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How to choose a hood with no air in the kitchen

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Kitchen hood - an indispensable attribute. It produces air circulation in the room, removes unnecessary odors, soot and moisture, appearing at cooking. In homes equipped with central ventilation, Installation of this equipment is not obligatory, although it improves breathability. So what to do, If there is no? Output will extractor to the kitchen without air. In this case, its installation - obligatory.

extractor hood
For those cases,, when the vent can not be used, It helps hood for the kitchen without air

When selecting such equipment pay attention to the design and price, functional quality and operation. These qualities affect the quality of air.

hardware device

What are the hood for the kitchen without air? Lineup is diverse and includes techniques with different functional content. But the principle works everywhere one. They consist of a fan, filters and engine, in order for them to work. This framework. air is drawn, It passes through the cleaning modules. They detained and purified from fumes and odors.

But this conclusion depends on the air from the equipment operation mode: extraction or circulation. However, new models often provide a combined work in both modes, based on the needs of the host. What are the differences between these modes?

  • Fume Extraction - It provides for the withdrawal of contaminated air into the ventilation or the street, If there is no. Tap for hood in the kitchen made a special air duct, a connecting clamp with the device.

drawing model
Modern device for the removal of odor

  • Circulation - based on air filtration. He does not go beyond the boundaries of the premises. Cooker hoods for kitchens without retraction are provided multiple levels of purification, pass air, and using special holes for his return to the room.

Pros and cons of the circular hoods

What are the characteristics and properties of the hood for the kitchen without removing the vent gained popularity among buyers? First of all - the impact of the device on the room climate.

kitchen, as well as other rooms, It requires circulation of air masses. In this removed steamy, fumes and the air is replaced with pure. In houses with central ventilation airflow occurs naturally. What happens when a device operating in the suction mode,? Overlaps grille hood in the kitchen. therefore, when the equipment is turned off, airflow is stopped and disrupted microclimate.

According to the rules, when connecting such devices, equipped with an additional vent. Neglect it - you can not. It is dangerous for the health of residents. Besides, supervisors prescribe a penalty, if they find a violation.

Extractor fan in the kitchen interior
On a good kitchen, cooking is fun

Another problem - the plastic windows. they are practical, but closed - do not let the air. This becomes a problem in the winter, when windows are opened rarely. Accordingly, the fresh air is not supplied into the room. Besides, ventilation not always functioning properly, if contaminated, they can change the direction of air movement, that leads to, that of the hood in the kitchen blowing cold air. There are situations, when it is accompanied by the arrival of an unpleasant smell from the other apartments.

circulation hood for the kitchen - a device, Let this and installed in the room to address air. It does not interfere with the central ventilation and at the same time cleans the polluted air, coming from the plate. Extractor fan in the kitchen with the filter without removing easy to install, it does not depend on the availability and serviceability of the ventilation. Installation does not require complicated procedures: Attach the hood to the right place and turn on the network.

white hood
Cooker hoods designed in white color

In winter, the equipment keeps the heat in the apartment, because it requires regular ventilation premises to replace the remote in the air ventilation to fresh.

However, such devices have drawbacks and:

  1. Interchangeable modules require periodic replacement, and this additional cost. So the question, it is more convenient to use a filter or an air sounds quite often. Another point, interested buyers when choosing a hood in the kitchen without the pipe - term operation of replaceable cartridges. It is proportional to the frequency and duration of operation of the equipment. The average 3-6 months.
  2. the performance circulating hoods kitchen without air flow models are inferior. They trap air, therefore lost from 30% to 50% suction power.
  3. The level of noise in the low-end models exceeds the norm.
  4. Cooker hoods without duct not remove moisture from the air, they hold only fumes, soot and odors.
  5. Limited variety of designs and models. They are executed in classic laconic style. Flow hoods are manufactured in a wide variety, but not everyone can afford to buy and install expensive refined model, which will occupy a quarter of the space of standard kitchen in the apartment.

stylish kitchen
Conveniently crafted interior kitchen facilities

Since both species are also pluses, and cons, one can not say which model is better. Concerning, in the presence of a central ventilation system, best choice would be the combined extracts, with the possibility of switching in both modes.

Choice of product without vent

How to choose a hood for the kitchen without air? We will not dwell on the external quality devices, as each chooses them based on their taste and design facilities. A closer look at other characteristics, in particular the performance of.

