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Clean the pipe in the kitchen by yourself

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Communication of any type are prone to breakdowns, and sewerage system of apartment no exception. In the most unexpected moment the water from the sink stops away, and the kitchen is filled with unpleasant odors. If the call is plumbing for any reason can not be, Cleaning of sewer pipes in the home falls on the home owner. Nothing wrong with that. Knowing several ways, as a clean tube from clogging in the kitchen, deal with this problem is not difficult.

Clogged pipe in the kitchen
Clogged pipe in the kitchen, it happens at all, and it is necessary to solve the problem

Effective ways to get rid of the blockage in the home

reasons, causing the occurrence of clogging in a private home or apartment high-rises, there are several:

It does not leave the water from the sink

  1. Coating the inner surface of pipes fatty deposits eventually leads to a reduction in their diameter. As a result, even small foreign object can cause a blockage.
  2. Metal parts are susceptible to corrosion of pipes, causing blockage.
  3. Contact with Food particles sewers, hairs, other wastes.

The first step is to determine whether there is a blockage occurs at a specific pipe or a common sewer system. To do this, it's worth checking all the plum, available in the apartment. If the water is only in the kitchen sink, It will have to deal only with it, which greatly simplifies matters.

First of all, you need to prepare a solution of a pack of soda and boiling water bucket. this liquid poured into the hole kitchen sink, to soften the fat. If this does not help, you should use one of the following methods to clean the pipe at home.

the blockage in the pipe

The use of chemical agents: soda, vinegar and other

Eliminate the blockage to help special chemicals with caustic composition. Steril, tiret or mole for cleaning pipes are sold in many stores of household chemicals. Their use is important to follow a few rules:

  • when choosing the appropriate device remember, Alkaline drugs that better cope with fatty deposits, acid - with hair, food waste;
  • the use of drugs is not desirable when the tube is completely clogged, as this may lead to a sharp liquid splashing, that hurt the surface of the shell;
  • too frequent use of chemicals leads to deterioration of the soil pipe.

To clear the blockage in the sewer pipes should inject the amount indicated in the instructions of the cleaning agent into the hole kitchen sink. According to the incident required time, indulges in the sink water jet, to check whether the blockage is eliminated.

cleaning the pipes in the kitchen means

Plunger for drain cleaning plastic pipes in the kitchen

A simple way to clean the pipe at home is to use a plunger. It is a device, consisting of two parts: wooden handles and rubber tip, worn at the end of the handle. Clean drains a plunger, if you do the following:

  • water discharge opening is closed tightly stoppered, after which the shell is filled with water;
  • applied to the plunger hole sink so manner, to prevent the gap between them;
  • is somewhat abrupt movements up and down the plunger, preventing its detachment from the surface of sink;
  • plunger abruptly breaks away from the surface.

These steps will create an overpressure in the pipe, whereby clogging budge.

cleaning pipes in the kitchen plunger

Analysis of the siphon

If these methods did not help unclog sewer pipes, should resort to the disassembly of the siphon. This is done as follows:. Cup-settler unscrewed, if it is by design. Otherwise the fastening nut unscrewed with a spanner and a siphon removed. After the liquid has drained into the preformed container, siphon cleaned from possible accumulations using warm water and detergent.

It is advisable to check the length of sewer pipe of a siphon for the presence of various types of deposits. This is done using a small piece of wire with a bend at the end of.

Master razbiraet siphon

Plumber's snake against clogged sewer pipe

If serious blockages to clean sewers in a private home or apartment can help a special device - plumber's snake. It is to roll up into a spiral wire, at one end of which is leather, and on the other - the drill. Use this device only in metal pipes.

at absence device, used plumbers, It can be made with your own hands plumber's snake. You can use the robust and at the same time flexible metal cable. Its end is bent and slightly raspushivaetsya. The opposite edge is equipped with a ring to aid in rotation.

Punch blockage in the pipe by means of the kitchen fittings cable should, starting with disconnecting siphon. Thereafter, the hole leading out a cable tube slowly introduced. His promotion is accompanied by rotation of the handle. Do not forget about, that the rope must always be taut in order to avoid twisting.

cleaning pipes santehtrosom

turning rope, you need to push it further to a collision with clogging. When it is detected, reinforced cable pushes the blockage is eliminated. At the same time we must not forget about the rotation of the handle: this will help to pass the pipe bends and splice locations.

