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Installation double sinks for the kitchen 8 simple steps

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Housewife dreaming of a functional kitchen, because there they spend a lot of time. A major role in a woman's life plays sink. Today the market offers us a lot of options, among which include double sink - double sink with an extra bowl.

Dual sinks for the kitchen
Dual sinks for the kitchen is very convenient for housewives

Double sink - is a convenient accommodation option kitchen furniture, which will make space kitchen facilities practical.

Appointment double sinks, Advantages and disadvantages

Two-piece sink is used as in the preparation of food in the food industry, and for washing dishes in public places. Housewives use these sinks for convenience and practicality. The second cup facilitates cleaning process or soaking.

double sink

One of the sections can be used for washing products, because most manufacturers made double sinks for kitchens

With this embodiment the shell, separated from clean dirty dishware. This prevents the clogging of drain waste particles.

If you are a member of a large family, the cooking process takes a long time. This sink will come to your aid. Ware placed in one section, and other products. You can divide large and small kitchen appliances. Duplex sink to ensure rational use of the kitchen space. A second section recommended for drying dishes. Another advantage - the ability to save water. If you use a second cup for rinsing dishes, this would reduce water consumption.

washing with two sections

The disadvantage in this kitchen is only one attribute, although it is difficult to call a minus. We just need to correctly mount sink, because it has two drain.

Types of double sinks: deep corner, under the wing of the cabinet, Mortice, overhead

Today it is possible to mount the option double sink the kitchen, which is most suitable for your interior. It is performed by a rectangular, rounded and angular shapes. It all depends on your preferences and from the design space. Advantageous differences this device provides a method for mounting:

waybill double cleaning kitchen. It is mounted on top of table top and is preferably made of stainless compound.

Mortise sink. Mainly used for room layout. A variety of such sinks strikes. Due to its practicality and ease of mounting, this installation method is most popular.

stylish sink

Angular double sink. This type of installation is advisable when a small area of ​​the kitchen space.

materials of Construction: stainless steel, fake diamond, ceramics

To date, double sinks are made of different compounds. Consider these options.

  1. Double sink stainless steel. This connection is not afraid of any chemical exposure, acidic and alkaline substances processes. Besides, during operation such washing resistant to mechanical damage to the surface and virtually not lose their original color. It is affordable and popular models on the market.
  2. of rock dust washing. This granite, marble and quartz compound. Although they differ in appearance, qualitative characteristics of their virtually identical. This attribute is durable kitchen, and practical to use. Grease and other particles are not absorbed into the surface, since such a material has a minimum porosity. Besides, noble and stylish kitchen design will be provided to you. The cost of stone sinks significantly higher, than the standard options, but it's worth it!steel double sink
  3. Another type - ceramic sink. This material is durable and reliable in use, but hard to use. probably so, it is not often represent the market.

Installation convenient double sink 60 and 80 cm: mixer installation, siphon

Installation of the kitchen unit is divided into two stages, Each option has a direct impact on the process of use and aesthetics. Initially, you need to know exactly the size of a double sink. Type of installation works depends on the shell category. But in all cases,, first bore holes in the kitchen furniture, which will be fixed shell, If your furniture was not made to order.

  • using a drill, make holes throughout the area of ​​furniture;
  • Further, these holes mounted this attribute;
  • fixing a sink, eliminated the gap between the sink and the surface of the furniture, sealant.washing with two sections under the red pictures
  • Installation of mixer requires special attention and strict adherence to the instructions of the chosen model.
  • First of all it is necessary to block the flow of water;
  • Once mounted mixer, Because this procedure does not involve the overall devices;
  • To fix the drain pipe need special gaskets. They can be purchased at any hardware market;
  • After that, all devices are in place, make sure there are no leaks. For this purpose, the water pressure is included. If a leak is established, We need to tighten the elements mounted device.

2 washing section

Double sink as an object of kitchen interior

The range of this device is great. What to choose, to the attribute is combined with the kitchen design? If the room is dominated by the classic style of interior design, then here it fits double sinks, made of stainless steel.

In the modern style fit sink, made of stone, or ceramics. Retro style will complement the old metal.

double sinks
Double sink can nicely fit into the design of the kitchen

With regard to the choice of colors, there are two opposite principles of design solutions. The first option leads to the need for combining of colors and washing the working surface. The second recommends contrasting connection.


Today, the market is a plumbing device is in demand. And this is no accident, because double sinks has many advantages - practical, attractive and hygienic.