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How to choose a filter for kitchen hood: tips

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modern ventilation the house is made in the form of the mine ventilation, using an air channel connected to the grilles, overlooking the kitchen and the bath in each apartment. But, since natural inflow and air removal is insufficient for normal ventilation, enforced system. One of them is the extractor hood.

carbon filter
Charcoal filter for hoods good fights odors

extraction device

Despite the variety of devices for kitchen ventilation, among which there are the usual box with a fan, high-tech devices with touch controls, actions and the device is very similar to the principle of. Consider one of the types of exhaust systems, outlet air flow (In this case, only the primary filter for hoods in the kitchen).

The main elements of the system considered:

  1. housing, made of metal (ordinary steel, stainless steel, aluminum) or glass. Exclusive wooden hoods are rare and are expensive;
  2. Cleaning filter;
  3. blower motor;
  4. fasteners for wall mounting;
  5. with hose clamp;
  6. check valve.

The last part is just as important, than the filter arrangement. The valve closes the duct opening and do not give out any smell to penetrate, not sound, or even accidentally tightened air jet insects. It is a movable flap, It opens with the motor on and sinking the active part of the hood work termination.

hood lighting
LED lighting in the hood design of a modern kitchen

To illuminate the plate in the old models used conventional incandescent bulbs. Now hoods have built-in halogen or LED bulbs.

classification of filters

Before you select a filter for extraction, worth knowing about the two operating modes of these devices. When the air outlet maximum performance, and the degree of cleaning premises close to 100% - should be removed in the ventilation shaft, and there are already on the street. Recirculation mode provides removal of harmful impurities air, deposited on a carbon filter elements. The second option is more convenient to use, but more expensive, as the filter element is necessary to extract every six months.

If the hood is only for removal, it only set precleaner. Thereby, fat and evaporation do not fall into the cabinet,, which is then very easy to clean. For recirculation need additional purification from small particles, and the hood have to buy or make charcoal filter.

Grease filters

grease filter
Aluminum grease filters are easy to remove and wash

Element, called coarse filter, It cleans the air flow and prevents contaminated not only the pipes, but the motor. After contact with motor blades, which may happen in the absence of primary filtration, fat sticks to the surface and are difficult to clean.

Device for cleaning may be disposable, after some time, requiring replacement, or reusable - cleaned and put back. Disposable filter cartridges for hoods are made of acrylic or synthetic type syntepon. They are used in low-cost models, mounted under the kitchen cabinets. It is not necessary to use such filters again - they still did not clean the air.

Reusable grease filters for cooker hoods are made of metal and have a long service life. Sami device periodically cleaned and washed. They look like a cassette and consist of a metal housing and filter elements (mesh or perforated foil) with openings for the passage of air. Fat free is delayed, and the question of, how to change the filter in the hood, there is no general.

Also steel mesh, use and other filter materials. for example, on the Elica brand grids worth anodized aluminum, prevents oxidation. It has the same construction and filter hoods cata, manufactured in Spain - two of its filter is easy to wash with warm soapy water. Produced by "Elikor" has 5 layers of protection and fully protects the motor from fat particles. Such a filter is for aluminum hoods freely passes air at periodic servicing.

Activated carbon filters

filter hood
The charcoal filter CF 160 for drawing Maunfeld GRETTA

For recirculation mode requirements to the quality of the atmosphere above. Grease and grime, stopped by a primary purification, complemented device, prevents odors in the room. For this purpose, the device immediately behind the grease element give carbon Hepa filter extracts.

The bulk of the charcoal filters comprises activated carbon, securely retaining contamination. Absorbing harmful substances, member holds them in himself. Such properties possess Coal filter.

A serious drawback of the device is the high price, reaching 2,5 thousand. rubles. But there is an opportunity to create a carbon filter for drawing their own hands. Homemade product spare based cores from coal.

The efficiency of the filter is related to their density (it is more than, the smaller bandwidth). Increase the flow rate can be, periodically changing the replaceable filter elements for. Neutral Consumable changing times 3 of the month. Providing quality cleaning, but also gets dirty filter hoods elica recommended update through 2 of the month. Jetair cartridge needs to be replaced and Fabriano 3 once a year. and the best filters for hood, krona and Bosch are up to a year.

cleaning the hood

hood cleaning
To clean the hood must remove all filters

Clean the hood in the kitchen for a long time and it is difficult - but still necessary. And one of the important tasks is cleaning tidying filter surface, polluted under the effect of vapor. Without the procedure bandwidth will decrease, and the air will be cleaned worse. It is worth noting, that only clean grease filters for cooker hoods - coal only replaced by a new.

easy cleaning

Before, How to clean the hood, remove the filter and evaluate its Contamination. Then washed in hot water - if the new device, the filter element is easy to clean. Most often - simply washed with hot water and detergent. It is most common form of round filter also simplifies the task of. But, if since the last cleaning took place more than one year, will have to work hard.

