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Installing the hood in the kitchen: expert advice

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How is it wonderful, when inviting aroma of freshly baked pastries or delicious grilled meat spreads around the apartment, excites thoughts and stomachs. But unfortunately, these smells stay with us longer than desired. They settle on things, absorbed into the furniture, except that still have misted window, wallpaper falling off, and if more and myasko in a skillet at unwary hostess burnt, then flood the house and smoke fumes. This problem can be solved by regularly airing the room, but it is also not a full output, especially in the winter, or if a family has young children.

Установка кухонной вытяжки
Install the hood with their hands will not be difficult for any man

Modern and that the main, an effective way to solve this problem is to purchase and install hoods. After all, it will not only help clear the air, bring extra evaporation, arising during the preparation of food, but also helps to prevent flaking wallpaper, the appearance of the characteristic, hard to remove plaque on furniture. By the process of selecting such an important household appliance should be approached with great responsibility, not grabbing the first available in the store. Carefully study all the technical characteristics of your favorite model, compare not only price indices, but also to find the best for your kitchen size power.

installation of kitchen drawing their own hands - procedure is very time-consuming and feasible for any man, familiar with the principles of ground and wall mounts.

types of hoods

Choose his faithful assistant in the fight for clean air in the apartment it should be based on the area of ​​the kitchen, this index will help to determine the performance and capacity of the purchased product, Further, note the necessary dimensions, noise and its form according to the method of fastening. The number of control modes, backlight, design and the availability of automatic opening and closing sensors - unimportant, but secondary factors when choosing a device.

device performance

According to generally accepted health standards air in the room should be renewed at least 12 once a day. Based on this figure, and the volume of your kitchen (its area, multiplied by the height of the ceiling), and you will learn the necessary performance.

Council experts - to lay at least another 50% reserve capacity, since due to the bends of the duct, storey building and the ventilation shaft length of the performance is lost.

Производительность кухонной вытяжки
Before purchasing the unit should pay particular attention to the performance of the device

Let's, your kitchen area 9 m2 and a ceiling height 2,7 m, and attracted you to the kitchen extractor Hans OTS 625 IH performance 550 m3 / hour, apply the following calculation:

9*2,7*12*1,5= 437,4 (m3 / h)

Consequently, the selected model will be successful in the specified size room, cleaning even a bit more air, than necessary.


By this means the indicator, of course, extraction engine power. You calculate the required value, can be the kitchen area, multiplied in 10. for premises, taken as an example in the previous paragraph, the calculation would be as follows:

9*2,7*10=243 (m3 / h)


When buying a kitchen hood is one simple and immutable rule: it should no longer be your hob. Most of the drawing correspond to the following dimensions: 50, 60, 90 and 120 cm., Consequently, for the standard plate 55 see the need to buy the size of the hood 60-90 cm.

Noise level

Choosing this type of home appliances, pay attention to the volume of its work. Prefer models, which are not at maximum power emit more 70 db, optimal for kitchen hoods is the noise level within the 45-55 db.

Уровень шума
The operation must be quiet enough


Home appliances market pleases a huge selection and offers the following options hoods for kitchens, different way of fastening:

  1. Suspension or flat - a common and democratic at the price of an option, but due to the relatively small capacity are not suitable for floor area of ​​more than 10m2. As a material for the housing of such devices primarily used stainless steel. They operate on the principle of air recirculation, passing it through a built-in filter and releasing back, installed by fastening on main wall above the hob, mainly under the hinged kitchen cabinet. Depending on the model, filters in flat extracts can be metal, coal or acrylic. The latter two require periodic replacement of the extent of pollution, their life span can be extended for a couple of weeks, if well washed and soaked in clean water.
  2. Mounting. It plugs directly into a kitchen cupboard mounted under the hood, I do not have any attachments to the walls, perfect for small spaces, in which the question of saving space is extremely acute. they are compact, not used for the wider slabs 60 cm, easy to use and versatile. Many models have a telescopic pull-out panel, increasing the amount of vozduhazabora. Such a hood Khrushchev in the kitchen will look more organic. As the variety of devices, in the middle price segment, well-proven embedded Hans hood, offering European quality at an affordable price.
  3. Dome or chimney. Are in the form of a truncated cone or dome, characterized by impressive dimensions, similar in appearance on the hood for Fireplaces come from the last century, require laying additional air and complex preparatory work.
  4. Corner - a kind of dome hood, used for air purification in kitchens, where the stove is located in the corner of the room. Their dome may be made of glass, wood or metal.

PYRAMIDA manufacturer - the leader of Ukrainian market of kitchen appliances

To date, drawing on the kitchen Hansa, PYRAMID, GUNTER & HAUER, ELEYUS, Ventolux most popular users.

