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Repair of kitchen hoods: master classes from experts

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Cooker hood - a useful appliance, which preserves furniture, kitchen appliances and work surfaces clean. This device easily absorbs fat, air filters and fights soot. Intensive and prolonged use, error in the rules of operation sooner or later lead to faults in the hood. But to repair the hood on the kitchen and eliminate breakage can be independently, if you know some simple rules and structure of the machine.

Кухонная вытяжка
Repair the suction unit can be their own hands, without resorting to the services of master

types, apparatus and principle of operation of extracts

Cooker hoods act as an exhaust fan. Electric motor actuates vozduhoochischeniya entire system and executes the basic function of the device. The design of the apparatus includes a valve antivozvratny, which prevents the penetration of cold air into the room, foreign odors, harmful insects street or ventilation shaft. Devices classified into two types of:

  1. filter. Such devices have a simple structure, are inexpensive, They operate on the principle of recirculation (purify contaminated air mass through carbon filters and return it back into the room). Plus, these hoods is, they retain heat, returning the warm air into the room as opposed to the excretory systems.
  2. excretive. These devices operate on the principle of flow-through, have a perfect structure, than previous, They are more expensive and require a vent on the street or in a mine. Such extraction is more difficult to mount, but they are worth it.

Extractor hood implies the obligatory presence of filters:

  • Paper or cloth impregnated with (single use);
  • carbonic (cheapest option, It is right on the round window motor, It absorbs odors);
  • a rectangular structure with coal granules (costs more, set for grease filters);
  • metal zhiroulavlivatel (reusable).

Фильтр для вытяжного устройства
carbon filter

The control panel is a mechanical, electronic, A slider or touch-type and represents the total system. Performance figures vary from 200 to 1000 m³ / hour depending on the performance and size of the room.

The main types of faults

Extractor fan does not work in the kitchen - a common problem. Upon detection of failure should not hurry and in a hurry to carry the device to the service center. The fault may be banal, and for its removal in a specialized center will pay dearly.

Set of spare parts for exhaust.

Repair hoods in the kitchen - task is not difficult. To cope with the breakdown of ordinary people will be able to even, enough to think of repair of electrical devices. Therefore, exhaust repairs with their own hands is quite possible. Parts are sold in a wide range as the sites of online shops, and in retail stores, specializing in the sale of household appliances. New parts for the hood must be approved by the manufacturer, and fully comply with the parameters of the device model.

  1. The device does not remove the smells.

We often hear complaints, that does not pull in the kitchen hood and bad removes odors. For the device to work effectively, it is necessary to include in the 5-7 minutes before cooking, and off in fifteen minutes after cooking. If not the reason, check filters. Their untimely change also affects the efficiency. Options to solve the problem:

  • Change the carbon filter (or take it apart and replace the carbon granules);
  • Replace disposable zhiroulavlivateli;
  • Wash reusable metal mesh filter with warm water and soap (or in dishwasher), dried and put in place;
  • clean the intake grille.
  1. recessed lighting is not working.

If the fan is working, and recessed lighting is not included, need to check, Do bulb and replace it is not burned. If all incandescent bulbs in order, check the serviceability of switch buttons. The efficiency of the element is checked by the tester. In case of failure it is replaced.

If the device is integrated halogen lamps, cause of failure can be blown transformer. In devices with fluorescent lighting ballasts are defective.

The efficiency of the light button should check tester

  1. Severe hum during operation.

often complain, that much buzzing in the kitchen range hood. Under the rules of all the extraction systems need to make noise, noise level indicated in the data sheet products. for example, can cause such data:

  1. Extractor fan in the kitchen Shindo KALIPSO - 36 dB.
  2. Extractor fan in the kitchen Jet air GARDA-K 90 COOPER-09 – 38 dB.
  3. Extractor fan in the kitchen Crohn BEATRIS CPB - 40 dB.

This performance of the noise level. But documents often quoted maximum numbers, for example:

  1. Extractor hood for the kitchen Teka TL1 62 (40474232) – 46 dB.
  2. Extractor hood for kitchen Kata V 500 BLANCA – 55 dB.
  3. Extractor hood for kitchen Faber INCA PLUS HIP X A 52 – 66 dB.

It is necessary to pay attention. But if the noise is strong, possibly, clogged filter or ventilation shaft. In this case, the filter change or wash, and mine clears. If the device is installed improperly or unstable, is too stiff duct, This also causes an unusual noise and vibration.

Чистка вытяжки
Should regularly clean the hood

  1. Damage to the control panel.

If the engine is operating normally, but it does not diminish or increase speed, the problem lies in the failure control panel. Fix it yourself is difficult. In order not to waste time and effort to fix fees, better to buy a new one and replace the failed.

  1. The device is not activated.

Here is a list of possible causes large:

  1. The device is not connected to the grid. It is necessary to double-check, Do hood connected to an electrical outlet and there is power.
  2. Problems with power supply. Need to check, Do not come down fuses.
  3. Faulty power plug. It must be replaced, after checking, not burned out whether built into it a safety device. In the affirmative case, simply replace.
  4. bad contacts. Internal electrical wiring drawing check tester, eliminate the deficiencies found.

When repairing device observe the safety of using an electrical appliance.

Replacing the motor

To repair the engine does not make sense, as in this case, the time and the material means are not justified. It is better to simply replace.

Электродвигатель для вытяжки
The electric motor for drawing

action Driving:

  1. Disconnect the power and remove filters.
  2. Carefully unscrew the bottom panel.
  3. Be sure to turn off the backlight connectors wires, to the panel have been disconnected.
  4. Remove the screws, remove the device.
  5. Release mount and remove the motor fan.
  6. Carefully disconnect the ground wire and cut wire, supplied to the motor.
  7. Remove the screws from the mounting plate, remove it and pull the engine.
  8. Connect the new motor to the plate, put back ground drive and insert the device into the body.
  9. Set fan with the clamp.
  10. Put hood in place, fasten the lower panel.
  11. Connect the device and check the functioning of the inserted motor.

If you wish to learn more about the principles of operation and possible faults exhaust systems, This will help you understand the electrical circuit drawing. To prevent accidents, it is necessary to follow the simple rules of operation, timely replacement of filters, and do not overload the machine. If your device is constantly working at full capacity, it will lead to rapid wear. Therefore it is better to purchase the hood with power reserve, that they worked on average mode.


If you follow the recommendations listed above the problem persists, You need a challenge to master. Repair of kitchen hoods will not take long. Find qualified electrician is easy: many of them offer repair at home drawing, including repair crown hood.