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cooker hoods: choosing the right size and power

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whether it is possible to kitchen without hoods? Yes, if all the time to keep the windows open, letting in the dusty heat of the summer, Poplar fluff. In spring and autumn - damp drafts, and in the winter - penetrating frosty wind. Add to that the misted glass, cracked windows, peelable wallpaper, and permanent additional waste on warming apartment ... And, of course, No - if fully take care of the comfort of, who cooks food for themselves and the whole family.

Dimensions of the hood
drawing dimensions should not be less than the working surface of plate sizes

Kitchen - is not only a place, where all are preparing tasty and healthy. This concentration of harmful substances, allocated to pairs of hot fat, oils. And yet - the accumulation of microscopic food particles, chemical compounds, exudes detergents. In other words - without a good drawing on today's kitchen the modern man can not do. The main thing - to choose the necessary equipment is properly, defined with its dimensions, productivity, depth, shape.

DOME come in different

Initially, we answer a question: What extractor to the kitchen we, as a matter of fact, interested? there is:

  1. false (classical or traditional) hood.
  2. dome (fireplace, wall) hood;
  3. built in cooker hoods;

What is the difference between them?

Hanging extractor
Hanging extractor hood in the style of "techno"- great design

  • classic equipment is installed directly over the stove: the rock (under the shelf or cabinet, eg), wall junction (Corner - trapezoidal or triangular), ceiling (island - anywhere in the kitchen, directly above the work surface). Usually, they are equipped with the simplest and often replaced (or washable) zhiroabsorbiruyuschim filter, minimal odor neutralizing, backlit, recirculation or flow (cut sdvoennыm) air cleaning mode;
  • Dome hood - ventilation unit, reminding tapering upwards fireplace chimney. Wall fasteners - above the smooth surface of the cooking. dome variativen: classical, pyramidal, cylindrical, inclined. Extractions can be made from metal sheet and glass, solid metal-base, have a wooden finish. Bell dome - the suction part, tapering piece - a junction with the ventilation system obschedomovoy, having a duct. Equipped rarely replaceable (cleaning) filter, diverse illumination. Have additional features (eg, timer). Air treatment mode - flow (the purified air is returned to the interior);
  • built-in hood - rational "masked" by an interior furnishing equipment. It is embedded in a special niche of the plate. Equipped with special sliding panel, magnifying the intake portion of the working surface. powerful is Two low-noise motor, low power - and a "resounding". The multiple layer absorbent oil filter, requiring a thorough cleaning, the washing up, rather than replace. Air Cleaning Mode - recycle.

Before buying hoods need to know its dimensions and make sure, it is suitable for normal operation of the kitchen


Decide on the type of air treatment plants, you need to choose the right size hoods for kitchens. There is one hard and fast rule: Exhaust device width, a minimum width should be equivalent cooking surface! Better yet, if they are a few centimeters wider.

Considering, that the size of cooker hoods can be:

  • 30 cm;
  • 45 cm;
  • 50 cm;
  • 60 cm;
  • 80 cm;
  • 90 cm;
  • 100 cm;
  • 120 cm;

vymeryat width of the working surface of plate. So, hood for classic cuisine, where there is, let us say, traditional plate "Lysva" or standard 4-comfort electric De Luxe wide 49 cm should be, least, 50-centimeter. If, however, allows the furniture and layout, should pick up 60-80-centimeter unit. Narrower hood for kitchen inefficient and not suitable - pairs, Smoke should not overstep the limits of the suction bell.

Reference - the size of the working air-suction surface, not a dome (umbrella, panel) install

By selecting appropriate dimensions for kitchen hoods, We pay attention to the equipment and its installation height depth. So, cylindrical hood (Dome), which, as well as built should the safety on 65 cm rise above the electric and 75 cm - over the gas, the depth of the air intake of the working surface should be equal to the depth of the cooking surface or the built-in plate. To make it easier to navigate, to remember, dome depth that extracts dimensions completely identical standard width dimensions. Umbrella (dome) can be deeper mounted installations, but not the most countertops.

exhaust hood
Chrome exhaust hood

Depth embedded extracts regulated, but when it is selected you need to keep in mind the size of the cabinet, where it will be hidden from view.

