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Eliminate the blockage in the sink: Instructions for Use

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clogged sink in the kitchen is inevitable. It occurs in every apartment. But this unpleasant situation is correctable. Preferred method - to prevent blockage in the sink, using protective mesh, or by placing a filter basin. These tools can prevent clogging of drain food waste and accumulations of fat. But even if it is with them standing water in the sink - it's time to remove the blockage.

clogged sinks
Clogged sink in the kitchen, standing water

Methods to eliminate clogging

Remedy the problem varied. Among them - the challenge plumbing. a win-win option, but costly in terms of money. In addition, the wizard requires the approval time of arrival.

Other options - a clean sink by zasora independently. To do this, it is advisable to use the following methods and tools:

  1. mechanical. We use plumbing supplies: air valves, special cables, brushes, hydraulic systems.
  2. chemical. To resolve this problem apply alkaline or acidic cleaners pipe: Mister Muskul, Sanfor, mole, Tiret etc..
  3. popular. For this process require improvised means: lemon acid, soda and vinegar.
  4. Cardinal cleaning siphon. The action involves the unwinding of the siphon cup or complete disassembly design plum.

These methods are readily available for any person to, to break through the blockage yourself, and efficacious in practice.

Punches sink plunger

Plunger - a hand tool for plumbing work, at the end of which the handle is firmly fastened rubber cap. The principle of operation is to create a higher pressure in the discharge pipe, with the result that pushed dirt.

penetrable vantuzom
Cleaning using plunger

Clean clogged sink plunger needed as follows:

  • type hot water in the sink so, that it covers the rubber plunger cup (7-9 cm);
  • install air vent horizontally on the drain hole;
  • perform, without removing the rubber dome of the shell, 5-6 presses movements toward top-down;
  • sharp movement to remove the plunger from the water;
  • If free water left in the pipe - clogging in the shell removed, otherwise the process is repeated again.

Plunger helps to cope with the problem of clogging in 90% if not, then, when the sink is dirty grease, or dirt, debris. With serious clog the plunger can not cope.

Clear the drain chemicals

Clean clogged kitchen sink is possible using household chemicals. The principle of this method is based on the reaction, resulting from exposure to alkali or acid to cause clogging of the drug: fat, organic compounds, soap deposits, hair, etc.. Chemicals productive dissolved impurities and provide an opportunity to clean the sink without effort.

We use chemical weapons
Chemical agents or pour poured into a drain

These funds belong to the aggressive environment, so working with them need to wear rubber gloves. In case of contact with skin or eyes, the affected area should be washed under running water. Before the procedure, it is necessary to carefully study the instructions.

An example of a chemical cleaning agent is a sink drain pipe cleaning "Mole". Operation Reagent next:

  • pour down the drain 1 glass solution and leave for 3-5 hours (better at night);
  • rinse with pure water.

Not worth much to stoop to the drain and observe the reaction process. It is dangerous for health. While under way to clean up the work, the use of the shell is not permitted.

means available

Get rid of the blockage in the sink to help agents, which are present in the kitchen of every housewife. for example, soda. Composition means such, during the reaction with the reagent occurs a large amount of carbon dioxide. filling pipe, it increases the pressure on the wall and pushes the blockage. Besides, Soda facilitates dissolution of the fat film and detachment of dirt on the inner surface drainage. Water is used to create a violent reaction, acetic or citric acid.

Clean soda
Baking soda form in sewer pipes alkaline medium, promotes easy purification

clean the sink improvised means easy:

  • Pour half a cup of baking soda down the drain.
  • Pour cup of boiling water or vinegar.
  • Close the drain plug.
  • Leave a bowl on 30 minutes alone.
  • Rinse saucepan of hot water.

On removing debris from the drain pipes in the outgoing prompt draining water at a rate.

If your kitchen has a plastic tube, possible to eliminate clogging and concentrated acetic acid, which is mixed with water in the ratio 1:9. Otherwise, there is damage to the pipes.

cleaning the siphon

When, when heavily clogged sink in the kitchen, and the mechanical and chemical cleaning methods do not help, eliminate the problem should use the cleaning siphon. If you allow the discharge device, disassemble only have to siphon cup, otherwise you'll have to spin the drain design. The process is not a pleasant experience, but the result is quite justified.

More often, of reason, that does not go away the water from the sink, It lies in the siphon. This device consists of two parts, connected by a threaded connection. For the procedure, it is necessary to uncouple the clutch. Pre-under the sink to put a bucket or bowl for draining dirty water.

cleaning the siphon
Cleaning the siphon specialist

The cleaning process following the siphon:

  • remove the lower part of the siphon;
  • drain dirty water in the bucket;
  • clean the siphon and the junction with the drain pipe;
  • rinse parts;
  • if necessary - unscrew the siphon from the pipe and replace the gasket;
  • collect items and set the trap in place;
  • open the valve and rinse water pipe under a strong pressure.

If you are unable to remove the blockage, and cleaning the siphon completed, it is desirable to check on the tightness of the drain system connection points. They should be dry. In case of water leakage the threaded connection is needed to tighten or replace a lining.

The plastic compound siphon easily deformed. So do not overdo the tightening in the assembly design. It is better to put a new gasket or collar of quality material.

Precautionary measures

Remove the blockage in the sink several ways. The easiest - chemical. It is important to take into account, what, using chemical means, necessary to comply with security measures:

  • work in the household gloves;
  • cleaning process carried out in a ventilated room.

It is also important to remember, that the chemical reaction causes a large amount of heat. This results in damage to the low-quality pipes and sanitary equipment. It can also damage and washing. strong chemicals adversely affect concentration and plastic tubes. Therefore, before starting work, it is important to read the instructions.