This is the main indicator, directly influencing the drawing operation into the kitchen without a pipe. It largely depends on the price of the equipment. note, you need to select the equipment, on the basis of floor space.

Calculated minimum drawing performance with a carbon filter with a simple formula: area of ​​the room's ceiling height x 6. You can replace 6 on 10, to increase quality of air purification. If the kitchen combined with dining room, then calculated the total area.

varieties extracts

Minimalism and brevity in the kitchen
Cooker hood - a necessary attribute for any kitchen

Types of hoods for the kitchen without air duct are separated not only by the performance, but also Filters. Air purification is carried out in two stages:

  • absorption of fat;
  • coal cleaning.

The first filter prevents soot and fat intake in the device itself. Therefore, if the filters are not timely change - this may cause damage. stern of, clogged purification system prevents the passage of air, making the device useless, since the recirculation passage in the extract includes a large volume of air.

Zhiropoglaschayuschie filters are executed in the form of disposable or reusable elements. How to choose a filter? In the first case, replacement parts cheaper, but dirty, replace them immediately. reusable, in turn, expensive, but they do not need to keep buying, sufficiently washed using a degreasing agent. Regardless of, What do you select a filter, hood for the kitchen without air will work equally well.

The filter module consists of a thin perforated aluminum, better to use the dishwasher for cleaning. Wash stands apart from the dishes, as the small pieces of food and grease clog filter.

There are reusable filters are made of acrylic fiber. They wash easily - just wash in warm soapy water and gently squeeze.

Choice on the market zhiropoglaschayuschih filters - large. Easy to pick up the module in terms of its price and the buyer's needs. For their convenience, the rating was set up filters. It should read it before you buy, so that the money spent was not wasted lowered.

Carbon filters are used to absorb odors, arising in the kitchen when preparing food. Due to the high area of ​​the active substance, they should be changed no more than once in 3 of the month. interchangeable modules, Coal containing air filters, included working models in a combined or recirculation mode.

Additional functions

Depending on the price range, modern models are equipped with additional functions, new control systems, striking design and other. Coal hood for kitchens without the tube in the budget embodiment has a gear shift and illumination. Luxury goods are equipped with:

  • display, displaying the data on the device;
  • Touch panel;

  • beep, which beeps when switching modes.
  • Clock and timer;
  • sensors, automatically launching technique for maintaining a user selected temperature and humidity in the kitchen;
  • Filter condition indicator, mining level;
  • System of periodic switching equipment, which will provide room ventilation even in the absence of the owners.
  • Remote control with the remote.

Each manufacturer strives to make its products competitive in the market.

  • Kitchen Hoods turbo - positioned, as affordable household equipment, designed for use in small spaces. They are not suitable for industrial use.
  • Extractor fan in the kitchen Shindo - for those, who like variety in the line producer. They offer models of different design and functional content.
  • Extractor fan in the kitchen crown - range of available devices, which combine quality and reliability with the level of European goods.

Installation and operation

Extractor hood in recirculation mode is easily installed without the aid of the wizard. It does not require connection to the ventilation holes, or the creation of additional. However, it should pay attention to some points.

installation height should be at the level of 0,6 m. deviations, but within 10 cm. If you install the hood too low - the chances of overheating the. And in case of installation above normal, significantly reduced operating efficiency. Her power is not enough, to tighten air pollution.

One of the innovations of the industry - a mini hood for the kitchen. It is easily installed in the room, It is compact and easy to cope with its function in the kitchen. However, the price of such devices is several times higher than standard models.

Check for loose, and connect the equipment to the network. Only then should work hood on the kitchen. Normal functioning provides clean air, from contamination, formed during cooking. To extend the life of equipment, it is important to ensure a smooth start-up.

If several of speeds, switch them gradually, starting with the first. Then wear parts will be lower. Smooth off the hood, also extended its service life.


To ensure the quality of clean air, pay attention to the condition of the filter. As previously mentioned, clogged replaceable unit impede the normal operation of equipment. Remove and install the filter can be independently, unassisted. To do this, unplug it, Remove the cover on the exhaust and remove the module. For this process, you'll need a screwdriver. Before you get started, be sure to read the instructions.

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