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Top manufacturers of kitchen hoods: regular review of the kitchen appliances market

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Clean air in the kitchen - the guarantee of health of all family members. To the smell of burning was not the companion of your home, and fresh rooms did not spoil the finish accumulations of fat, you can constantly ventilate the room or to get the cooker hood. This device is useful, if the model chosen wisely. Today, manufacturers kitchen hoods surprising customers with new features and additional functions, competition in the market of this product allows everyone to find vozduhoochischayuschee device to your taste. In this article you will learn the principle of operation and the types of filters. We will look at the rating for kitchen hoods, We will understand what is the best company, and will talk about the care of the device.

extractor hood
The cooker hood may be of any shape, the main thing that worked effectively

The principle of the filters

Modern drawing work in two modes:, at:

  1. flow;
  2. retsirkulyatsionnom.

hood for the kitchen

In the first mode, the device has access to the ventilation, attached thereto pipe, diverting air street. Motor creates an air draft, which quickly and efficiently displays dirty air and starts a new. exhaust device with a flow-through mode can be set only in case, if there is a way into the ventilation shaft. Mounting of this kind will take you more time.

Council! device, It works on the principle of dirty air in the output shaft and the launch of a new street, It is working efficiently, if you provide an additional influx from open window.

In recycle operation of the device is more laborious vozduhoochischayuschego. Here the air is sucked out of the room and cleaned first grease filter, and then charcoal, then he returns to the kitchen. The minus is the lack of fresh air intake. But the installation of such a device will not take long, install a recirculation system can each. In this case, it does not matter - as far away from the vent hood will be.

Filters kitchen hoods
Cooker hoods filters should be changed periodically

Cleaning air in the room can be and deducing filter, you need to make a choice based on the ability of the ventilation system in your home and on the tasks required of the purchased unit. Power flow-type devices are usually longer, but also filter systems do an excellent job with the cleansing function. What is the best hood for the kitchen in this case up to you. Every manufacturer is trying to surprise the consumer and to take a leading position in this segment. Consider the most famous brands exhaust devices for the kitchen.

Council! While selecting a note on additional functions, control method, check power, lighting and sound insulation device. Relate the cost and quality.

under the hood style kitchen

German quality

German models are renowned for high quality, hood for Bosch kitchen loved by consumers in Russia and other countries for reliability. The manufacturer took care of, found that each device to their liking in the line of sales tools:

  • For wall mounting -Modern model;
  • For ceiling installation is a solution for any kitchen;
  • For installation in a box - does not violate integrity of the interior;
  • Visor type - easy installation;
  • Polnovstraivaemye - style and minimalism.

Polnovstraivaemye cooker hoods
Polnovstraivaemye options are very preferred in Europe

You will find sloping hood for the kitchen a unique design and other advanced performance, needed to preserve and emphasize an interior styling. Extractor fan in the kitchen bosch eliminate the accumulation of grease and soot on the kitchen furniture and keep repair room.
Bosch cooker hood to the kitchen works in both flow, and in the recirculation mode, so you can use it in any kitchen.

Bosch Kitchen Hoods are popular among Russians, including reviews of the device can be found both positive and negative. Among the advantages of the device users allocate:

  • Absence of foreign odors;
  • lighting plate;
  • ease of control;
  • The absence of grease.

By cons include a difficult cleaning and consumption of electricity.

Members talk, that hood for Bosch kitchen right utensil. The manufacturer is not just confirmed its quality and proven in Europe and Russia.
Extractor hood kuppersberg - are goods, sold at affordable price, many available. The brand is registered in Germany, however assembly and device manufacturing is done in Italy. kuppersberg for kitchen hoods include 150 stylish models, but consumers do not always remain happy with purchase. Technology quickly fails, management inconvenient, high noise level. When choosing a device of this brand, should be careful and attentive, check every single detail and assigned to a responsible purchase.

Hoods for kitchens kuppersberg
Hoods for kuppersberg kitchen - a popular option

Italian hoods for the kitchen

As we have seen one of the most important instruments in the room, where the cook, are drawing to food, Italy this, the place where the manufacturer responsible approach to their work. Elica cooker hood for the kitchen is subtle and Multifunctional Italian model. The manufacturer offers:

  1. Pristennaja hood Elika;
  2. Classic hood Elika;
  3. Ostravnaya hood Elika;
  4. Extractor hood built Elika;
  5. Angled hood Elika.