Tools for work

Trusting technical work professionals, you save yourself from electrical work, drilling walls and the like trouble, but, be ready to, that the installation of hoods for the kitchen will cost you from 10 to 30%, for dome hood, from the unit cost. This figure does not include exit the wizard and the purchase of additional materials. Also, the price of services may vary depending on your region of residence.

If you have there is the desire to save a considerable amount of, the relevant skills, to carry out the correct installation, and do not frighten the necessary time and labor costs, do not hesitate to proceed to install yourself. It makes sense to prepare all the necessary tools and additional materials, before embarking on the, to once again not to be distracted.

Установка кухонной вытяжки
A large number of tools for the installation of kitchen ventilation is not required

follow, to hand you were:

  • drill, preferably with a baffle plate, and a set of drills for concrete and tiles;
  • screwdriver;
  • In sufficient quantities screws, dowels and screws;
  • Level, building line, pencil;
  • Extension for connection of power tools;
  • Polyurethane foam;
  • corrugation diameter 150 mm, for evacuating contaminated air in the ventilation shaft;
  • ventilation grille, it will approach the corrugations;
  • Set of fasteners, clamps, which corrugation is fixed at the junction with the vent;

Variants of installation of a hood in the kitchen

Extractor fan in the kitchen is installed in several ways:

  • Installation of built-in cupboard hoods;
  • Installation under a cabinet;
  • Wall mounting.

Схема подключения
extraction scheme for the kitchen

There may be other options depending on the features of your design, but this is the exception rather, than the rules.

  • establish built-in hood in wardrobe absolutely easy, if initially purchase the device itself, and then, taking into account its size and features, manufactured under the hood locker. Similar object of kitchen interior should be distinguished by the absence of the bottom and a reinforced inner shelf, to which is attached by bolts of your unit. In the middle shelf and the top wall is necessary to make a hole, therethrough will be either corrugated plastic duct for discharging sucked fumes.
  • In the second embodiment, the installation cabinet hoods practically does not differ from the previous. The difference is, the device is not mounted on the inner shelf, and at the bottom.
  • The most reliable and common way of installation of kitchen hoods, It is the installation of the carrier wall. Initially, the exact position of the unit, Using a builder's level, Spend on the wall with a pencil flat horizontal line. It will serve as guidelines for you when drilling the fastening holes. At the rear of hood design arranged slots or loops for mounting, attaching the device to the wall, mark along the lines of an earlier location of future fasteners. Using a drill or a hammer, drill, according Tick, holes in the wall and insert fixing plugs. Attach them to the device and secure it with screws or bolts. Further, install gas extraction system, if there is one, and connect the device to the mains.

Дюбель-гвозди для установки вытяжки

Most often included with purchased hood attached arrangement and the necessary fixing materials.

Installing the air

Install built-hood in the kitchen with his hands - a process, usually straightforward. With duct is more complicated, it is not included in the standard packaging unit, Consequently, you will have to take care of his arrangement. This can be done, using semi-rigid corrugated aluminum tube or plastic equipment. For the independent performance of this type of work corrugated pipe, whose diameter coincides with the outlet of the hood - the best option.

Unlike plastic, flexible corrugation, easier to cut, duct is joined by means of a collar, second end of the device is worn on the outlet pipe. The main drawback of the corrugated hose - low sound insulation, its unsightly appearance hide, hiding inside kitchen cabinets or plastic boxes.

Directly in the exhaust port is mounted a plastic adapter, corrugation is fixed thereto by means of clamps, which was then uniformly along the length stretched to size, allowing him to be in a free state, not drooping while.

Воздуховод алюминиевый

it's desirable, to duct has a minimum length, the number of bends and sharp corners, not stretched across the room, since as a result of this is a significant loss of suction power. This observation applies to both corrugated, and plastic pipes.

Features operating torque

During installation drawing consider some points:

  • Height Fitting an exhaust device It depends on the type of cooking surface, for gas cookers distance between them and the hood must exceed 80 cm, for electrical - 70 cm, otherwise it will affect its performance. hanging, the device at a height below, than 60 cm, there is a possibility in the near future to get melted and deformed parts. Take into account the growth of the hostess, it is desirable to install the hood at least 5-7 See above her head.
  • When installing the drawing it is desirable to equip a separate outlet for it. Since this type of technology is not powerful, there is no need to connect it directly to the shield and to equip the circuit breaker. Run the wiring in the space between the cooking surface and the air inlet device.
  • It is not recommended to install extraction systems on plasterboard partitions. If this situation can not be avoided, think through in advance the way to strengthen the wall.
  • Using duct equipment corrugated hose, place it in an expanded form, because grease and dirt will be trapped in the crevices and hollows along the entire length.
  • When you first turn on the hood perform a test of its work, check, Do not pass air vent.

Before purchasing a kitchen hood is necessary to determine the following parameters, as: power, Performance and Functionality. An important quality for a device and also the appearance and quiet operation.