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Typical damage to the food processor: you need to consider when repairing

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In our time, no mistress can not in the kitchen to do without this essential appliance such as a food processor. A variety of modifications allows for no extra effort and time any kitchen work. for example, food processor with a meat grinder in just a few seconds, allow to cook a delicious minced, and with the function of cubes cut food processor immediately narezhet products for favorite salad. Therefore, every problem becomes a problem, that requires immediate solutions.

man passes through vegetable harvester
To a food processor for a long time served, Take good care of him

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Major damage to food processors

Harvesters are three different types: mini, compact, and multifunctional. The latter type, eg, It refers to a food processor meat grinder and juicer simultaneously. But, Despite their differences, principle of the food processor is practically the same for all models.

types of food processors
Various types of food processors

Once in the bowl for processing, products are brought to the desired state in accordance with a predetermined program,, as it makes the food processor kenwood major classic km636. There is a process using a variety of baits from beaters and discs to the blades, which are installed at the bottom of the tank or fixed to the cover. Nozzles are driven by a commutator motor, whose power can vary from 300 W mini processor until 700 W, which has in its arsenal harvester with a meat grinder.

how to understand, that the repair of the food processor has become a necessity? Take urgent action is required in some cases:

  • If the product generates a previously uncharacteristic sounds like a squeak, knock or rattle;
  • if you feel the unpleasant smell of burning wires;
  • if nozzles were chipped or cracked;
  • If the device does not run smoothly, or in a mode, do not match the program;
  • if the processor emits smoke or sparks during operation;
  • if the heated housing unit;
  • if the mechanism does not turn on.
    food processor with a meat grinder
    Food processor with a meat grinder requires special attention

Possible causes of failure

Despite the variety of functions, any device, such as a food processor kenwood, It consists of five main parts:

  • engine;
  • receiver for products;
  • Capacity for processing products;
  • set of knives and other tips;
  • Control Panel.

Failure of any of them entails a major cause of the problem. They have both mechanical, and electrical in nature.

parts for food processor
Details Food Processor may suddenly fail

The first version of the fault is shown in the, that the rotational movement is not transmitted to the actuator. This happens for one reason.

  1. If an assistant in cooking, such as a food processor Moulinex, a belt drive, Consequently, torn belt.
  2. When appliances, such as a food processor Philips, a direct drive, the absence of rotational motion indicates, key that is worn on the rotor shaft.

Important! If the device does not run smoothly, so, drive belt weakened and it is required to tighten. If this is no longer possible - need to replace parts.

Problems electrical part may be a minor, like fuse, switch or cable connection to the mains, Motor brush wear, and more serious, when the motor is out of order and you want to rewind the armature, replacement of the collector or the control board.

Processor is not working - what to do?

Owners of home appliances are faced with such a situation sooner or later, when after switching on the unit or do not work, or it does not work properly, publishing various uncharacteristic noises and sometimes flashing sparks. This fully applies to the food processor.

In this case, the owner of the unit must recall, Does another instrument factory warranty. If the warranty period has not passed, you should immediately seek for repair of your equipment to the service center.

disassembled food processor
Analyzing food processor alone, be sure to disconnect it from the mains

If your kitchen helper warranty does not apply, then first try to understand the reasons for their own failure. This will require to disassemble the unit.

Important! Performing this operation, do not forget, that then you will need to collect the food processor back.

Here are the main steps to remove:

  1. unplug the appliance and disconnect the removable elements;
  2. Remove the processor from the base and turn to inspect the drive belt and gears;
  3. removing the belt and gear, disconnect the motor, unpack it and inspect;
  4. remove the protective cover and check gear drive shaft.

If necessary, more detailed advice for each specific model, you can easily find on the Internet

Having found out this aspect of the problem, and troubleshoot, take a decision on the repair work on their own or with the assistance of professional help.

food processor parts
If the processor has not earned, Refer to the repairman

If you are good in electrical and feel the ability to self-repair, here are some tips on this event.

  • In case of breakage or loosening of the transfer belt needs to be replaced, acquiring belt for the food processor in the service center.
  • If the key is out of order, it will take more effort: disassemble harvester, removing the motor; carefully removed parts; purchase a new key and set it in place in the service center.
  • To replace the fuse, you will need 5-10 minutes. It is not necessary for such a trifle to spend time on a trip to the service.
  • The connecting cord is too easy to replace yourself, because the missing components can be purchased in every E-shop.
  • If you have any problems with the gears, to begin with it should be properly cleaned and carefully examine. A small percentage of depreciation is offset by grease, in more complex cases require replacement.
  • Abrasion brush is sufficient to replace the item with a new.

Important! When purchasing spare parts, purchase parts only from the same manufacturer. Installation cheap parts will lead to the ultimate failure of the harvester.

Eliminating more serious damage such as a blown engine, failure of the shaft or the bearings should be entrusted to those skilled, not least because, that you do not have proper home appliances and tools.

master tips

Important! Technique long lives without problems and failures only those hosts, are properly taken care of her condition.


Here are some tips, that will extend the life of your food processor:

  • Do not recycle too coarsely chopped, hard or frozen meat, vegetables or fruit.
  • When the abnormal noise or odor immediately turn off technique, to prevent serious damage.
  • After use, be sure to thoroughly rinse the parts in warm water and dry it properly.
  • Never use removable elements and tips, with chips and cracks.
  • At the end of the warranty period each year to do an audit of internal parts and mechanisms, conducting partial disassembly and inspection unit. Worn parts is better to change in advance.

Now you know, how the repair Food Processors.

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