubes, solution, blocks, If you want to;
  3. According to box-shaped contours recreate. In this case, people have resorted to the use of plaster or foam panels.

Such materials are selected not without purpose, but because, that due to some features:

  • high-temperature strength;
  • The high level of noise isolation;
  • impermeability.

airbox apartment

There are other materials for walls: plasterboard, tin sheets, plywood ozadachat you a bunch of new problems, and will not help to solve the existing. In the extreme stage of construction it is only to check how it was built and decorated engage the outer surface of the box.

The result of the construction

As we have seen repair of ventilation is not easy and high-quality repairs, and a couple of days and will leave even if not in the same room. Greatly facilitate the task of the presence of the desired electric tool for repair. To visually understand, looks like every step of the repair is not superfluous to view related videos on the Internet.


In terms of bringing to repair experts do not expect cheap deal with repairs: although the company and offer to solve this problem quickly and without monumental investments finite sum goes rather big. Therefore it is better to do the job alone, because here there is not nothing daunting, which can not afford to make the common man.

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