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The quietest hoods for kitchens: review of models

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for ventilation special equipment installed in kitchens - hood for the kitchen. The advantages of such devices many, as well as differences - but one of the most important is the noise figure. Silent extractor hood It ensures not only the cleaning or removal of smells, but comfortable and in the room, and in adjacent rooms.

quiet hood
For kitchen ventilation hood is installed

Benefits quietest hoods

the volume of the exhaust fan and recirculation system plays a significant role in the creation of comfort for the whole family. And this feature is necessary to pay attention not less, than the performance of the model.

The advantages, who have quietest hoods the kitchen, are:

  • the possibility of cooking or eating, and other variants of the time (including watching TV, also installed in the kitchen) in a food premises without interference from the hum of the ventilation system;
  • restful sleep and adults, special, little children, which does not interfere, even temporarily, include a speakerphone hood.

Option with a quiet stretch is suitable for the combined kitchen and living rooms - kitchen-studio. Or for a small-sized garden, where necessary to cook in the living room.

Principle of operation

For better understanding, what is the importance of low noise levels, should consider the performance of basic operating modes of ventilation systems. It is worth considering, that the normal value of the background noise characteristics is considered 40 dB, for sleep - 30 dB, for creative activities - 50 dB. And the difference between the noise in the kitchen and other rooms, depending on the distance, walling and windows location, It is within 10-30 dB. comes, what 60 dB in a food premises will lead to the creation of a background in the bedroom near 40 dB.

hood for the kitchen
Silent extractor Kuppersberg T 969 BORON

Parameters of the extracts:

  • idle equipment - 30 dB;
  • exhaust fan, working at minimum power - 35 dB;
  • device low in normal mode - by 40 to 45 dB;
  • the average level of noise hoods for the kitchen - 50 dB;
  • Standard equipment on full power - up 72 dB.

Based on this information,, It obtained a conclusion - a minimum level of noise hoods provide a more comfortable finding the kitchen and apartment. At the same time we should not forget, that noise pollution depends on the power, therefore, high-performance equipment is not able to work quietly. BUT, seeking to increase the powerful fans for drawing, will have to sacrifice their sound comfort.

Manufacturers strive to achieve a noise level reduction, changing the layout and number of fans. BUT, choosing, which the engine hood for better, preference for innovative solutions. for example, installing the motor in the box of the soundproofing material.

By installing more than one fan exhaust, and two, solve several tasks:

  1. Increasing the exhaust air flow;
  2. Providing intensive cooling motors, snizhayushego noise emitted by them.

The third option, used in extractor hoods quiet - the fan for drawing outside the engine unit. Not being an additional obstacle for the air, motor increases the aerodynamic properties of the duct and reduces noise.

Features selection and installation

hood with two motors
Powerful extractor with two motors BEST SP 2196

Given the fact, What are the extracts on the market, select a particular model hard. But, If you already know the preferences in terms of body colors, size, functionality, type and capacity, encouraged to draw attention to the noise parameters.

Selection is carried out as follows::

  • the model should have a noise level no higher than 50 dB;
  • do not count on the performance of the hood with a stock - it is less than, the quieter the appliance;
  • the number of modes is not less 3, which will reduce noise, reducing the power of the air exhaust.

Important: Do not forget about the maintenance unit. filter is clogged or the duct increases the noise.

proposed options

ventilation equipment market offers a lot of different equipment performance, the type and design. But, if choosing a suitable extract, Considering more and noise, better options could be some of the following makes and models.


Inexpensive hood Ardesia Basic-F 50 W power 200 W is placed 4-5 thousand. rub., introducing an inexpensive embodiment deaeration of compact kitchen. productivity of the equipment 190 m³ / h, which corresponds to the area 8 quarter. m. Compact device not only inexpensive, but also has good sound, no more 50 dB.


brand home appliances
Popular brand of household appliances Indesit-hood Indesit H 161.2 BK:

popular brand household appliances Indesit also has a model, meet customer requirements in terms of noise performance. extractor hood H 161 IX costing up 5000 rub. and power 0,2 kW devotes an hour to 250 cubic meter of air. Device according to the passport, noise level created by them is within 50 dB for the most powerful mode. When setting smaller capacity extractor will make noise less.


Maunfeld company offers a wide range of quality exhaust equipment with a width of 50 to 90 cm. Among them there are models with two motors, quieter running at any desired level of operation. Wherein each device is represented in a metal, white and brown colors.

One of the models, extractor fan in the kitchen maunfeld Manchester 90 It features an attractive appearance and small size. When performance 1050 cube. m / hr area it serves to 40 quarter. m. and creates only noise 46,5 dB at the third speed. Among the options under consideration is the quietest hood for the kitchen.

With a special design model saves space in the kitchen. Inclined extractor placed at an angle to the wall and a width 90 See occupies no more space other, not such a broad instrument. Touch control and integration with two charcoal filters are added benefits of the technique. A disadvantage of only one - the high quality corresponds to the same price, from 30 thousand. rub.

Extractor hood for the kitchen
Extractor hood for the kitchen Maunfeld PRIMA Plus 900mm: stainless steel and black glass

Would be cheaper hood Maunfeld Gretta Novas 90 - prices start 20 thousand. rub. classic design, ivory and wooden decorative elements complemented by a convenient slide-controlled operation speed. At maximum productivity 650 cu.m / h extractor creates noise in the range 50-52 dB.


German brand offers consumers KRONAsteel built in cooker hoods Kitchen varying performance, functionality and width (from 45 to 60 cm). Choosing the latter option is carried out taking into account the dimensions of the plate. Exhaust device must be wider at 100-150 mm.

Model "Crohn Camille 600"With a width 600 mm and a capacity of up to 550 cu.m / h and has a push-button control Sound-insulated motor block. Thanks to this feature for a relatively small amount (5000 rub.) the buyer receives the noise level to 50 dB.

Even in a large kitchen worth saving space. AND, installing a compact plate, it picked up a similar size evacuation system. 40-built-centimeter hood krona Pamella removes from the premises before 900 cube. m in the time. For convenience comes at a price - the price of the device 27 thousand. rub.


The best option, appropriate and for the price, and performance, and the level of noise, It is the model Candy CCE 16 X. At a cost of about 7000 rub. extractor removes an hour before 450 cubic meter of air and works at least 5 years old. High reliability of the device is supplemented noiseless. Silent extractor to the kitchen creates the room noise above 50 dB.



Italian brand "Falmek" positions its technology as the quietest. According to the manufacturer, systems are developed using computer calculations and innovative solutions in the field of aerodynamics, do not affect the performance of hoods. The average volume of exhaust air per hour mark device reaches Falmec 800 cubic meters. A noise level does not exceed 50 dB at the fourth speed. Model chimney Falmec Plane 90 width 900 mm corresponds to all these parameters - but it should be in the range of 50-60 thousand. rub.