Other options

If the filters are not washed with hot water, leave them in detergent solution for a few hours. If no effect measures are reinforced. for example, added to water and soap and soda is brought to a boil. Since the filters are cleaned by drawing large hard, they boiled, turning the first one, then on the other side. After boiling water for 5 minutes, turn off the fire and wait for 1-2 hours.

filter cleaning
Fill extract cleanliness: my fat filters

situation, when it does not help boiling, or defending, require the use of special tools. To this end, it is recommended to clean the filter solutions such as the "Mole". 10 minutes, rinse it guaranteed will remove fat. But the means employed are often impossible because of the danger of damage to the filter.

Unsuccessful attempt to clean using all methods of talking about the end of life of the device. And instead of tips on cleaning longer useful guide for filter change.

Cleaning the hood

After cleaning or replacing the filter device is required to wash the hood. To do this, use the special tools, cleaning steel. On the surface, little remains of bands, if the surface is not cleaned across, and along the. If the hood is not steel or facilities not available, make it yourself, adding 1 no. l. facilities, used for dishwashing, on 1 l water temperature 50-60 degrees.

types of hoods

Species kitchen exhaust devices much. Firstly, separation goes for air purification method - output it to the outside, or circulation through carbon filters. And, In both cases, the presence of primary filtration is required to protect the motor. When they say, that the hood for the kitchen without filters, only mean the absence of secondary (thin) cleaning systems.

cleaning system
Extractor hood for the kitchen without the secondary filter (thin) cleaning systems

Next in importance classification is performed in the form and installation methods. It includes a flat (standard) devices, dome, Embedded and island hoods.


The location of the flat space under the hood is cupboards or immediately above the plate surface. The equipment is completed with 1-2 motors and can output air and the ventilation system, and back into the room. The second option requires the installation of additional filtration. Make a homemade filter is possible and very, a ready - to buy in the store. One of the modifications of the standard drawing - angular, designed for installation over the stove, in the corner.


Hoods "dome" type design features in the form of "domes", necessary to capture air rising from plate. They are installed not only on plates, but over kaminami and pechami. Exclusive equipment options include decorative accessories for extraction, eg, made of wood.


built in cooker hoods
Built-in hood for the kitchen

Small kitchen hood should be small. And buying have built or integrated version. After mounting on the mind remains only the lower part, located in a main cabinet. Kitchen interior is not broken, a hidden portion of the device size sufficient for effective operation.


Option with placing hoods, arranged above the stove in the center, suitable premises with considerable dimensions. The workplace is accessible from any part of the kitchen. A task of the telescopic pipe device is not only an air outlet, but also to the ceiling mount.

assembly rules

For proper installation drawing, ensuring safe and efficient use, you need to follow the installation instructions. And during the performance of work - act carefully. If kitchen appliances installation experience is not, should see a specialist.

The distance from the power boards to the lower edge of the drawing is set not less 65 cm, from a gas - 80 cm. Install the device above the permissible, but decreases with increasing distance work efficiency and requires more power. choosing the distance, and take into account the growth of people using an extract. Device parameter width is also important, and be sure to select large horizontal plate sizes.

The hood is mounted by attaching to the walls (for the standard variant), to cabinets or ceiling. Before proceeding with installation, mark out a separate space for mounting. The exhaust structure necessarily take into account the peculiarities of the exhaust vent:

  • pipe pieces make short and direct;
  • minimum number of knees (twists);
  • a change in direction of the duct requires the knees with a larger diameter;
  • to increase the air permeability within the channel must be smooth.

Is now widely used corrugated ducts are easy to install and are bent in the right direction. Their disadvantage is called lack of rigidity, due to which output air creates increased noise. To reduce the effects of noise using conduit PVC rectangular shape with corners without corrugations. Design can be easily integrated in the suspended ceiling.

To improve the efficiency of air removal Air Release channel dimensions are selected as large as possible. Standard pipe diameters - 100, 150 and 200 mm. To go with the larger cross-section to a smaller size are adapters, sufficient to reduce the size only 1 stage. To reduce the power loss restriction performed at the beginning of the duct - at the outlet flange. There is also being tested fan efficiency and performance evaluation. It is recommended to provide eight- or tenfold air exchange, but, taking into account a safety factor 30%, hour extraction rate must exceed the amount of food in 10-13 times.