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How to choose a hood for the kitchen: expert advice

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Unventilated kitchen - risk zone, then concentrated hazard, and protect against them can only room ventilation. Today machinery, mandatory for installation in the kitchen, It includes a hood. This home orderly absorbs or removes evaporate, soot, smoke and odors, providing fresh air.
To rid your kitchen of odors help hood

Types and designs of kitchen hoods

A variety of models complicates drawing selection at the kitchen. Navigate the basics of cleaning air in the room will knowledge of the basic modes:

  • in the flow (aspiration) mode, the dirty air is blown through air from the room, being replaced by a net external, and the extract of the plate is connected to a ventilation shaft building;
  • in the circulation mode, (absorption) Evaporation and smells absorbed when running the air stream through the filters sinks-sorbents, the purified air is returned to the kitchen.

Modern models support both modes, facilitating the selection of hoods for the kitchen. Experts divide the types of hoods for the kitchen for three, each include subtypes:

  1. flat;
  2. recessed (Mortice);
  3. dome or chimney (corner, island).

flat hood kitchen takes up little space, easy to install and inexpensive (from 1500 rub.). Placed on the wall above the cooking surface or under the cabinet over the stove. Form factor is convenient, If the duct does not fit into the interior or impossible. No different capacity, productivity is low, noise at work.

Плоская вытяжка
Flat hood differs a low cost and easy to install

The decision to choose a built-in hood for the kitchen require to pre-order the kitchen furniture. attracted by the cost (from 2500 rub.) and the modest size of this model. It is hidden in a separate locker. Outside, only a narrow strip of a sliding or stationary panel with the controls.

The telescopic models performs power-limit switch when extended carriage slider. It built filters, the absorption surface enlarging airflow. A good example of the possibilities of this type of device has become a hood built weissgauff. In mortise models the sliding part is not. Otherwise, they are no different. flat, built and locks kinds of noisy work, not designed for large kitchens, the performance is sufficient for rooms up to 10 square meters.

Devices with the dome shape of the air intake effective for large areas. These hoods for the kitchen retro called mantel. Their better aerodynamics, and operating noise below. Bright and eye-catching design is diverse: classic and style of "country", the-art Hi-Tech. In the fireplace categories of devices easy to pick up the hood in the kitchen of any size.

Угловой тип вытяжки
Corner hoods are ideal for kitchen angular type.

Hood Type Corner It combines the advantages of the dome structure and organically looks over the stove in the corner of the kitchen.

island hoods needed in the studios and apartments with kitchens central desk (kitchen island). look, like hood retro, equipped with two enhanced performance fans, and are mounted to the ceiling above the stove. Despite the abundance of models, All designs include knots:

  • housing;
  • ductwork;
  • motor;
  • passive filters;
  • active filters;
  • backlight;
  • Control block.

The case - the base substrate, it is important to the quality of connections for him - seam and bolted. Unacceptable irregularities and lagging edges, perezhzhonnye place of spot welding, etc.. it tells, how to choose the hood for the kitchen.

Duct work in the flow (aspiration) mode. The pipe is made of corrugated aluminum foil, stretchable up to 3 meters, PVC or plastic round / rectangular cross sections with a wall thickness 1 mm PVC connectors.

motor (one or two) dampers installed on or in a plastic housing with spacers inside, suspended on vibration dampers. Serious range of hoods for the kitchen for room settings provide minimum adequate supply of engine power.

Filter for cooker hood

Passive filters or fat. The first filter dirty air upflow, soot particles and evaporating fat, protecting the motor unit and the device control unit.

Without passive filters the inner surface of the hood body, the electric motor and controls soon "zaplyvut" sticky oily film.

Strainer cassette frame configured with four-layer mesh of anodized aluminum. Such filters are serviced and cleaned with detergents at least once a month.

Maintenance-free filters for collecting fat from synthetic fabrics after working thrown out and replaced with new.

In recirculation mode, used absorbance cassette active fine filter. They are placed on the electric motor for the latch-bayonet. The cassette filled activated carbon (powder or granules). Activated carbon filters, not serviced, and replaced by new ones.

one cassette (from 600 rub.) It serves to 130-160 hours. When the cooking medium intensity, almost 6 months.

Backlight for work at the stove, It puts all modern hoods. Light sources - incandescent, daylight (luminescent), halogen, neon or LED (LED).

Rational fluorescent lights, or halogen, they differ long life and efficiency.

Блок управления
Touch control unit

The control unit is a mechanical or electronic. Mechanics - slider or slider switch button. Electronic control most touch - function activated by touching the panel. Active mode is illuminated LED. Touching again disables.

Managing expensive models microprocessor. Sensors automate the drawing operation, responding to smoke, gas, human, and so the approach. P. Handy timer function and operation of the residual exhaust mode.

materials of Construction

The materials manufacturing hoods, given the modes and conditions of work, increased requirements. Parts of it must be chemically, thermal and mechanical resistance.

Use galvanized or stainless steel, anodized aluminum. Coating enamels increases the corrosion resistance and appeal. Coating powder gives a qualitative manner resistant decorative polymeric layer.

For expensive exclusive hood (dome) using copper and brass, processed chasing and patina.

The combination of materials emphasizes the design features of the devices, Decorations composite plates of heat-resistant plastic or of wood.

