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How to clean up oil in the kitchen: effective tools and techniques

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The kitchen is always something being cooked, roasts and boils. This is a good sign, so, family will be well-fed, but after a delicious dinner, someone will have to remove all, to wash the dishes, clean the microwave from the burning and fat. Even if very skillfully wield in the kitchen, hot oil still scatters in different directions, All soiling on its way. At the same time spoil the beauty and luster ware, on it appear yellowish spots, from which it is difficult to get rid, it eats into the surface firmly. To help cope with this problem proven tips experienced housewives, which tested different ways, We found a solution and are willing to share them with beginners.

The girl washes a plate
Need to know, how to clean up oil in the kitchen

Modern means and methods of purification of fat in the kitchen

You can easily clean the kitchen from the fat in three ways: using detergents, mechanically, try out the traditional methods. How to take advantage of them - you decide.

she cleaned the kitchen

Each of these options has advantages and disadvantages:

  1. Mechanical cleaning - a sure way to fight fat bloom. Stain eliminates quickly, but be careful - on the smooth surface of kitchen furniture or utensils may form scratches.
  2. Cleaning chemicals are very aggressive, them to behave cautiously, but they give an excellent result. Before application it is necessary to read the instructions. Avoid contact with eyes, Airways, on hands. Before use, wear protective rubber gloves, in some cases require a respirator.
  3. Try to clear your way to the national cuisine.
    It is economical and harmless alternative, it does not require large financial expenditures. But not all traditional methods give the expected result.

Now we will tell you more about these options, so you can make the right choice.

cleaning oil in the kitchen

Household chemicals to clean the old grease on the cabinets, extract, plate, glossy MDF facades, plastic and wood furniture, countertop, ceiling, linoleum, apron, blind, laminate, wallpaper, walls, tubes, TV, chandelier

In chemical laboratories developed cleaning agents for surfaces of various types of dirt and grease. They are sold in the markets, specialized stores, department stores. You will need medication for home use, not professional.

Pick up household chemicals needed depending on the material of the objects, you are going to clean.

Pay attention to the composition and consistency of the drug. If you need to clean the shiny metal or plastic article - tool should not be powdered, contain abrasives, otherwise it will remain after scratching.

Furniture and countertops are best wash liquid products without chlorine, otherwise formed on the surface streaks, they appear more difficult, than the fat. Suitable dishwashing liquid.

means for cleaning the kitchen oil

To care for a glass article acquires a soft gel or spray, special preparations for cleaning ceramics.

Lacquered surface is easy to clean by means, which include the ammonia.

Wash the inside of the oven grease can, preparing a mixture of the dishwashing gel, Comet and citric acid. Treat the solution wall, Leave for half an hour. It is washed off with warm water means. Preheat the oven before cleaning, so that it was warm, but do not burn, it will facilitate work.

Technical means

Some types of home appliances make life easier for housewives, they include features, which contribute to the rapid cleaning.

Dishwasher. Washes not only the dishes, but also filters hoods, lattice, handle plate .... The fat can be easily removed, the water temperature should be high.

by means of fat

Equipment with special functions, following, as catalytic cleaning oven. Fats in the appliance automatically dissolve into water and carbon black under the temperature and oxidizing, which are available on the device walls. Further decomposition products are absorbed by the sorbent.

Paroochistitel. Launders from fat furniture, cleans tile joints, removes inveterate stains, disinfects. The generated steam machine penetrates into tricky areas, easily dissolves grease and dirt. He can be cleaned at home just about anything.

Oven with pyrolytic cleaning option - self-cleaning, burns deposits on the walls. With this technique in the house, you forget about, what oven cleaning. Technical means high, but their cost is considerable. But, buying these devices, you will enjoy the comfort of many years.

oven cleaning

Folk remedies for quick and easy cleaning of solidified fatty plaque

All the housewives have their pets tricks, it's time to learn about them you.
To wash the oven of fat folk remedies, use one of these products, They will find in the house of each:

  • Citric acid or carbonic,
  • laundry soap,
  • Ammonia,
  • Baking powder for the dough,
  • Soda, vinegar, salt.

we will tell, how to clean fat with citric acid cuisine. To this mix with citric acid vinegar, add soda. The mixture was put on a loofah, cloth or brush. With the push rub structure in those places, where ingrained fat. stains dissolve, residues means hot water rinse, wipe with a clean cloth. Citric acid and soda easily cope with a touch.

baking soda, and lemon

Clean the microwave from fat inside help fruit: lemons, oranges, lime, grapefruit. Take a pair of citrus, cut into pieces, fold in a special plate, pour water. Put inside the device, turn it on, set the maximum heating temperature. Through 15 min. disconnect from the microwave network. Softened fat erase sponge. It is also considered to be effective cleaning microwave vinegar. It is carried out on the same principle, that citrus cleaning, fruits replace solution: 400 ml of water, 2 st.l. vinegar.

"Greasy stains can be removed as soon as possible, the longer they remain on the surface of the cookware, the harder they are to deduce ".

To clean ceramic pan of a deposit rub soap grated. Add the slightly heated water. Extinguish 2 ch.l. soda, 3-mja tbsp. vinegar and connect with soapy water. Hold the tool in a frying pan 15 min. Remove the mixture with a sponge, flush with water.
So you can clean the soot from the long-standing, not only the pan, but
other kitchen utensils.


Wash the glass ceramic plate of a deposit is not so easy, like metal. Its surface is affected, if you act clumsily. Experienced hostess advised to wash the surface of the food, hydrated soda. Gruel apply on contaminated sites, pokapatsya top vinegar, hold 10 min. Thereafter means washed with water. Stubborn stains can be removed by special scraper.

Clean the carpet without removing fat from the floor, It allows the soda solution. Dissolve half a cup of baking soda in five liters of water. Fill the resulting liquid spray and sprinkle it over the carpet. Through 30 min. vacuum thoroughly. Dry cleaning using salt. Sprinkle grains of the carpet, rub them with a damp brush, sweep up the remnants.

She cleans the plate
Clean the grease in the kitchen is no problem, If the hand is good money

You will be able to wash kitchen cabinets fat mustard. Prewet furniture fronts hot water. after 10 min. rub the contaminated sites sponge coated with a mustard. Another method - with the help of vegetable oil. It easily dissolves old, stale fat. The oil is diluted with soda in the ratio 1:2 and triturated with a brush on the surface. Bad dissolves fat vodka or alcohol. Wipe the walls of the kitchen furniture, if spots still remain - soak them in 5 minutes, then remove with a sponge soaked in alcohol.


Try to clean the electric oven baking powder for the dough, it is a proven way to national. Wet inner walls, sprinkle baking powder. Two hours later, the fat will collect in clumps, which can be easily removed.

Now you know, what methods need to fight the fat spots and will be able to give them a fitting rebuff. Your kitchen will shine, and delight its impeccable cleanliness.

Now you know, than wash oil in the kitchen.