The main factors - productivity

Choose the size of built drawing for the kitchen, traditional fireplace or, you need to carefully analyze its efficiency ratio (KPD). It is directly dependent on the performance of the instrument. before, than calculate the extraction performance in the kitchen, we'll see, how many vent knees (twists) It plans to install.

Each rectangular knee equipment, operating in the mode of running (!) Air purification - negative 10 % KPD, guaranteed passport data device

Considering, that the installation will, least, two polygonal angle - stitch directly above the hob and at the entrance of the ventilation systems - minusuem 20 % performance by buying.

Another rule: and the smallest hood for the kitchen, and the biggest extractor hood must be tenfold pass through a whole volume of the kitchen facilities - per hour!

We calculate the amount of food, multiplying the area by the height. But that's not all. The conventional air ratio - 10 cubic meters per hour. Multiply the amount of space to the specified value - get the desired performance.

Meanwhile, professional kitchen equipment installers are advised to stock up on power, multiplying the above result by another 1,3. The stock performance - guaranteed by an increase in the reliability and service life of air pollution control device. Which is especially important during intensive use.

power extraction
Drawing power depends on the power of the fan

And if the electric air cleaner is selected for small kitchen, where harmful substances accumulate very quickly, and therefore, switching frequency increases - multiply the dimensions of the kitchen 1,5 to 2.

Minimum noise - maximum benefit

The monotonous drone, buzz, knock, roar - annoying hearing factors. However, absolutely noiseless electrical appliances does not happen. Even the narrow hood makes noise. But is it worth sacrificing your comfort, choosing an expensive electrical appliances? Not. You need to properly select it. To date, manufacturers offer a sufficiently wide range of extracts of traditional forms, noise range which does not go beyond 65 decibel (dB). Excellent performance is generally assumed 50 dB. What these numbers mean? To orient them, compare:

  • whispering (meter distance between interlocutors) – 20 dB;
  • night volume permitted by the legislative regulations - 30 dB;
  • quiet clearly perceived by the conversation - 40 dB;
  • common European standard of an office drone - 60 dB;
  • joyous laughter - 75 dB;
  • whizzing sound at a distance 6-7 m railway wagons - 90 dB;
  • Helicopter noise - 110 dB;
  • painful, damaging hearing threshold - from 120 to 140 dB.

when the noise level
Important characteristics for drawing- when the noise level

meanwhile, some Italian extraction, belonging to the class of elite units, have a more modest figures - 32-39 dB. Interesting find for lovers of decent comfort while minimizing the amount of kitchen space can be slanted hood. First of all, it is still a novelty neizbity appliances. Secondly, its range of noise does not cross 40 dB. Thirdly, it is ergonomic (less than 1 square meter) and frees up space as much as possible over the stove - is mounted at an angle of hob surface. Besides, at such modest size range of capture of hot air generated from it expanded to a depth.


Having defined the size, shape, the principle of fixing, no harm will be to look at the additional facilities and drawing of the control panel. The most common:

  • timer on-off;
  • residual (continuing) of the fan, provides air after disconnecting the hood;
  • backlight (LED, neonovaya, Incandescent Lama - additional source of light directly above the cooking surface, rather than behind Cook).

panel is:

  • A slider (mechanical switch);
  • Button (activation of certain functions by depressing a separate button);
  • sensory (function will turn on by pressing (no indentation) not convex buttons).

Summing up all the parameters can start monitoring the price range. Proposals and manufacturers - both domestic and foreign many: some have a resounding name, others numerous reviews, and someone - a newcomer to the market. The main thing - not in a hurry. The choice should be thoughtful.

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