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Repair of kitchen hoods with their own hands: advices of the master

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Cooker hoods are mounted above the cooking surface during cooking odors are removed, harmful compounds soot and grease. Sometimes hood It fails at the wrong time. For repair and troubleshooting in the machine mainly attract qualified professionals. Professional repair of kitchen hoods - fun is not cheap. Often unexpected breakage can find and fix yourself. The main thing - to be familiar with the principle of hood operation and be able to handle tool.

included extractor hood
Extractor hood -nezamenimy trap odors while cooking

Packaging extracts

Cooker hood - it is actually a centrifugal fan, the basis of which the functional is a conventional asynchronous motor. The rotation speed of single-phase electric motor is continuously adjustable by different methods. Extraction systems operate on the same principle: fan inside a metal casing carries through the filter elements and outputs pairs, smoke and odors during cooking.

Repair of kitchen hoods with their own hands

hood parts:

  • centrifugal extractor fan;
  • exhaust vents;
  • Switches;
  • filters and zhiroulavlivateli;
  • intake grille;
  • regulators;
  • lighting lamps.

Fan intensity for drawing can vary. Waste air mass reaches the grease filter. If the device works through the flow type, air goes out through the vent hole or shaft. If the device only filters the air, then it falls on the charcoal filter, absorbs odors, and returns back into the room.

centrifugal exhaust fan
Centrifugal Fan - "heart" of the hood

Carbon filters are usually installed immediately after zhiroulavlivatelya and secured to brackets made of metal. they are disposable, they vary depending on the intensity of dirt and exhaust work. During cooking in metal zhiroulavlivateli aluminum deposited fatty impurities, so they are regularly washed and cleaned of grease and dirt. Wash the extract from the grid can be warm water with soda.

The control panel is pushbutton, Slide or touch. as mechanical, and electronic panels are performed by one of the cooker hood control unit. Suction devices are equipped with lighting fixtures (incandescent lamps, halogen or LED lamps).

beautiful hood

frequent faults

Scheduled maintenance and compliance with the rules of operation - guarantee durability and smooth operation of the device. If on a gas stove burner is often included with an open flame without utensils, you can not be surprised, Why I stopped working hood on the kitchen.

Regulations stipulate extraction operation, that device must be included for 5 minutes before cooking, and off in fifteen minutes after the end of cooking. If the item does not perform, the room will be cooking odors. Therefore, when complaints, bad pulls extractor in the kitchen and does not eliminate the smell while cooking, need to check, whether in time turn on and off the device. If these rules are complied with, cause odors may be clogged filters. The filter elements need time to wash or replace.

man hangs hood
If the hood is not working -First of all, check the serviceability of its lighting

If the hood does not work in the kitchen, First, you need to check, whether there is coverage. If lights all right, so, there was a problem with the control circuit or motor has failed. If the motor is running, but the rotation speed is not regulated, it is likely, that broke down control circuit.

Typical damage drafting system:

  1. Goals and clogged filters. Cleaners must be timely to change or clean, depending on the type of. Accumulation of debris and grease can cause a fire switch block.
  2. Faulty switches. If it does not work extract fan speed switch, it is replaced with the new.
  3. engine failure.
  4. Breaks the electrical contacts. On examination revealed torn wires, swollen capacitors, burnt winding or exfoliated tracks of printed circuit boards.
  5. Depreciation collectors, brush, bearing, brush holders.


Serious damage to the cooker hood can only fix a man, knows by heart textbook of Electrical and circuitry kitchen hood.

Self Repair

To replace the carbon filter granules, carefully remove the intake grille. Immediately after it is cleaner coal. Waste pellets removed, and poured into the new. If coal cleaner molded, it simply replaced by a new. replacement process:

disassembled extractor hood
Analyzing unit be very careful

  • removed and placed on the table the intake grille "face" down;
  • disconnect the old cleaner;
  • gently placed the new filter;
  • install the rack in place.

If the bulb is burned out, it is replaced by a new one of the same type. If a new lamp for kitchen hood still does not light up, so, problem in the switch. One of the wires of the "Waste", why not work the light in the hood in the kitchen. If you do not light halogen lamps, the reason might be blown transformer in the cabinet.

The reasons, which hood is not included:

  1. The lack of connection to the mains. In this case, check, It is firmly mounted socket plug in the socket. If there is no voltage, check the switch box, if unit shuts down. If necessary, replace faulty fuses. If Fuses and everything is in order, check, whether there is power to the hood terminals, Is the cord and plug are OK.exhaust tuning
  2. Faulty switch button. Tester check switch and replace in case of damage.
  3. Faulty power plug. Check and replace the plug.
  4. A blown fuse. Often in the plug or coupling device built-in fuses burn out. After confirming the fault they are replaced by new.
  5. Internal damage to electrical wires. Tester check the serviceability situated inside wiring. If there is a bad contact them eliminate pliers, crimping, and tighten the screws.

If there are no problems with lights, and the electric motor will not start, check button unit. Sometimes it blows a common contact on the very first button, that leads to, that does not work, none of the three speeds. You have to completely block or to install burned out soldering pin connection. To enhance the soldering contact, attached thereto and solder pre-stripped wire. If the contact is lost in the connectors due to the constant and excessive vibration, they distort again.

If the hood is not included, We need to find, whether there is a power cord mechanical damage. Molten isolation and peculiar smell clearly indicate, the cord is blown.

the men removed from the wall hood
If in doubt in their abilities- Refer to the experts

If the motor hums, but does not start, the reason may be a blown fuse in a ceramic winding. It is located directly in the motor housing, therefore it is difficult to get to: you need to disassemble the hood in the kitchen, access to the motor and check transformer. At least two motor windings for kitchen hoods (Working launcher) should prozvanivatsya. If they are okay, go to the diagnosis of the capacitor. To test using a multimeter, but if the condenser swollen, then check it does not make sense.

If it does not work, one of three speeds, cause of the problem looking at the power button. It is also necessary to check whether the track on the board is not burned.


Problems encountered in the repair of drawing their own hands to decide the outcome of the special knowledge and experience. If you do not delve into the principles of operation of the device, then its interference device can completely incapacitate. Then it is necessary to call for professional help, whose services will cost more than usual. Therefore it is necessary to realistically assess their strength.

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