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All the secrets of Polish design kitchens

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Choosing furniture for the kitchen, we are looking for neat, attractive, durable products, appropriate fashion trends. And in their quest often come across the information about the products from Poland, its as, unique design, affordable price. What is the difference between the Polish tables and chairs for the kitchen, Polish cuisine is better than domestic?

modern Polish cuisine
Modern Polish cuisine- functionality and quality

Design kitchen sets

kitchen in the Polish style

Polish companies do not copy the design of competing firms, they contain specialist staff, who develop fresh ideas for new collections. Thanks to their work, the light appears:

  • The original style,
  • special technology,
  • Whimsical accessories,
  • elegant finish,
  • Sophisticated ergonomics,
  • Carefully selected color, billing.

Beige kitchen with a golden
Original finish Polish cuisine will enliven any interior

The trump card of Polish manufacturers - unique design. In the furniture stores there are collection, which is unique anywhere, unusual things find their true connoisseurs. Polish popular headset, orders are coming from all sides of the world, and the increasing demand growing popularity producer, company image.

Poland is considered to be the European capital of the furniture industry. a huge number of factories are located here, equipped with the most modern equipment.

In Poland, a thriving manufacturing and export of furniture for several centuries, every year producers increased skills, technological secrets passed down from generation to generation. experience of many years, own development, ongoing quality control at every stage of production are key to continued success.

beautiful kitchen in the Polish style

Safety and environmental

Careful attention is paid to environmental Poles. During production we use natural material - oak, nut, beech, cherry, exotic wood ... Made furniture from solid wood, dsp, MDF - wood particles, glued paraffin, ligninom. Animal Extract, polymer coating ecological. Harmful to health resin, phenol, toxic substances are not used.

Poland - EU member, because not send goods for export, do not comply with the approved international standards. Products tested and certified.

Quality goods consistently high, because they belong to the premium segment. Polish furniture for kitchen eco-friendly, safe, her presence in the house will not harm your family's health. Documentary evidence of this - health certificate.

economy: money issue

Polish cuisine is two to three times cheaper than the Italian, but the quality is not inferior to them. Their production uses the same natural veneer, precious wood, present the rich forms of the elements, It takes into account the centuries-old tradition of making. This is a complete alternative to the expensive Italian furniture. By purchasing the Polish tables and chairs, you will significantly save the family budget. They successfully compete with products of world leaders.

Kitchen made of natural wood
Kitchen made of natural wood - it's stylish and durable

Kitchen set is sold unassembled, because the production cost is added to the price for shipping and assembly. This is the case, If you do not have personal transportation, on which you can carry home furnishings, and assembly is carried out store employees. Although you can do it yourself, using the assembly instructions Headset, which is attached to the product.

Color and Texture

Kitchen Poland - a classic design with modern elements, harmony parts and pronounced texture. Appearance of the products depends on the decorative material. Each tree species has a characteristic pattern in the context of, tree rings, different width and shape.

 Polish style kitchen facilities

  1. Oak - often subjected to etching processes, moraine, then it becomes dark purple color. Polish chairs for the kitchen, made from this tree species, They have beautiful structure, characterized by high strength.
  2. Beech - at the tangential and radial cuts becomes high decorative texture properties. This material is considered to be breathable due to its hygroscopic.
  3. Apple tree, merry, walnut - brown tint.
  4. Mahogany - tropical plants reddish-yellowish. The material is resistant to deformation, darkens with age, it streaks appear in different shades. The color depends on the used tannin.
  5. Ash - its texture resembles oak, but it differs in color, it is dark yellow.

Kitchen in beech
Polish cuisine beech - perfect for hostess

The direction of the fibers are on the long side, facades can have inlays. Often in modeling the Polish furniture used to combine materials, shades, textures, that allows you to create a creative, unpredictable design. Among the lineup are instances, created from other materials, for example a glass kitchen table poland, which is sold separately or bundled with other furniture. It goes well with a suite Polish kitchen faucet, it supports the overall composition.

Chairs from Italy - quality, time-tested

Polish chairs have a stable, solid construction, they are created for the ages. This is a whole new trend in the furniture industry. Furniture from Poland are imported to us more than a decade, time has shown, that the Polish Quality you can trust. Chairs different attractive aesthetics, reliability. They are ideal for the kitchen, because they are difficult to accidentally knock over, They are easy to care for, they are moisture-proof.

Polish chairs in the kitchen
Polish chairs in the kitchen always reliable and practical

Offered different options seats - hard, semi-soft, covered with leather or thick cloth. comfortable backrest, high. Models are not burdened with excess decorative elements, which increases the service life. stylistic directions: classic, minimalism, high-tech. Rectangular or round table poland, surrounded by comfortable chairs, It will be the exquisite decoration of your kitchen.


Polish furniture - elegant addition to your kitchen interior, It will relieve you from monotonous colors, standard forms and boring template design environment.