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Built-in sink in the kitchen

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Modern interior of kitchen is complete without washing, which is its main element. on, how well did wash, It depends on its service lines, ease of operation, and the combination with the appearance of the premises.
Built-in kitchen sink

Практически вся мебель on the kitchen built-in, It consists of the upper and lower cabinets, and countertops. Always built under the sink countertop is mortise - ideal, so that water does not leak in the gap, and do not spoil the floor with furniture. invoice sink used in case, when the countertop is assembled from several parts.

Features built-in sinks

manufacturers, которые изготавливают cleaning kitchen по современным технологиям, suggest to choose the appropriate model from the wide range. let's consider, coca should be the ideal embedded cleaning kitchen.


All built-in kitchen sinks have different functions, by which they are used in everyday life. Before buying such an important part, You need to be familiar with the design and types:

  1. The classic version - one cup of any shape and depth of the sink.
  2. Two bowls - convenient option for washing dishes in one bowl, и овощей с фруктами в другой.
  3. One wing or more. With wings can achieve extra convenience, to put the washed dishes, cleaning supplies and other items.

Sink with two bowls
The best option for washing dishes in a bowl, vegetables and fruit in the other

Built-in sink for The kitchen should be in the wrong place, where it will be most convenient to use.

Council: to choose or order kitchen furniture buy washing, to master it could fit under the countertop. In most cases complete kitchen sets do not coincide with furniture, as a result we have to something to remake.

Locate the sink can be as a continuation of the work area or angularly embodiment, as you wish. The original decision will be built for washing dishes on a separate island. Whatever the design and position of the sink, you can choose for any design or style.

Ease of use

The main purpose of washing - is the ability to conveniently use it when needed, perform a variety of functions. Whatever the shape and material of manufacture, it should create maximum comfort at work and reliability. types of materials:

  • Ceramics;
  • granite;
  • Stainless steel.

ceramic sink
Washing of ceramics has high resistance to mechanical impact, acid, corrosive substances and dyes

These materials are resistant to mechanical stress, acid, corrosive substances and dyes. In addition, they can withstand high temperatures, do not deform, and do not crack.

The crane is easy to turn to the side, and this makes it possible to wash from the small plates, to the pot and pan.

Assembling and installation of sinks

To install the sink their own hands, you need to know some of the features and workflow. If there is no such experience, even when a small error the final result will be spoiled.

first, you need before installing sinks - setting the trap to the sink and mixer. If everyone no fix time, you encounter installation problems.

sink assembly
To assemble the self cleaning, Use the following instructions

To assemble the self cleaning, Use these instructions:

  • to the mixer water hose is attached and tightened with a wrench. The ends of the hose must fully comply with the pipe;
  • Mixer, attach the nut, and under it in the hole miss hose. Some sinks have no such openings, so before you buy be sure to check out the design;
  • Assemble the siphon sink and attach it with a screwdriver.

Council: collecting structure for the shell, use of rubber seals, and nothing else. Such a material as rubber has long life and does not pass water.

siphon assembly

to siphon cleaning the kitchen a bottle structure, and mounting principle is not unlike any shell model. These incremental steps can help collect and trap to carry out its installation under the sink.

siphon assembly
To self-assemble the siphon, read the instructions carefully

Assembly and installation of the siphon is carried out in three stages:

  1. Take the protective grille and install the gasket to the drain shell. Then, attach the rubber thick gasket to the side offtake pipe. At the other end of the nozzle tip remove and insert it into the siphon. Top tube you need to squeeze as much as possible to the sink and attach a screw to connect, then firmly tighten with a screwdriver.
  2. To the drain pipe to wear the plastic coupling nut and a housing gasket. To the top of the housing insert tube and attached to the correct height, lower nut and tighten by hand. On the cover of the siphon secure with a rubber gasket, and fasten it to the body.
  3. If you were able to collect a siphon for washing, to canalizations with standard dimensions need to connect the tube, this would require the nut and cone seal.

Council: in the case of non-standard dimensions or retraction tube, Use the plastic adapter, so you can set the trap to the sink without problems.


Every second person asks: what for нужен сифон? The answer is quite simple - to discharge the amount of water, The sanitary device which transmits. This element is for shell helps to live in a constant state of repair and his neighbor's apartment.


If you happen to install a siphon at the sink with the necessary parts and tools, the next phase - installation of sinks.

To embed the sink in the countertop must adhere to a sequence of actions:

  1. Take a bowl and attach it to the table top surface, circle contour.
  2. the circuit, that you have turned on the need to reduce 1 to 2 cm, it depends on the size of washing, then draw another outline.Set the sink in the kitchen with his hands
  3. Drill and using an electric jigsaw cut out the contour of the reduced circle, Do everything carefully, So, how the slightest error, you mess up the table top.
  4. If washing square or rectangular, drilling is necessary and in the corners.
  5. Try, if all goes well, so, kitchen sink assembly can be carried out. If you do not fit, check, if all you draw or cut out correctly.
  6. Set the sink into the cut-out, and firmly press.
  7. When there was a sink in kitchen sinks and sealed with special clamps, it must also attach special grooves, which are included.
  8. The distance from the edge of the table top to seal the self-adhesive sealing washer or a special hermetic means, so that water does not leak down under the sink, and did not spoil the furniture.

Connecting water

When you have completed all the steps, assembled siphon, faucet and sink installed on the countertop, it is time to carry out the connection to the water washing.

cleaning the kitchen

and tubes, you previously fastened to the mixer, It should connect the required number of tubes by means of a cap nut. Now connect the mixer to the drainage system by means of a special seal - Cuff.

Council: place the sink so, that she was not more than 6 cm from the worktop. This will prevent water splashing on the floor, Furniture and appliances near standing (Washer, refrigerator or dishwasher).

To check the reliability of the assembled siphon, after connecting communications and hoses lay down a piece of paper and turn on the water. If you do not see on paper, not a single drop, then all gathered tightly and correctly, but if the water is pouring stream, so, somewhere you have made a mistake, and all will have to review and correct errors.

repair of communications under the sink in the kitchen

If you have an old model of a modern car wash, choose those, which will serve you for decades. not important, what it is - built-in or flush, the main thing that it was easy to use, as well as approaches to the kitchen interior.

Washing helps not only to wash the dishes, but also to create exquisite culinary delights, so should always be close to good condition. Prices of the metal shell is slightly smaller for those, which are made of natural marble or granite, but that its functionality is no different from expensive models.


You can not do to collect and mount the sink and adjacent to it did? No problem! Specialists for little money will come to the rescue, and you do not have to understand the instructions, assemble and disassemble without results. Recessed sink for kitchen set!