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Exhaust Fan Kitchen: the correct device selection and installation of secrets

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When designing a kitchen planned quality ventilation. It's necessary, as the air in the kitchen area is considered to be the most polluted in the apartment.

The original ventilation on gas stove

Exhaust fan kitchen hood is designed for the regulation of the balance air and ensure its inflow. Thus there is a forced removal of polluted air.

When a device takes into account the requested power level and construction materials.

Under the rules of the kitchen is equipped with a device, which produces air shift about 12-15 every time. It is recommended to install an exhaust fan away from natural sources of air into the apartment, that the device did not pick up the fresh air.

exhaust fan in the kitchen

Why do I need to clean the air in the kitchen

In the kitchen, apart from odors, appear in the air of combustion products and excess moisture. As a result, quickly burn oxygen. The surface of the walls covered by coating. On the furniture and accessories accumulated condensate.

Performance hood must match dimensions premises. If a small power, the airflow is incorrect. If you pick too powerful exhaust fan, then there will be drafts.

Fans are designed to remove exhaust air and provide a comfortable climate.

Range hood fan over the stove is equipped with. For efficient operation of the device is necessary to take care of admission of pure air:

  • It helps airing;
  • Clearance is left between the lower surface of the door and the floor covering;
  • installation of air inlet valves.

Install exhaust design facilitates entry of clean air and a healthy environment in the kitchen.

Extractor fan in the kitchen
Extractor fan in the kitchen of classical style blends well with furniture

What fan is needed in the kitchen: how to choose the best option

Ventilator drawing consists of a rotor. It contains special blades. When moving in the flow structure is created, which moves in a certain direction.

Domestic fans are equipped with a valve, that overlaps the back flow of air from the shaft. The device is suitable for apartment buildings.

To choose the right equipment, you need to get acquainted with its varieties:

  1. Axial or axial structure used for domestic purposes. Characterized by compactness and ease of installation.
  2. Centrifugal fans for drawing represent robust equipment, which is used in industrial premises.
  3. Diametric products are installed in large kitchens hoods, where several ovens work.

fan for exhaust in the kitchen

Axial structures consist of a wheel with blades, which is arranged in a cylindrical body shape. The air moves via the blades in an axial direction. Mounted at the input manifold, which improves the quality of work. These models are characterized by high levels of efficiency. fan out among known models of this type of axial exhaust era. Similar products are effective for the processing of large amounts of air and at a small resistance in the network.

Radial exhausters are special wheel paddle elements, which is located in the spiral casing. The air penetrates into the channels between the blades and moves in the radial direction. Then air is compressed, and moves to the discharge opening. The ventilation device structures are used with two-sided and one-sided suction. The use of these structures allows to save electrical energy to 20 %.

the fan for drawing

Depending on the placement are the following types of constructions:

  1. Duct fans for drawing a return valve mounted in the duct. The design hides a special grid. There are two types of models: centrifugal and axial. These devices are equipped with a control mechanism and disconnect humidity sensor.
  2. Wall-mounted models have an automatic mechanism, which controls power.
  3. Applies window hood. When replacing the glass unit, a frame mounted fan. It is recommended to install a check valve, that there are no drafts in winter.

What to consider when buying a range hood

The average price for the exhaust duct fan varies from 3-10 thousand.

Taking the decision to buy the product, should take into account parameters such as noise. Power and operating requirements.

Good instrument produces no noise. Fan Vents for drawing is one of the quietest devices. The noise level does not exceed 50 dB. This value is slightly higher than human whispering. To create optimal conditions for the device are covered by the sound insulation materials.

The pipe from the exhaust is installed in wall cabinets

Do not choose Kitchen channel fan more power 35 W. The living kitchen is better to install a compact unit, that does not make noise.

The air warms up in the kitchen area strongly, so the exhaust structure must be resistant to temperature changes.

For full operation of the product covered by special safeners and films with heat resistance.

Power - a measure of the volume of air, which is removed from the premises in a certain period of time. This value is measured in cubic meters per hour. Models for the kitchen is equipped with large capacity, than products for toilets and baths. power parameter is determined independently.


It uses a special formula:

W=S*h*10. W - this value performance. S - area of ​​the room. H - is the height to the ceiling. 10 It represents how many times the air changes per hour. Ventilator silent hoods has optimal performance

Additional functions

The operation is carried out in the special conditions, so devices should be resistant to moisture and temperature rise. Fan for exhaust humidity sensor allows you to control the room climate.

Suction devices may be equipped with additional mechanisms:

  1. Special grid - zhiroulavlivateli, which are equipped with filters.
  2. sensors, responsive to the presence of a person in the room.
  3. Apparatus for determining the moisture level.
  4. It is used for exhaust fan with a timer. These mechanisms are programmed.

the fan for drawing

The presence of additional functions affect the cost. Household exhaust fans in the average cost 2-5 thousand.

Features of the silent installation device with the check valve

Installing the fan is made by master electricians. Depending on the design of the location mounted on different technologies.

Extractor hood white
Extractor hood white on the edge of the wood framed, original look with furniture

You can install a low-power fan for drawing their own hands, if you know some rules of installation:

  • to exhaust design to function effectively, the air intake is located closer to the ceiling;
  • separately purchased adapter, which connect the circular duct fan housing with an opening;
  • Equipment connected to the nearest light source. Wiring is masked using a plastic trough.

For efficient operation of the device in the window frame mounted air inlet, which provide fresh air.

Installation consists of the following steps:

  1. Checks the operation of the ventilation duct.
  2. The nozzle orifice is mounted.
  3. Fits fan device and secured by special fasteners and adhesive.
  4. Wiring is connected to the network. Checking if the operation of the apparatus.
  5. Construction covered grate, and the wires are hidden in the gutter.

in the kitchen ventilation system

A smart fan is equipped with additional useful tools and sensors.

Installing the hood depending on the location of home design

Window and wall structures are set on different technologies.

Before you install a fan of the window, select the type of installation site. The device is fixed at a maximum altitude. The distance to the edge of the glass should be at least 200 mm.

Installation consists of the following stages:

  1. Marking is performed on glass. Glaziers made the hole, which is equal to the cross section of the fan housing.
  2. The product is wrapped and a rubber gasket installed in the hole.
  3. As the fasteners are used tapes and special screws for fixing. After mounting, the excess material are cut.
  4. Inside the housing main unit located. The blades do not touch the surface of the body.
  5. The device connects to the network. If the trial run went well, the set protective grille.

mini fan

If you are using channel fan for drawing, it is necessary to take into account, that the average price of about him 3 thousand.

When installing the wall structure, the following sequence of actions:

  1. It is necessary to define, where the wall is located in the ventilation channel.
  2. Performed recess mounting structure. To do this, punch small holes is done, which then increased in one recess.
  3. In the first opened braid inserted pipe. Then the fan is mounted, special fastener which fastens.
  4. Deepening goes in or out of the ventilation shaft. In the latter case, wear protective grille.

The device connects to the network and made a test run. If all goes well, it is set on top of decorative lattice.

Fan choice for the kitchen has many advantages. To choose the right power, you can get a functional device, that will create a pleasant atmosphere in the room.

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