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Instructions for connecting to tap the combined filter for water

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The quality of water from the tap is poor. There is hardly a sane person, that unless absolutely necessary drink tap water - boiled or filtered.

Mixer in the kitchen
The mixer is one of the main components of the kitchen

Affordable way to get clean water in the home, It is to set kitchen combo mixer, combining a liquid supply valve and the water filter. Its characteristics and requirements, and, means, to establish a combined kitchen faucet, described later in this article.

Requirements for mixers


In view of the large number of commercially questionable quality goods uncertified, combined models must meet certain requirements. Otherwise, accessory is not able to serve the allotted time, or it will be bad to purify water.

Material for qualitative mixer

To combined accessories increased requirements, because it has to be not only strong and durable, but also safe for the already filtered liquid.

Qualitative combined water faucets are made of stainless steel, brass or compounds of these metals. They can not be exposed to corrosive process and do not emit harmful substances already purified liquid.

Council! A sure way to check is to assess the acquisition of merit of its weight. Take a blender in hand - it should not be too easy. Lightweight says, that the device is made of low-grade iron or aluminum, which is harmful to use in conjunction with food.

combined valve
Combined valve for supplying pipe and the filtered water

purchase Options

Combined kitchen accessory consists of:

  • 1-but- or 2-tap lever;
  • ceramic disc cartridge;
  • outlet for purified water;
  • replaceable unit built or aerator (one or two);
  • flexible hose, length of 45 cm (up to 3 pieces).

In addition to the accessory you need to buy a set of water purifiers.

Water filter under the sink are:

  1. flow-through.
  2. Reverse osmosis systems.

Flowing water filters are easy to install and are considered the best neosmoticheskimi cleaners. Their advantage - low price and the possibility of using purified water without waiting for accumulation, - after the liquid is fed continuously tap a squirt, and does not accumulate in the tanks.

Water filter
Water filter is installed under a sink

Such water filter removes:

  • chlorine;
  • pesticides;
  • salt;
  • iron;
  • solid particles.

Reverse osmosis system - an expensive and effective accessory. Sorts out all the harmful micro-particles, salts of heavy metals, making water such that, that flows into the mountain springs. Included with the system are attached additional flexible hoses and replacement cartridges, after which the device is mounted under the sink, connecting with mixer.

The downside of using the system, It is, that water filters produce clean liquid is not always, it accumulates in the drain tank, and after leaking through the thin film membrane, suited to the tap.

drinking water from the tap

The procedure for mounting the device 2 at 1

Installing a combined mixer is similar to installing a simple kitchen faucet. It uses a hose connection, Where, except hoses with hot and cold water is necessary to fix a hose for purified liquid. Besides, for the installation of a reverse osmosis system, It should provide a separate drain for sewage sludge contaminated water. It can be connected to the main drain, using the hose kit system.

Where to begin work

installation mixer
Install faucet on a sink

At the preparatory stage should be turned off more bitter and cold water supply, turn off the tap on the riser. From old mixer must remove the remaining liquid, unscrewing all ventel.

Prepare accessory: remove the manufacturer's instructions, consider and lay prefabricated parts mixer.

Required tools:

  • or adjustable wrench;
  • otvetka (regular and Phillips);
  • torch (if space under the sink is poorly lit.).

Remove the old accessory

To remove the old faucet need:

  • Disconnect hoses of hot and cold water supply, unscrewing the nuts on the key bindings.
  • If you have an older model to the mixer, then surely the crane attached to the sink a large nut. unscrewing it, you can easily remove the accessory.

a filtered water dispenser faucet

Install combination faucet in the kitchen

To install a combined mixer, must:

  1. Clear the place of installation.
  2. Connect the flexible hoses holes with mixer.
  3. On the hole in the sink wear waterproof gasket, then - mixer landing place, pre skipping hoses Sink.
  4. Under the kitchen sink to fix the washer on the pin mixer, pre wearing rubber gasket.

Scheme mixer assembly
Scheme mounting tap water

Running under the filter accessory to the work

Combined accessory is connected so:

  • Hoses connected to the respective hose pipes for hot and cold water supply, and the selected filter hose for water. For the last - use a special adapter, which usually comes to a mixer.
  • Water supply can be resumed, check the quality of work.

Installed accessory should not be unsteady, and water - leak. Observe the system and places, wherein the mixer bonded filters under the sink. If within half an hour all the connections remain dry to the touch, work is done qualitatively.

drinking water from the tap

Pay attention to the color of the water after treatment. If the tap water flowing white after filter, so, the system is excess air, bubbles which create the effect whiting. Run water, opening the valve until clean fluid.


After installation of the combined mixer - Accessories, wherein each kitchen needs, you have to keep them in good filters. They have a set period of operation at different intensities, slow dripping of water indicates that, that the cleaning cartridge needs to be replaced.

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