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Why cleaning is an important attribute of the kitchen and how to choose the right

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Sinks for kitchen stove with refrigerator and considered important elements workspace. The shell must be reliable, multi-function and fit in kitchen design. Given the quality of, price and design facilities, you can choose the right sink for the kitchen. Sink, Made of high quality materials, allow to wash the dishes, vegetables and fruits, defrost food or dry non-standard dishes. On design choices affect the kitchen area, Interior style and type of furniture set. Good cleaning the kitchen is resistant to damage, to temperature fluctuations and the impact of chemicals.

Мойка для кухни
Sink for the kitchen - a powerful tool, wash dishes in it, clean vegetables, defrosted meat and fish, and therefore demands, requirements for quality products - special

Classification by type of installation

When selecting a kitchen sink has a value set in the setting. The models differ in the number of used cups, the material creation and form.

The design depends on the location and size of the furniture unit, which is mounted on the product.

Sinks have round, angular or rectangular. When the installation of washing methods for the kitchen are:

  1. Surface structures are mounted on the standard parameter module instead countertop. This sink on kitchen sets for furniture, which consist of individual elements. Installation is characterized by simplicity. It installed without professional assistance.
  2. Mortise cut from countertop structure, which are installed in sets of various materials. The advantage of these products are considered to be high stainless Steel quality.
  3. Integrated quartz sink kitchen installed in any position. It is located below or above the table surface. With this method of installing a sink harmoniously into the interior.
  4. Underbench constructions are mounted under the furniture set. They are used for wood and granite surfaces. Suitable method for this common countertops of stone. Kitchen Sink It is characterized by ease of operation and hygienic.

Интегрированная кварцевая мойка
Integrated quartz sink - perfect for the kitchen in high-tech style

Popular shell configuration

To choose a kitchen sink should decide on its shape. Single design presented oval, rectangular, round and square configurations. A kitchen sink with two bowls or three has the original shape.

Practical form of the product are considered to be oval, as they comfortably lay out the dishes.

In the present design the shell support elements. An important attribute - it's wings. They are represented by different forms: symmetric, smooth or grooved. The depth of the cup depends on the performance and comfort of work. Depending on the configuration, there are the following types of sinks for the kitchen:

  1. Square or rectangular shell are known for their functionality and traditional. Similar designs are popular. New technologies help to create original products.
  2. Oval and round the kitchen sink in the interior look beautiful. They are arranged in the corners of the furniture set. For they are superior roominess rectangular versions.
  3. Sink with two bowls or three is characterized by functionality. dishes can be washed at the same time in such constructions and defrost food. Sinks made with a large and a small cup or two tanks on the sides and in the middle of a small.

The unusual shape is used in a small space or a non-standard layout of the premises.

Мойка с двумя чашами
Comfortable and functional sink with two bowls

Corner sink has the following advantages:

  • the location of the construction in the corner creates an ergonomic space;
  • additional space under the sink is used for pots and pans;
  • in a small kitchen, an additional module will remove the excess and keep in sight.

What material to prefer?

To select the sink should be considered material manufacturing. It affects the durability, wearing qualities, the value and appearance of products. Sinks are made of different materials. They differ in properties and have both advantages, and disadvantages. Depending on the material types are allocated shells. there are steel, ceramic and plastic design for kitchen sinks.

steel structures

Popular activities include stainless steel sinks. They are made of steel, as part of which contains chromium and nickel. Such a composition imparts resistance to rust and to chemical agents.

Check the quality of products can be with a magnet, which is applied to the body. Material, edible, not attached to a magnet.

Стальная мойка
stainless steel sink will last more than one decade

Sink for kitchens has different surface: matt, polished or antigrafik. On the final design is not visible scratches and stains from water. Have combined options, when the upper part of the sink is made of polished, become, and the bottom of the mat. In this material has the following advantages:

  1. Versatility: suited to many headsets.
  2. Characterized by a high cost.
  3. Resistance to acids and rust.
  4. Small weight of the structure and ease of installation.
  5. Safety and hygiene.
  6. Long service life.

Highlighted several shortcomings of stainless steel:

  • of - the use of funds from the abrasives surface loses luster;
  • in contact with water insufficient noise reduction, if this issue is recommended mat in the sink in the kitchen.

To keep the shine products, the surface is cleaned with a sponge, soaked in water with soap and vinegar.

composite material

A practical embodiment of the composite material is considered. Artificial stone is made of excipients for solid feedstock ligament, consisting of chips and quartz sand.

Композитная мойка
Composite sink with two bowls

The acrylic washes used white clay and a special resin. As part of the construction of the sinter is present polymer and crumb from natural stones.

Sink bowl pedestal composite has the following properties:

  1. Acrylic material has a smooth surface, that does not accumulate bacteria.
  2. Resistance to temperature shock.
  3. Scratches easily sanded.
  4. The material is characterized by sound absorption and ease the care.

Washing capacity of acrylic can not tolerate high temperatures.

Products made of natural stone

The hostess will appreciate the product made from natural raw materials, which is stylish and presentable views. Black kitchen sink made of marble or granite is characterized by durability and strength.

Natural material semiannually treated sealant.

Among the advantages can be identified:

  1. Wide range of variants.
  2. Resistance to damage.
  3. An important emphasis in the design.
  4. good sound absorption.

The minus is the high price of the product.

Мойка из натурального камня
Cleaning of natural stone for lovers of luxury

ceramic models

Ceramic sinks made of china or sanitary faience. On top of the enamel layer is applied to the product, which performs a protective function.

These structures performed in any color and are used in each interior. for example, green for the kitchen sink is suitable for processing in an eco-style kitchen.

Tanned following advantages ceramics:

  1. It offers a selection of colors.
  2. Resistance to high temperatures and aggressive environments.
  3. It requires minimal maintenance, because fat and plaque does not accumulate on the surface.

Highlighted some of the shortcomings:

  • It has a higher price, than stainless steel construction;
  • porcelain models are characterized by brittleness;
  • are heavy, which complicates installation.

Recommendations regarding the selection of stainless steel sinks

To choose the right steel sink should follow the recommendations. Steel products are made of stainless steel, nickel and chromium. Such a combination of design helps prevent food acids and rust.

Медная мойка
Copper sink is resistant to corrosion and has attracted the attention of unusual color shades

It is not necessary to purchase a shell of thin sheets, are less 0,8 mm.

two washing may be employed in the kitchen, are installed near. Certain rules help make the right choice:

  1. Choosing between matte and polished surface, worth considering, Polished models that are more demanding in care. After the application of the sink should be thoroughly cleaned. Limescale is easier to clean the polished surface, than matte.
  2. The quality of the material is checked magnet. If the magnet slides on the product, the quality is high. By low quality sinks attached magnet.
  3. It should be defined in advance with a complete set and shape of the product. Sink supplemented water filter, shredder waste container for liquid soap.
  4. The value is the depth bowls. The optimal size of the product about 17-19 cm. When washing small, will be sprayed water.
  5. Guide method installation structure. Surface mounted version is simpler to install. When mortise design should take into account the dimensions of the kitchen units.

of steel sinks for kitchens are like in high-tech or minimalism. These products are practical, affordable and durable.


Low sound absorption is eliminated using special chocks under construction. The thicker material, the less noise is produced. When installing a departure from the edge of the countertop to 5 cm, it was convenient to wash dishes. The sink is better positioned between the refrigerator and stove. When installing the structure to the desired height, It should take into account the human growth, which will be more likely to use it. Using the simple rules will help you choose a quality product. Now you know, how to choose a sink in the kitchen.