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How to choose the right air purifier for kitchen: professional advice

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air cleaner for kitchen - this device, adapted for the processing of harmful impurities, indoor air purification, preservation of human health. Today, mass produced various models, different technical characteristics, principle of operation, the cost.

Air cleaner kitchen
Polluted air cleaner for kitchen

classification of devices

Air may vary according to several parameters. According to the principle of the technique is divided into:

  • Devices with pull type operation;
  • recirculating devices;
  • Air mixed action.

In the first case, the instruments collect an airborne contaminants and remove them outside the room through the ventilation shaft.

The second embodiment comprises treating the contaminated air inside the air. In this case the impurities remain on the surface of the filters, and the purified air is returned to the kitchen.

Devices are equipped with two mixed bed filtration mechanisms.

When the installation is divided into the type of air cleaners:

  • dome. Fixed above the plate and act by exhaust air in exhaust ducts.
  • False. Also mounted above the cooking surface and act recycling rule.
  • recessed. Characterized by a mixed one operation and are designed for installation in a kitchen components.
  • Mobile. It applies only to the air recycling mode.

If we talk about the form of the instrument, then release the hood in the form of truncated pyramids, cones, angled and T-shaped devices, hood-cylinder, cube or device with an angle bended.

Air cleaner with a modern design
Most of the modern air purifiers are able to remove up to 96% dirt and odors

Comparative characteristics

Like any other appliances for the kitchen, air purifiers are the pros and cons, influence the choice of a particular device:

  1. The easiest installation in recirculation technology. Its installation does not require exhaust shafts and complex air exhaust systems. The hood can simply record over the stove, enable and use.
  2. In terms of performance leading exhaust design. The polluted air is discharged into the atmosphere irrevocably.
  3. If we talk about the economy of heat, the palm belongs to the recycling technology, which prevents the escape of warm air through the vent tube.
  4. Saving money ensures exhaust system, It does not require regular filter changes.
  5. The noise level is lower in exhaust devices. Cleaners do not need to strain, banishing air through dense carbon filters.

When comparing the costs to clarify, which recirculation devices are not capable of retaining moisture. Its turnover for the kitchen will be located at the same level, as before the installation of a hood.

Technical specifications

Each air cleaner for dishes has its technical parameters. To determine, Is suitable for a particular room, the appliance must find out:

Air cleaner in white
Flow device emits kitchen evaporation and soot out

  • The size of the working blade;
  • Performance;
  • noise height.

The size of the working blade

The magnitude of a stationary working surface of the air cleaner must be greater than or equal to the plate. There are three standard hoods: 60, 90 and 120 cm. Some owners set cooking appliances in a kitchen center island or the form of multiple surfaces. In any embodiment must, that controlled all air cleaner blade plate.


Productivity called air mass quantity, which passes through a device in one hour.

Estimated productivity of the air cleaner should be above prescribed in the data sheet.

To clarify the calculation indices are multiplied by the amount of space 12 (figure multiplicity of air exchange for the kitchen) and 1,3 (level by pumping air ventilation in high-rise structure). In the single-storey houses latter figure can be ignored.


Air cleaners for the kitchen can not be called low-noise devices. Maximum height is equal to the noise 65 dB, but mostly, Cooker hoods noise level 55 dB. for comparison, is equal to that of the refrigerator 45 dB, and centrifuge washing machine issues 68 dB.

air purifier in the kitchen
View of the interior of the hood in the kitchen

For, to select an air cleaner is necessary to determine the intensity of the contamination and the required functionality. The main requirement for the instrument - clean air and drawing from it harmful substances. The apparatus does not require installation of ionizers or oxygen enrichers, that only hamper his service.

Extractor fan or air purifier: what's better

Trying to answer the question: extractor fan or air purifier is best for the kitchen? It is necessary to determine the main differences of devices. Household kitchen hood stationary device is versatile. Air mobility differ, It can be used to purify air throughout the apartment.

the main thing, It differs from an air extractor for the kitchen - this is the independence of the latter. The air cleaner does not require the formation of additional diverting paths and connected to the ventilation obschedomovoy. For proper operation of the device requires only outlet.


Installing an air cleaner in the kitchen will be effective only if the size of the premises registered and air circuit. If the room has a large volume, and the plate is used infrequently, the use of the device is justified.

Illuminated Air Cleaner
A compact gadget needs in each apartment

In such cases, the pollution level is not too high, and an air purifier is able to well cope with the task. In small rooms is better to install the dome or built-in hood for food, characterized circulation principle of.

Install the air with his hands easy. However, even here there are some nuances:

  1. Installation of the device must occur to objects mounted headset. It will help to indicate the direction of his actions in the area of ​​cooking cloth location and link to other components of the wall.
  2. To calculate in advance the place of the future outlet. Wire from the air must not sag, be too taut or too close from the heating unit. Optimal variant - if the outlet is placed flush with the technical means inside a kitchen cabinet.
  3. The height of the air cleaner above the cooking linen must comply with fire safety standards. The most suitable distance - 75 cm. This arrangement allows you to capture the entire mass of fumes, without being subject to severe overheating.

Cooking hob filter instead of drawing can be set, if you want to organize the outflow of air independently of the operation of the air cleaner.

Kitchen in white
Built-in device for air purification quite noticeable in the kitchen

Acquisition kitchen air cleaners

Usually hood for the kitchen is equipped with a multi-level cleaning system. Most of the instruments are equipped with two filters:

  • Fatty. Element is in the form of a cassette, consisting of several plastic or aluminum series. It needs regular washing under running water.
  • Air. Suitable for a more thorough cleaning. It is a fibrous structure, retention small mechanical inclusions. It needs a complete replacement of the extent of pollution (every 1-3 of the month).

Some units comprise a third, carbonic, filter, aimed at effectively combating unpleasant odors.

The bulk of the mobile air purifier is characterized by an extensive bundle. In addition to the basic options, they electrostatic filters can be installed, creating an electric field for attracting the particles to the electrodes of harmful. Sometimes in the cleaner may include photocatalytic filter, separating the organic substances into harmless elements.

Care Tips

Regular and high-quality care for the air purifier will greatly extend the life of the device.

The device can be cleaned only after the power failure! Remove fat from the hood in the kitchen can be purchased using a detergent composition, which must first be sprayed on the surface, give a little to stand up and carefully remove with a damp cloth.

Remove fat from the hood in the kitchen to help folk remedies. For example, remove pollution is possible by means of vinegar or lemon. To get the result they need to process surface, leave for a while, and rinse with pure water. Versatile folk remedy to combat the fat is considered a concentrated laundry soap, you want planed on a grater and pour water. The resulting solution is applied to the hood, and then rinsed with pure water.

Clean the filter on the hood in the kitchen can be modern detergents. If they are not at hand, Use the simple way, which removes fat from any metal object:

  • Pour into water pan, Bring to boiling and dissolve therein polstakana salt;
  • Place in the boiling liquid filters, let dissolve grease and dirt, and remove the pan from the heat;
  • To consolidate the results put the filters in a solution of ammonia and polstakana 3,5 liters of water.

The same ways you can clean the grate on the cooker hood.

models of air purifiers

Today released many devices, whose main task is to clean the air in the apartment.


Extractor hood for "Hephaestus" cuisine distinguished two modes of operation, three-stage fan, the presence of the aerosol and carbon filters.

Extractor fan in the kitchen "Acro" - another example of modern air treatment devices with different cost, design and technical parameters. Technology has received many positive reviews and is widespread among ordinary consumers.