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Installation of kitchen hoods with their own hands: Master Class

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What we used to see the kitchen? pure, comfortable, warm, in this room pleasant aromas soar, and friendly atmosphere. To these properties observed, mandatory clean air, not allowed accumulation of fat, smoke and burning smell. These problems will handle the frequent airing of the premises or extractor hood. This device is intended for purification or filtration of air in a room.

Modern hoods are equipped with timers, digital displays, carbon filters

make installation of ducting You can use professional services or save money and fix the design with their own hands. The article you are familiar with the types of devices and ways to learn self-installation.

Installation of the cooker hood with his hands

Installing the hood in the kitchen with his hands in the first place depends on the type of device. Today, we have a wide range of similar products and can make a choice, based on their preferences, tastes, opportunities and budget, which are located. Depending on the method of air purification, hoods are divided into two types:

  • recirculation, air, where soot is present, soot and grease is filtered, then it goes back into the room;
  • flow, dirty air comes in external ventilation and goes out into the street.

Appearance and design type vozduhoochischayuschie devices are divided into four types:

Using silent hoods increase the level of comfort in the room

  1. Suspended hood for the kitchen are the most popular. Mode of operation - recycle, this type is inexpensive, connect the suspension design with their own hands the easiest way to equip an air cleaner kitchen;
  2. Fireplace fixed on a wall near the stove, apparently they resemble an umbrella. have 2 mode vozduhoochischeniya: recirculation and flow;
  3. Recessed hoods for the kitchen combined with hob built-in type. Such a device is easy to conceal in a designated locker with an open bottom.
  4. Insular, used indoors, when the plate is not standing at the wall. Mode of operation - flow.

extractor hood

The choice of device depends on the possibility of connecting the device to a ventilation system, If there is no exit to the street, give preference to instruments, operating in the recirculation mode. Notice also the additional features and capabilities of the device, control method, check power, lighting and sound insulation device. When the choice is made, safely start installation.

extractor hood

Choose the size and position location device: what should be considered the height

Proper device cooker hood will increase functionality, performance and safety of operation of the device. To do this, it is important to choose the right size and height of the selected attachment. Size depends on the cooker scale. The ideal width - slightly larger plate size, so that all of evaporation fall directly into the device. Classic devices dimensions: 0,5, 0,6 and 0,9 meters in width.

Height of product attachment, It depends on the classification plate. Above the gas appliances- no hood is attached below, than 80 centimeters. Over electric - permissible height from 70 centimeters from the surface of the plate.

Council! Do not forget to adhere to these rules, otherwise the accumulation of grease and soot will light up, and there will be a fire.

Installing the kitchen hood Elikor, Midea: instruction

Quality hood
Fitted hood can clean the polluted air in the 96 %

If you prefer to do the installation of the device yourself, you will help our instructions and recommendations. Extractor hood with his hands is attached with the following tools:

  1. Building level;
  2. Yardstick;
  3. Drill or screwdriver;
  4. Pencil;
  5. hacksaw;
  6. ductwork, mainly corrugated, but can be plastic;
  7. screws.

beautiful kitchen hood

Once the chosen place, check that the outlet near the work and make a measurement at the desired height, be careful. Further work depends on the type of device. Classic kitchen hood differs from the fireplace, that the connection to the ventilation system is not required. Drill holes, attach device and connect it to electricity. Embed the suspension device can be in a decorative gift box or a special cabinet. So you save the styling of the interior and the integrity of the room. Built-in hood is installed in a special case with an open bottom. This design hoods in the kitchen looks stylish and mod.

Council! For silent air exhaust, use sound insulation material. Wrap batting tube and gently tighten the matter. Using such a device will increase the level of comfort in the room.

modern kitchen hood

Chimney extractor hood with his hands fastened to a wall or ceiling. Production of the exhaust system in this case will take more time and effort, but its performance is higher. Make measurement and draw a horizontal line above the plate level, take into account the telescopic tube, if the device is too high, carefully trim the piece of tube. Bottom unit must be at a level incised lines. After all measurements are committed, drill, insert the dowel and screw the screws. Connect design for the ventilation system. Power device operation depends on the diameter of the duct. Corrugated plastic hose or one side is fixed to the device, the other is pushed into the hole and is held directly to the ventilation duct.

extractor hood
Cooker hood - it is a very important and visible element of the kitchen

Council! To improve the performance of the instrument, use a short corrugated duct with a minimum number of bends.

After the installation is complete, baguette treat joints and hide working moments. Now your device is not only functional, but also has a pleasant appearance.

How to make the hood in the kitchen in a private house with his own hands

If you decide to make your own system vozduhoochischeniya, you need to set the length of a suitable length of the corrugated side in the closet. Insert the box into the vent window, fix in place and score the mounting holes with foam.

hood with his hands

Caring for Your Device

In order to avoid fire, every six months Clean the hood from the burning. Carefully and gently clean the corrugations, when worn, replace with a new. If your device is equipped with carbon filters you do not forget to replace them at least twice a year. So cooker hoods with their own hands will serve you any one year, and to preserve the purity and freshness of the house.


If you have properly installed the hood and follow the guidelines for use of the device, clean and fresh air in the kitchen is now constant companions of your home. Raduyte loved ones favorite dishes and do not worry about airing the room.