Concise and rich look of the composition in the style of Hi-Tech aluminum and tempered curved glass. Blends minimalism and technical perfection of polished metal and heavy-duty brushed, or smoky black glass.

Алюминиевая вытяжка
Extractor hood in the style of Hi-Tech

How to calculate the required size

Standards width extracts 50, 60, 90 and 120 cm. defined dimensions hobs plates with facades from 50 to 70 centimeters. To choose the right hood for the kitchen, take the device does not have the plate.

For sampling from the entire flow plate, advised to increase by one-third of the unit area. So, at half a meter panel plate, conducting extraction calculation for kitchen, the width of the take at least 60, and better 90 cm. Then all the fumes and smells will go into ventilation .

Now, how to pick up the hood for the kitchen in the parameters space. Fire safety unit determines the height of the installation above the gas stove in 75-80 cm, over electric in 65-70 cm. Norms are critical to the kitchen with a ceiling height 2,5 m, when choosing a fireplace hood. It may not fit over the stove. In this case, better to choose a dome height of less than 1 m.

Габариты кухни

kitchen dimensions determine the calculation of drawing power. It must provide performance 12-fold complete air changes per hour. Multiplying the volume of premises on 12, we can calculate the suction power for the kitchen and its performance. Kitchen in an apartment building, the result is multiplied by another 1,3 — 1,6 (accounting for losses in the ventilation air outlet pit, for private homes is not being used).

Now it's time to determine the performance of hoods for the kitchen 12 sq m, with a ceiling height 3 m per floor house. Multiply x 12m x 3m 12 x 1,3/(1,6) = 561,6/ (691.2) m3/time. Obtain the required performance in flow-aspiration mode. In the circulation mode,, the result is added 30% losses at the absorption. The result was 730,08/(898,56) m3/time. rounding, required exhaust performance 750-900 m3/time.

defined data, to pick up the kitchen hood power. It is a model with a single dome /two motors. High performance and engine power will require special measures to reduce noise.

Technical and hygienic standards

Despite the aspiration flow-mode gain, connect the hood for gas stoves to intrahouse ventilation can not always. Banned hoods in the kitchen with a gas instantaneous water heater or gas-column DHW cylinder-boiler.

Технические и гигиенические стандарты вытяжки

When simultaneous operation of the column and drawing, indoor low blood pressure occurs, lost natural air thrust. Reverse flow of air from the house ventilation channel disrupts the column boiler or, with open burners, causing gas entering the combustion products into the room, and carbon monoxide poisoning.

reverse thrust exception ventilation important during the cold season. When you turn off the hood, because the cold air drafts fills the room, nullifying the entire system. To prevent reverse thrust and close the hood for the kitchen, sufficient to establish the non-return valves.

aspiration mode does not eliminate the regular sanitary cleansing passive filters, the inner and outer surfaces hood, duct. Depending on the device type, cleaning related to its partial dismantling.

It should be borne in mind compliance with the rules of safe handling of electrical appliances and to carry out work at full network disconnect.

It is not enough to choose the right hood for gas stoves, need to know, how to use it. Experts advise to include the device before cooking, and after leaving work at low revs minutes 10-20, to remove odors and final condensate from the system.

Вентиляция воздуха

The apartments with plastic windows and doors, keep in mind the air inflow.


Learning, how to calculate the suction power in the kitchen, Determined, how to choose the hood for electric cookers, it is time to do the installation. tool kit:

  • hammer / drill with the shock function;
  • set of drills (with carbide tips, and a timber);
  • screwdriver / set flat and Phillips screwdrivers;
  • electric jigsaw / handsaw;
  • hammer and tongs;
  • ladder / stable platform;
  • roulette, level, plumb, pencil;
  • for fastening hardware (Screws and nuts, self-tapping screws, dowel-nails);
  • Silicone sealant;
  • tape foil, masking tape.

Installation work can be divided into parts:

  1. Marking and installing mounting, hanging drawing unit;
  2. Organization supply device (ready outlet, electricity cable);
  3. Assembly and air duct connection (PVC or corrugated and collars purchased in advance);
  4. final assembly, first start and functional check.

On the wall over the stove all the locations on the template mounting. Its easy to find in the manual and on the web (Internet). Horizon is checked by the level of, aged height of the lower edge of the hood over the stove. Label drilled holes for dowels or other fasteners. Markup for under recessed locker / Mortice model checking, the pattern and the instructions of Furniture.


To power the device, is placed near the outlet is supplied directly or stranded electrically. Cross-section of insulated stranded wire 0,7 mm is sufficient for the safe operation.

In the ventilation shaft dowel - nails fastened end marketplace PTP with an opening and a flange for a duct pipe of PVC, abutting connectors. In place of the hood is attached. The joints are sealed with silicone. Duct placed in assembled form, assembly is minimized when the number of bends and elbows, productivity losses each reach 10%.

Even easier to connect the hood, using corrugation. The ends of the stretched and formed pipe clamps mounted on the flanges and the end drawing pad. Universal PVC PU connector flange diameters less. Seal the joints with tape foiled.

The last step involves checking the contours and the tightening of fasteners. After installation of the air channel and filters, checked the installation and sealing of joints. Identified gaps are sealed. served meals, probe on the body is checked insulation breakdown, and the hood is included for checking functions.