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The complexity of the choice for the kitchen sink siphon: plumbing tips

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AT Each house is located much needed, but unremarkable things, which usually remember only, when they break. One of them - a trap under the sink in the kitchen. Rather simple device and to install, However, completely irreplaceable piece of kitchen interior, without which it is not functioning even expensive and prestigious plumbing.

Siphon Basin produced on high-tech equipment of modern materials

Due to the siphon used water down the drain, and it also blocks possible infiltration into the kitchen unpleasant sewer "flavors".

Device, nuances of the assembly and installation of kitchen sink

Draining for sink in the kitchen has little, a small pressure. However, neglect density and reliability of sealing compounds is not necessary. Subsequently, this will lead to unpleasant consequences.



to understand, like going to a siphon for kitchen, you need to know of what it consists. Standard equipment and sink the siphon device is simple and consists of the following parts:

  • Plastic pipe;
  • plastic cuffs;
  • housing;
  • plastic nuts;
  • the lower stopper;
  • tapered rubber sleeves;
  • screw screed;
  • decorative reshetochka.

Qualitative selection and repair - it is expensive

The main parts are made of plastic. They do not rot and wear resistant. Used as a siphon made of bronze and brass. material beautiful, prestigious, but with one drawback: over time, it is oxidized and therefore accumulates dirt.

Assemble the device is not complicated, than the children's designer - each product is attached lucidly detailed assembly diagram. Following the instructions in the diagram, even a beginner will cope with the assembly, but there are some nuances, that should be considered.

The main thing when you install - keep the tightness of threaded connections. You need to start assembly from the bottom of the plug, because it is on it is necessary to substantive and permanent discharge pressure.

siphon for sinks

When purchasing be sure to check the integrity of the packaging and rubber gaskets. By setting the lower plug and other connections, you must still fix the rubber gasket. In this case will help the sealant, which is fixed between a part of the siphon. Mating threaded connections need to stop, but, without the use of force.

The junction, which is about a decorative mesh, are used 2 colored lining. Black is set to the top of the pipe, and white (thin) mounted under the cover.

After that, as an outlet mounted, should tighten the fixing screw.

What to look for when choosing a siphon and their varieties

The choice of the siphon and the correct cleaning assembly scheme for the kitchen, in principle, things are not complicated, but they should be approached with responsibility and seriously.

Siphon kitchen
Glossy variations suitable for gourmet classics supporters

buying siphon for sinks the kitchen is absolutely necessary to check the quality of the product and the absence of defects. If you buy a siphon offer assembled, it must be completely dismantled. Inspect parts, which have threaded connections. They should not have burrs, chips or sharp particles. Particular attention should be paid to the quality and integrity of the rubber seals.

Before you choose a siphon, necessary to determine the class, your installed plumbing. If the specifications of washing and outlet meet the standards, it is quite suitable conventional siphon. If the sink was made by order of, then the device must be chosen by the finished product. When you select it necessarily need to take into account the capacity of the water capacity. Naturally, that every woman will pay attention to the design of the siphon, which will perfectly fit the overall design of the interior. But the owner, undoubtedly, think, what type of trap is the most practical in his kitchen.

Communications under the sink

Types siphons Blanco, Anyplast, Franke: compact pipe options for a double kitchen sink with overflow, triple flat gold 70mm for instance with two bowls, models with mesh and chopper, wide mouth

Siphons for the kitchen are:

  • pipe. They are small in size, therefore ideal for standard apartments. They are equipped with special hatches, whereby water is drained. Mount it should be only when there is sufficient space under the sink.
  • Bottle. Products of this type are the most common. bottle trap system provides the connection to drain him of "stiralki" or "dishwasher". Lack of them is still there: all parts of the siphon and rigid mounting is not possible in any way to manipulate its position in space. Usually, this kind of device is completed "modulations", through which is controlled by the water level in the bowl sinks.
  • corrugated. By design, these traps easier their "brothers". Part of the siphon is bent pipe, it creates a water seal, and the rest of the mobile products and foldaway.

Variety siphons
Plastic products are simple and easy to use

Assemble the siphon sink is very simple - corrugated products, Thanks to bending frame, It can be installed in any of reach. Siphon for sink in the kitchen set easily. Consider this process step by step:

  1. The overflow aperture is placed setochka, the so-called plug for the sink in the kitchen, and fixed screw.
  2. The assembled device is connected to the outlet. When, if mounted siphon for double sink in the kitchen, it is connected to it 2 exhaust pipe.
  3. Plastic nut siphon is connected with a discharge pipe.
  4. Corrugation kitchen sink is attached to the sewer drain. on gofre (the discharge pipe) be sure to wear a rubber band sealing.

In this connection the sink in the kitchen can be considered as completed. It is only necessary to check the quality of work. For this, pre-opening stopper muffling, fill the bowl with water sink, and then open the drain. If there are no leaks and water droplets, the job is done satisfactorily, but if the siphon flowing under the sink in the kitchen, the first thing you need to check the tightness of all the joints and a perfect seal sealing gum.

As seen, siphon connection to the sink in the kitchen - a very simple action, it does not need to be a master plumber - with connection to handle even high school students.

Siphon of kuhnyu
This type has a high resistance to the destructive influence of chemical compounds

How to remove unpleasant odors in the kitchen

If the sink in the kitchen sink function properly, undermined gidrozatvor, the possible penetration of odors into the room from the sewers. The main fault - is the lack of water in the siphon.


Besides, the smell of the cleaning can be distributed for other reasons:

  • mechanical damage or cracking of the pipe;
  • airing and clogging the riser;
  • depressurization of the space between the sink and the water drain.

When clogging the riser will have to call the masters, because in this case to not be able to cope.

In simple cases of odors, the situation with the sewer unpleasant "scents" in the kitchen can be solved by yourself, without costly plumbing services. To odors disappear, removing the need to clean the siphon knee. Then skip by flowing water system. Naturally welcome application of household chemicals for cleaning and odor.


Effectively fight pollution and fatty deposits popular detergents. If the hostess does not want to spend money on their purchase, You can use folk remedies. Ingredients for them there in any kitchen. for example, pour the drain salt, and, After waiting a few minutes just rinse water pressure. Instead of salt solution soda with boiling water (2 tablespoons of baking soda s 1 a liter of boiling water). Now you know, how to select traps for kitchen sinks.