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Independently hang and install the hood in the kitchen: installation subtlety

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Cooking in the kitchen requires constant air circulation. To eliminate odors cooker hoods are designed with connection to ventilation.

extractor fan in the kitchen
Extractor fan in the kitchen is a necessity in today's world

Installation of the cooker hood can be made in-house. Before that, you need to choose the appropriate option at a certain power. Extractor hood eliminates dangerous combustion products and protects the surface of the furniture and walls from soot and Body Fat.

To perform the extraction connection yourself in the kitchen should get acquainted with the nuances of the installation process.

The products differ in composition, functionality and form. Before installation should become familiar with the benefits of the proposed options.

What type of hood choose?

Job exhaust structure depends on the internal structure. The standard species include exhaust devices. products mechanism facilitates withdrawal of dirty air through the ventilation channel.

Recirculation apparatus clean air of harmful substances through filtration systems and return it back.

Combined construction work simultaneously on the hood and filter.

The unit is operating properly it is necessary to clean the filters every six months.

Combination hood for the kitchen
The combined model is very like housewives

There are the following types of products:

  1. The hinged structure attached beneath cupboards. It is required for the recirculation of air. During installation, We need to follow, to vent air device is not directed to the surface of furniture.
  2. Built-in hood or integrable characterized practicality. Similar designs are sold already built-in furniture. Devices have functions vent and recycle.
  3. Products such as desktop clean polluted air. short distance from slab to drawing contributes to the effectiveness of the process.
  4. Mount chimney hood over the stove runs. Such devices are large in size and functionality.
  5. Articles island type mounted to the ceiling and are located above the furnace designs, which are in the center of the room. Designed for effective vozduhootvedeniya.

Install the hood over a gas stove can be at a distance 800 mm, and at a distance above the other in hobs 700 mm.

Size of the device depends on the design of the plate or oven. For a small electric cooker is not required overall hood.

Dimensions of the socket stretcher match plate.

Extractor hood for the kitchen consists of the following elements:

  • It is considered the main engine hood element, winding tightness reduces noise;
  • intake of dirty air motor applies impeller;
  • filter of several layers is used for the grease particles and requires frequent cleaning;
  • elements are placed in a steel housing.

Beautiful hood in the kitchen
Extractor hood must not be less than the surface area of ​​the cooking plate

Proper installation design

The simplest scheme is to make the hood in the kitchen - it is to hang it over the stove between cabinets.

When installing the need to take into account access to an electrical outlet and the exit opening. It needs to disguise the discharge pipe.

Before installation, it is worth considering options. device enclosure can be hidden in the closet, for a special panel or in a special box.

selection tool

Conducted preliminary calculations, since it may be the difference of diameters of corrugation and vent. These structures are assembled tightly, not to create noise and vibration. Fixing corrugated wall as tightly mounted.

To install the design will require additional kits and special materials. They are prepared in advance:

  • fasteners, screws and dowels;
  • drill with different nozzles;
  • screwdriver, scissors and a hammer;
  • plumb or level;
  • corrugation for ventilation;
  • mesh grille and leaving holes;
  • Scotch and jigsaw;
  • sealants and foam.

The man fastens the hood
Installation tools are practically in the house kazhdm

The installation process

Kitchen hoods inclined requires special attention. When installing it is necessary to become familiar with the instructions.

Before installation work is calculated hood height above the electric stove. The main stages of installation is:

  • fastened to the wall;
  • to connect the construction duct system or placement of the filtration device;
  • electrical connection is made.

Installation consists of the following sequence:

  1. The device is checked for possible defects. Attention is paid to lighting and operation of filters and valves.
  2. Measurements are carried out for the construction of fasteners. In this case, you should use the. Apply marking under the dowels.
  3. Before drilling the power supply is turned off in the kitchen area.
  4. Breather made of corrugated aluminum. The apparatus is cut with scissors to the desired shape and mounted.
  5. Made damper - valve box. For this purpose a thin sheet metal. The product is secured with foam to vent.
  6. Creates device dome. It is attached to the bracket, or located in wall cabinets. Holes are cut jigsaw.
  7. made holes, which are attached to anchors supports. Hang the hood over a gas stove should be in the horizontal position.
  8. Corrugations with clamps mounted to the hood. Joints are treated with foam and sealant.
  9. Box checked with valve. Placed special mesh. To attach the hood to the ventilation required to check the tightness of all connections.
  10. The device is connected to a power outlet and performs a test-run.

When installing a ventilation construction it is recommended to reduce the number of tube bends. At every turn the power decreases by 10 %.

duct bend
Bending the duct must be a minimum amount of the knees

Independent work must be carried out with safety in mind. The following recommendations will help to optimize the assembly process:

  1. Pipes can be bent at a right angle.
  2. It is not necessary to narrow the output of the connecting structure, as it will lead to noise at work.
  3. Permissible height of the device above the stove at least 650 mm.
  4. It is necessary to make the regular replacement of the filters and their cleaning.
  5. If you are using stainless steel materials, then when cleaning do not use aggressive means.
  6. Additional installation of a check valve to protect against the return of contaminated air into the room.

Why require regular maintenance hood?

After the installation of exhaust designs require regular maintenance items. Grease filter should be cleaned once every couple of months. The charcoal filter should be changed every six months.

Reduces the performance of the hood gas stove burning without a pan. This gives rise to frequent breakdown structure.

If the device is not included, you should check the lighting mechanism to control supply chain. If it is OK, the failure in the motor or the control system.

When the engine is running at the same speed, the reasons for failure must be sought in the control mechanism.

It should consider the safety of the device.

  1. If the cord length is short, the dome is installed next to the socket for drawing. You can not build up the cord and use duct tape to joints.
  2. If you can not establish an additional outlet, the removal of the extension is applied through a tee. As an option - runs a separate line from the panel. This work has to do specialist.
  3. Since the hood - it is an electrical appliance, you must make the ground connection.

To perform a correct installation the hood is necessary to observe safety precautions and pick up the special tool. Quality service after installation will extend the design life.