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Secrets of cleaning the kitchen sink: effective tools and mechanical devices

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Communication system with time can become clogged with remnants of food, grease. In consequence of water ceases fully go into the drain, there is an unpleasant smell. Different blockages can become an unpleasant surprise, so it is important to know the effective ways to eliminate clogging.

The sink is clogged
Sink - is the epicenter of the kitchen and it must follow

Clean the sink can be applied mechanical action and chemical agents, store-bought, or cooked at home from improvised means.

We'll talk more about, how to unclog a sink in the kitchen.

Productive methods and effective treatment options for sinks in the kitchen

shell cleaning

Sometimes applied challenge plumbing, but this action is financially costly and time-consuming. Proven tools will eliminate clogging quickly and easily. When, when it clogged sink in the kitchen, Plunger is a simple and affordable device for cleaning the drain holes.

Application plunger, If clogged sink

The apparatus consists of a wooden handle and the rubber dome rounded. Almost every house with fine finished sewage present plunger. It is recommended to purchase the device in case of absence. The ratio of the available cost and benefits of adaptation tool displays the first position among the other methods of cleaning.

air valves

Instructions for use plunger is simple, allowing you to easily cope with clogging and clean the pipe, performing simple actions:

  • You need to open the hot water, or a sufficient volume to fill the drain;
  • the water level should be approximately 5-7 cm.;
  • Rubber dome plunger when used should cover drain hole;
  • vigorously pressing on the handle, Water begins to be pumped in the pipe;
  • periodically cleaned and checked plunger plums;
  • when, if the water does not go free, You need to repeat the steps to achieve the desired result;
  • after about five attempts it is recommended to apply chemical methods to eliminate clogging.

Available means to combat clogging

Clean the sink without plunger can, using improvised means food chemistry. Plain baking soda combined with vinegar allows you to quickly remove the cork. In addition, required hot water and a thin twig, or wire. Soda need food, not calcined.

improvised means

Clean drains soda and vinegar is quite simple, It needs to perform a series of consecutive actions:

  1. Initially it requires boil water in a kettle.
  2. Thoroughly dry the shell wall, You can wipe dry with a cloth.
  3. Cover up the baking soda in the drain hole, maximum filling drain. It requires half cup of the component.
  4. Then poured into the sink approximately the same amount of vinegar.
  5. After several minutes of waiting, When vinegar and soda will cease to hiss, must be filled with boiling water.
  6. Further opens faucet and verified by the quality of the work performed.

The operating principle of the mixtures

Sewer cleaning soda and vinegar is considered to be quite an effective way to eliminate blockages. The ongoing reaction between the ingredients, Reinforced hot water should provide the desired effect. Hot water rinse will allow balances. To clean the pipe soda and vinegar with a strong clogging, need to close the drain hole on the 30 minutes. reaction direction should move in the direction of a traffic jam.


Soda and vinegar pipe cleaning is often linked with salt. Use embodiment involves mixing components in equal proportions. The mixture is poured into the sink drain opening. To provide the desired cleaning result is only possible if the composition neat rashes.

Means acts only in places clogging. After the reaction need to pour boiling water, closing the aperture for the impact of the dislocation. In addition, at the final stage of the shell can be cleaned by means of plunger.

It is important to consider the type of material, from which the siphon, to avoid damage from exposure to boiling water.

Proper cleaning and siphon sewer pipe without plunger

The siphon tube is an extension of the barrel. Area element located directly under the sink. The main purpose of the sanitary unit is cutting off contact with sewage fumes in kitchens.

Functionality siphon aims to create a zone of subsidence of small food residues, fat. Detail is often prone to clogging. watching, When it is bubbling in the kitchen sink, we can safely assume the presence of blockages in sewage. The cause of these sounds can be a complex tube, do not allow water to freely go down the drain.

cleaning siphon

When, when it clogged sink, it acts as a common cause of traffic jam in the area of ​​the siphon. Application plunger, products based on soda and vinegar, may not have the desired effect in the presence of a serious blockage. In this case, you need to disassemble the piece.

By following a simple sequence of actions, easy to clean sewer pipe and siphon:

  • Standard models allow us to effortlessly unscrew the hatch;
  • solid construction demand to perform a complete removal of parts;
  • It advised to substitute the container under the trap and drain water from the element;
  • siphon easily washed with detergents, thoroughly cleaned all the holes;
  • region of the tube over the need to clean the trap wire;
  • always checked the area above the siphon bandwidth;
  • further siphon installed in place;
  • in case of finding the clogging in the lower part of the tube, it will also need to clean the wire, or cable;
  • Details are set into place and carefully secured.


chemical agents, time-tested: soda and other household wisdom

Sometimes, complicated cases do not allow to improvised clean stopper and mechanical means. In such a case, the mole applied for cleaning pipes. The mixture contains active alkali, have a direct impact on the obstruction. Dosing simple, it is important to adhere to the rules as recommended in the instructions.

need to sleep mole means for cleaning the tubes in the drain hole and add the boiling water, or hot water. After waiting the required time, You can continue to use the cleaning plunger, or a special cable. Mr. muscle to clean drain pipes gained consumer acceptance as an effective means of cleaning, and is widely used in removing complex plugs.

Mister muscle
Choose the best tools and methods for the smooth operation of the shell

Basic precautions

Proper removal of blockages in the first place takes into account the security measures during the works. Clean the drain in the sink can be boiling water, improvised means, household cleaning and mechanical devices. It is important to follow established recommendations.

Systematic prevention will help to prevent the occurrence of traffic jams, or Asor. Small mesh while washing dishes, or vegetables, protect the drain from the large and small particles. Regular cleaning and wiping cleaning will eliminate the layers of fat, occurrence of odor from the discharge opening.


You should use the kitchen sink for any other purpose. The kitchen sink is forbidden to clean the shoes, bathing pets, perform bathing procedures. Wool and hair are the main cause of problems. Dishes before washing must be thoroughly cleaned of food debris. Performing simple tips and recommendations will rarely deal with clogged kitchen sink.