To clean the blockage in the pipe preferably parallel with the action of the cable to pour hot water into it. This will help loosen the blockage and remove it.

The metal wire is undesirable to use for plastic sewer elements, as it is able to damage the smooth surface of the pipe, which will create the preconditions for the occurrence of blockages in the future.

The best means of blockage of plastic pipe is the hot water and plunger. If they do not help, caution should introduce chemicals to clean the pipes. It is worth paying attention to, to the packaging of the preparation was the mark, can be used in plastic pipes.

cleaning pipes in the kitchen cable

sewage smell in the kitchen

Surely every housewife, whatever it may be cleanly, sometimes there are situations, when it stinks from the sink in the kitchen. What to do, to eliminate the unpleasant smell on their own without the help of experts, Now we will tell.

Firstly, define, that is the cause of the smell of sewage. The most likely reason - deposits of fat particles and food residues on the inner surface of the siphon. When their accumulation process of decay begins, cause bad. Exit from a situation easy: siphon must be disassembled and thoroughly rinse it with warm water and detergent.

cleaning pipes in the kitchen

My advice to you: at least, once every six months, disassemble and clean the siphon for the prevention of unauthorized clusters

Another possible cause of the odor from the kitchen sink is in the evaporated water from the siphon. possible, if the sink for a long time did not use, for example, go on holiday. Eliminate the consequences of this situation stands as follows:: pull in large amounts of water pipe. Subsequently prolonged absence is poured into the sink sinks a small amount of sunflower oil. thin film, formed on the water, delay the evaporation of the liquid.

Improper connection of the siphon or installation, with its lack of the scheme can also give rise to unpleasant odor. Therefore it is better to entrust this work to professionals.

cleaning pipes

There may be situations, when the stench is not related to hydraulic lock. The problem could be in mechanical damage to the drain pipe, airing riser or violation of the seal between the drain and sewer system. To address these violations should contact the housing office.

A little about sewage pumps

In some cases, the methods described above to clean the drains are not strong, so it is worth considering the use of the pump.

One type of such equipment is a manual hydraulic pump. Through directed upward or downward movement, powerful water stream erodes existing in the tube plug.

The process of using a hand pump consists of the following steps:

cleaning pipes Hydrocompressor

  1. The overflow opening is closed shell special pump or damp cloth.
  2. pump capacity is filled with tap water.
  3. Pump nozzle tightly to the drain cleaning.
  4. device handle swings so far, until the clogged.

If you have in the process of renovation in the kitchen there was a desire to move the kitchen sink to another location, not intended for this wiring sewers, it is worth considering the acquisition of a stationary pump. Its purpose - the collection and pumping of water if you can not self-draining into the sewer system an apartment or house. Often the pump is integrated into sanitary shredder waste.

Entrust the transfer of the kitchen sink and setting the pump professionals should. This will save the owners from the appearance of blockages and other problems with sewage.

cleaning the sewage


The best remedy blockages in pipes is to prevent their occurrence. In order to not have to worry about the cleaning of pipes in the home is important to observe the following recommendations:

  • it is not necessary to pour the liquid in the kitchen sink, rich on cooking oil;
  • before washing the dishes it is important to thoroughly clean them of any debris;
  • to prevent ingress of food particles drainer, you need to equip it with the filter mesh with small mesh sizes;
  • prophylactic washing of kitchen sewage system using the plunger and hot water should be carried out at least, once every two weeks;
  • on a quarterly basis should be used special chemicals to clean the pipes;
  • when replacing sewer system it is desirable to install plastic pipes, because they do not corrode, which is one of the causes of blockages.

Follow waste hit the sink

An effective means to clean the sewer pipe as a preventive measure is the following recipe. Glass salt is mixed with a glass of soda and cream of tartar quarter cup. One quarter of the mixture is filled into the drain, then boiled water. Through 5 washed several minutes draining hot water kettles. Repeat the procedure once a week minimizes the risk of blockages.


If the listed suggestions do not help, and you still clogged sewer pipe, thanks to our recommendations you know what actions to take to clean the pipes of your apartment. Now you know, than to clean the pipe in the kitchen.