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connect the hood: practical tips and nuances of the process

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Recently made repairs can be in the near future to be ruined. Scents, soak into the wallpaper, soot, settling on the surface of furniture and walls, not only did not bring joy, but also thoroughly spoil the mood. It is therefore important to think about the timely, to ensure constant air recirculation on the kitchen. To cope with this task will help Cooker hoods. When you select it is to determine the required power unit, features of its operation and the type of fastening. And so you can fix your own device, We present a few tips on how, as connect the hood to the kitchen ventilation.

Extractor fan in the kitchen
Extractor hood over the stove in the kitchen original look with bright colors furnishings

Extracts a difference on the principle of action

extractor fan in the kitchen

Before embarking on Kitchen Hood Connection, should understand the principle of its work. Existing on the market of home appliances models are divided into three types:

  1. Suction devices are classical variant of the device. Their action is based on the removal of contaminated air in obschedomovyh ventilation system through the vent. When installing such a device requires connection equipment and air to the ventilation opening.
  2. circulating hoods equipped with two filters. The charcoal filter removes odors, formed during cooking, grease - removes particles of soot, in the air. After passing through these settings cleaned air is returned back into the room. Both filters require periodic replacement. Connecting ventilation hoods in this case is not needed, the device attached to the wall and connected to the mains.
  3. Combined exhaust devices operate in both modes depending on the situation.

Rules of installation Cooker hoods

Before starting to connect the hood, it is important to keep a few features, guaranteeing the quality of its functioning.

Angled hood
Angled hood bronze suitable for furniture in the kitchen

First of all, it is important to choose the right device performance. For high-quality air purification, its volume must be replaced 10-12 just over an hour. Therefore, the exhaust capacity of the device is calculated as follows:: room volume multiplied by the design parameter, equal 12.

important thing: drawing power should slightly exceed the calculated value, the device did not work at full capacity - it reduces the duration of its operation.

The next factor - the height of the placement range hood over the cooking surface. The optimal distance to the apparatus is a gas cooktop 80 cm, electrical - 65 cm. Excess loss of these parameters helps drawing action efficiency. Place the air cleaner at lower altitudes too risky, as it may damage the filters or other elements under the influence of hot air. Usually, instructions, attached to the acquired exhaust system, This point is made.

modern extractor hood in the kitchen

Mount the hood yourself

By way of installation distinguish the following types of kitchen hoods, each of which has its own peculiarities:

  • Wall hoods placed stove and mounted to the wall;
  • Suspended air cleaners are mounted directly above the hob cabinet under the kitchen;
  • Built extraction systems installed in kitchen;
  • angular exhaust characteristic for small spaces and are placed on the wall in the corner, taking up a minimum of space;
  • island devices are used in large kitchens, in which the cooking zone is not traditionally about the wall, and in the center of the room and fixed to the ceiling.

An extract from a natural tree
The magnificent hood made of natural wood blends well with furniture and chairs in the kitchen

Installing a wall-drawing

Most often, wall air purifiers have a dome shape, because of what are called the dome. However, they can be placed on the wall directly above the kitchen stove, and in the corner or the middle of the room. Current models of the devices work in a fume, and circulation modes. Because of this need to connect the hood in the kitchen to the apartment ventilation.

When installing the drafting system the first thing you need to perform the marks on the wall, displaying the place of accommodation unit. This will determine the version of the duct placement and connect it properly to the vent window. If it is located above the hood, no problems. If the window is placed in the side, should bring the corrugated pipe and disguise it in a box of drywall.

installation of kitchen hoods

After executing the markup using the drill holes are drilled in the wall, which are fixed screws. That they hung hood. After properly secured to the wall of the air cleaner should be connected to a ventilation hood.

The air cleaner is made of corrugated plastic pipe. When using the corrugations need to purchase additional clamps for fixation and ventilation outlet. It is important to pay attention to this point: exit diameter should match the size of the tube and vent aperture.

In the case of plastic pipe installation duct organization is acquired on the nozzle hood suitable diameter, and the L-shaped passage, allowing to properly mount the rotation duct.

wall hood

For sealing the junction with the hood and duct ventilating window lubricated with silicone and fixed clamps.

After mounting the duct occurs wiring process. If the installation of a special protective device is not provided, wire connects the classical way - through outlet. In this case, it is important to place it as close as possible to the hood, to the device wire is hung above the cooking surface.

Connect the built-in exhaust ventilation

The principle of connecting embedded drawing is slightly different, because the device is not mounted to the wall, and hanging locker, which can be collected on their own or modify an instance of the factory.

classic hood
Classical gorgeous hood in the kitchen bright colors

First thing, locker bottom rises to drawing height, after which it is cut a hole for the duct and the openings for mounting the air cleaner. By means of fixing bolts exhaust the housing is mounted to the bottom of the box. The shelves of the cupboard and cut the top of the hole to accommodate the duct, after which the design is attached to the wall, and placed into prepared holes corrugated pipe. By means of clamps, it is fixed to the hood and the ventilation window.

Using a cable connected to the cooker hood outlet, after which it is ready for use.

Mount the outboard air cleaner: electricity connection

Suspended drawing different from those embedded, that work exclusively in the circulation mode, so do not need to take stock of the duct.

Connect the hood of this type is simple enough. It has a special attachment, which is counting on the wall. Then you need to drill holes, in which anchors are hammered and fixed awnings. They attached the air cleaner and is connected to the network.

extraction process of installation in the kitchen

Tips for installing a duct

When installing the duct preferably used corrugated pipe. Its installation will not cause problems even to the nonprofessional, Besides, no need for additional adapters and knee.

wiring type corrugations depends on the location of the vent window: if it is located close to the hood, duct is held suspended over the boxes. If the window is located at a distance, corrugated pipe is held on the ceiling and hiding under a false ceiling or in a special box to decorate.

duct for drawing in the kitchen

When mounting the bellows should be taken into account, that if it is carefully stretch, the sound noise, exhaust air caused by vibration, decrease. Pay attention also to the fact, more than in the duct to kinking 90 degrees may be a problem with the outflow of contaminated air.


Do not forget to clean the air duct at least twice a year in order to save him from burning, preventing escape of air masses and capable cause fire.