It is always a good quality cleaning smells and all kinds of pollution and elegant design, suitable for any interior.

Brand shares their products on:

  • Propeller,
  • Turboair.

beautiful hood

Extractor fan for kitchens fits jet air in interior styling Nouveau, they differ interesting design. Current models in demand all over the world, their quality and reliability were confirmed repeatedly, so the user can easily buy equipment of the Italian brand Elika. Italian hood for the kitchen is presented as an economical price policy, and in the premium class. Among the products you will find a refined built drawing for the kitchen and the other models are able to join the big picture and keep the overall style of the room.

Hoods for kitchens Elika
Elika - Italian quality

Polish model

Polish hoods for kitchens a symbiosis of European quality and affordable cost, Therefore, the device is in demand in Russia. among manufacturers, especially popular Zigmund-Shtain and Hansa. Technique Zigmund-Shtain an attractive design, convenient use, several modes and user-friendly features. The disadvantages include the high cost of.

Exhaust device Hansa brand - is a first-class design and high functionality. Among the models you'll find built-in hood for the kitchen, which blends perfectly with the built-in type cooker. Touch hood for the kitchen very easy to manage. The disadvantages of the users include noise and dim lighting.

Council! By purchasing, pay attention to the weaknesses of the device and purchase a device with halogen lamps, They improve coverage.

among the instruments, created to cleanse the air in the room, Consumers also secrete gorenje brand, cata and quartz.

Extractor hood for the kitchen gorenje this premium equipment, a high-tech product makes life easier for housewives million across Europe. Consumers selected stamp for Burning:

  1. Low noise level;
  2. additional backlight;
  3. Power.

Vыtyazhky kitchen Zigmund-Shtain
Zigmund-Shtain - a combination of Reliability, quality and accessibility.

Mounting hood cata Spanish manufacturer captivating modern design, but the efficiency of the device does not suit all users. They find, that the device is too noisy. Many distinguish usability and ease of installation. There are models with multiple speeds, They allow you to adjust the intensity of work.

Quartz kitchen hood is a Russian brand, among the models there are cost-effective devices and luxury. Diverse design allows you to choose the device for the classic and modern style, as well as modern and country music lovers. Hoods for the kitchen of the brand mostly positive. consumers say, that the instrument quiet, attractive and powerful.

What is the best hood for the kitchen - you decide, it all depends on taste preferences and available budget.

extractor fan in the corner

Council! By selecting apparatus in a low price segment, attentive to the common disadvantages of the device: noise, uncomfortable control, bad lighting, time consuming cleaning.

Care filters

One of the selection criteria refers care hood, it is directly related to the cleaning of filters. Grease filters made of hard metal and synthetic substances, it may be metal or acrylic. Metal filters are more practical they must be removed and washed once a month, Acrylic Do not wash, so the filter is a maximum of three months. There hood with filter replacement sensor. Feature will alert you that, when the grease filter of the acrylic type needs to be replaced. The cost is small, is 100 rubles.

The filter for hoods
for exhaust filter inexpensive change them in time

Carbon filters are only needed for devices, operating in the recirculation mode. For normal operation of the device to change the filter once a year.
To properly clean the hood:

  1. Disconnect the device;
  2. Disconnect the grease filter;
  3. Wipe the external parts with a special extraction tool;
  4. Remove and clean the grease filter by hand or in the dishwasher;
  5. Remove fat accumulation from the control panel;
  6. Wipe dry parts;
  7. Connect to the current.

design extractor

In order to avoid fire, every six months, clean the hood from the burning. Carefully and gently clean the corrugations, when worn, replace with a new.

Whatever hood you choose, Proper care will prolong the life of your unit and will keep in working condition for a single year of use. Reliability and quality of kitchen hoods depend on producers and consumers.


Now you know the top manufacturers of kitchen hoods in Germany, Italy, Spain, Poland, Slovenia and Russia. It remains to be defined, what is important to you: cost of, quality, design or the use and installation of the device? We told you about the companies, which produce household appliances for cleaning indoor air introduced to the rules and care for her. So make your choice and enjoy cooking your favorite dishes without unpleasant smells and pollution. Do not waste your time on the ventilation of the room, Let it will be engaged in extractor hood!