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How to make the kitchen hood with his hands: advices of the master

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That fact, that the kitchen hood - an indispensable household appliance equipment, beyond doubt. Smells like a pleasant, never too, soot and combustion products, emitted during operation of the gas cooktop, all this can be corrected with the right selected extraction system. But in a small kitchen is not always possible to put standard extract prefabrication due to lack of space or design, unsuitable for interior. To give up much-needed devices are not worth. Solution would be to order the production of hoods, but it is an expensive option. If we use a few tips, do hood their hands will have no difficulty.

Extractor fan in the kitchen
Extractor hood for kitchen can be performed independently

General information about the drawing for the kitchen: from site selection to the socket mounting

The main task of the cooker hood - purification of air from odors and tiny particles of fat, smoke and fumes, which are formed during the cooking. To deal with this problem as it is possible more effectively, most modern devices equipped with exhaust filter system, purifying air by the presence of adsorbents.

Master fastens the hood

If the air cleaner operates in flow mode, Its action is based on the removal of contaminated air mass into the ventilation system of the house. It is important to be sure, that the desire is present in the system, otherwise acquired or self-made hood, can not cope with the responsibilities assigned to it.

When buying an air cleaner of an organization need to pay attention to the following parameters:

  • line extracting device size dimensions cooktop;
  • extraction operation;
  • compliance with performance air cleaner size of the room.

In order to make the hood in the kitchen with his hands, important to understand, that there are two types of devices:

beautiful hood in the kitchen

  1. Extraction of the active type system. Ventilation is carried out using the built-in motor. Such an installation has a high performance.
  2. The passive extractor is a structure, in which there is no fan or motor. The air in this arrangement is removed by upward thrust, so it is very important to the state of the ventilation pipe.

Based on this knowledge, the hood can be designed into the kitchen with his hands, It fits perfectly into the room.

How to make an extract of plasterboard with their hands in the kitchen at home, apartment

If there obschedomovoy ventilation extractor hood without fan, made his own, cope with fumes and odors as well as possible.

The simplest is to manufacture extractor hood made of plasterboard. For its production will require the following materials:

homemade hood in the kitchen

  • plasterboard with high resistance to water to create a box;
  • metal profiles and corners;
  • corrugated duct mounting;
  • fasteners;
  • insulating material;
  • material for exterior trim exhaust duct: putty, paint.

The first step towards the creation of hoods for the kitchen of the drywall is to determine its size. It is worth remembering, that the width of the exhaust device should correspond to the dimensions of the cooking surface. The height of the installation of the air cleaner on the hob is 65 see for gas apparatus and 45 see - for the electric.

In order to properly make the hood, should start with the room layout. This will help determine, how to box and duct will be placed. If the ventilation window is not located over the stove, and away from it, corrugated pipe is best placed in a box made of plasterboard.

extractor fan in the kitchen of plasterboard

Good organization of the duct: how to make a hole and a discharge line for air circulation

After the end of the markup, you can proceed to the box frame for the production of hoods for the kitchen, intended for the organization of the duct. This is done in several stages:

  1. Wall and ceiling mounted starter metal profile, Markings made in accordance, with the help of anchors with plastic sleeves.
  2. To the upper part of the segments are mounted several basic profile, vertically downward. Their lower edge is fixed segment start profile required length by means of screws.
  3. Further, on the resulting suspensions set another strap the starting Profile, which is attached to the horizontal segments, connecting the edges of the frame. With additional jumpers enhanced rigidity.

installation of kitchen hoods

Frame for trunking duct ready. Now you can sheathe the lower part of the plasterboard. Further, is connected to the vent bellows pipe.

To reduce noise, induced tube vibration, I advise you to wrap it with batting.

Manufacturing of the air duct and pipe

After the organization of the duct can start making a box frame for drawing of plasterboard. The shape of the air cleaner can be varied, but often made his own instruments executed in the form of a dome. This is done as follows:.

Made of a metal box profile. Its size should be such, to slightly exceed the diameter of corrugated tube, used as a duct. The box is attached to the kitchen ceiling.

beautiful hood

The lower frame for the hood is made of a starting profile and is attached to the wall of the room. After that are cut from the profile of the frame, which subsequently connects the bottom base with a duct.

The side surface of the dome for exhaust equipped with additional webs to increase the rigidity of the structure.

frame box under the hood in the kitchen Drywall is ready. Now it is necessary to cut a hole in the duct for output corrugations. The final stage of formation of a self-made drawing is constructed with plasterboard lining carcasses.

finishing the air

The preparatory operations are completed, and you can start finishing work.

hood on a wooden kitchen

After plating the structure with sheets of plasterboard, the corners are strengthened by means of perforated corners. After that, the dome of the hood without fan shpatlyuetsya. At this stage, gypsum hiding seams and fasteners.

After the preparatory work can begin to translate any design ideas in the process of decorative trim hood. The product coated with paint, varnish, decorate by means of painting or decorative stones.

The active extract of plywood

For the organization of the active exhaust system central element is the engine, through which air is sucked into the air duct. Make a homemade fan it is quite difficult to extract, this requires knowledge of the subject. Therefore, the basis should take the old device for the collection of self-made hoods for kitchens, which is in working order. If there is no, output will purchase an inexpensive model, suitable for performance and size.

hood made of plywood

Production of kitchen hoods active type begins with the housing assembly. To start going lower frame, on which the engine and exhaust grille. Further, made the basic elements of the framework, which are attached to the base. Homemade extractor hood can be of any desired shape, so the components are manufactured according to personal preferences. It is important to take into account one thing: must be placed inside the frame pipe duct.

Details for the decoration of the air cleaner made of veneer. Further, they have consistently adhered to the frame. After complete drying of the adhesive surface is polished and plywood shpatlyuetsya.

The exhaust must be as helpful

The final stage of the manufacture of decorative hoods for kitchens active type is the process of decorating. Depending on the preferences of the air cleaner may be colored, lacquered or lined with other materials.


The finished device must be connected to the ventilation system of the building. To this end, the air cleaner is mounted by means of fasteners, after which the duct is connected thereto. If necessary, it can also hide in decorative boxes.

In keeping with the recommendations set out, make the hood in the kitchen in the apartment or private home is not difficult, than attach acquired device. Besides, This option will allow to produce the product, appropriate to the style and character of the interior. Now you know, how to make the hood in the kitchen.