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How to choose a hanging hood kitchen

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Kitchen - a, that place, where the lady of the house spends a long time for the preparation of tasty dishes. This room will be functional and safe, If all the necessary equipment will be present in it. This is not only a stove and refrigerator, but the extractor hood. It is designed to purify the air in the room room. In this article we will look at: it needs this device? What types of devices are? And how to choose low-cost productive kitchen hood?

Extractor fan in the kitchen
Kitchen extractor fan is necessary for air purification device

Why purify the air?

The air in the kitchen soar different flavors, evaporates, accumulate greasy soot. The result is that the appearance of fresh make repairs in the room quickly loses its aesthetic appearance. At the same time, woman, who spends here most of my day, breathing the accumulated dirt and grime. Because of what plagued her health and well-being. Scents, that accumulate in the air, deliver discomfort during cooking and discourage the appetite for food intake. Fight air pollution is possible by the frequent airing of the room, or install an air purifier directly above the kitchen stove. The second variant is more efficient and convenient. Therefore, such a device, kitchen extractor is required for normal operation of every modern kitchen.

extraction work
Extractor hood catches soot, smell of burning, fat and odors during cooking

Variety of kitchen hoods

Since the advent of cooker hoods constantly subjected to experiments, We have evolved and improved. So today we have a wide range of similar products and can make a choice, based on their preferences, tastes, tasks, put on the device and the available budget. Depending on the method of air purification, hoods are divided into two types:

  • recirculation, polluted air is filtered and then goes back into the room;
  • flow, dirty air enters the system, cleaned and is in external ventilation.

Appearance and design type vozduhoochischayuschie devices are divided into 4 type:

  1. Hanging hoods for kitchens, this type is the most popular. its mode of operation - recycle, it is inexpensive and easy to install;
  2. Dome hood for the kitchen or fireplace, they are fixed to the wall near the stove, resemble an umbrella. 2 mode vozduhoochischeniya: recirculation and flow.
  3. Recessed hoods for kitchens, they are combined with the built-in type cooker. Such a device is easy to conceal in a designated locker with an open bottom.
  4. Insular, used indoors, when the plate is not standing at the wall. Mode of operation - flow.

island extractor
It looks like a super modern island extractor Elica Twin

kitchen hood size depends on the cooker scale. Correct unit width slightly larger size plate, so that all of evaporation fall directly into the device. Standard size devices: 50, 60 and 90 cm.

Pros and cons of designs

device options, cleaning the air in the kitchen a lot. First we shall understand the merits and demerits of each construct.

Hanging extractor hood is installed in the designated cabinet or mounted on the wall near the stove. The main advantages of an overhead hood to its low cost and easy installation. With such a structure can easily cope on their own. They do not take the air out of the room the room, filtered and only release it back and. Therefore, the cost of simplified structures less. The main disadvantages of an overhead hood is, that its power is limited. Engines operating in recirculation mode, so cheap hoods for the kitchen can not cope with cleaning at full capacity. For their effective work need frequent change carbon filters, and this additional cost.

Chimney hoods for the kitchen suitable for large-scale facilities. This appliance is bulky, but it copes with its task. It is famous for its high capacity and performance. These models are more perfect, they are equipped with touch control and halogen lighting. In addition, they are silent exhaust fans, cook in such conditions is much more comfortable. But with the installation of a dome-type device may have problems. Its installation requires a powerful ventilation system, that there is not in every apartment.

chimney extractor
Chimney hood MAUNFELD Gretta made using ivory,cherry tree

Built-in hood kitchen looks stylish and neat. Flat installation combined with any interior, so as you can see only part of the working instrument. Making a choice in favor of such models, you get a practical and compact equipment. Hoods, built in wardrobe, save space in the room and are suitable for small kitchens. They perfectly capture the fat, at the expense of equipping aluminum filters. Their power in a large room is not always enough. if you necessary equipment to high productivity, Choose a model with two engines. The most popular models include built-hood bosch. Stylish device works silently and saves energy, due to LED lamps.

We make a choice

Clean air - is the foundation of health, help achieve its hood for the kitchen. Citylink place, where you will find all kinds of devices. Choose device, based on the size of your kitchen, can be connected directly to the ventilation duct and the location of the plate. Hanging extractor is indispensable in an apartment, If you are unable to connect to the ventilation system. Dome - a powerful, but not suited to all premises. Integrated - the optimum solution for small, but stylish and functional rooms. Island - where, the board is not at the walls.

Built-in hood
Built-in hood- good decision, If the kitchen is small

Cheap and functional!

The cheapest and at the same time popular device, a first variant. Here you can find a more functional and productive model. Choose a hanging hood will help you our advice and recommendations. Particular attention should be paid to its size, performance, control methods and options.

Council! Prefer models, where a corrugated hose. In this case, you will save on carbon filter replacement and increase device performance.

Hanging extractor hood for the kitchen selected by room size and scale plate. In a small room, wherein the cooking apparatus has only 2 burners may have a better compact installation widths 50 cm. For a standard plate with 4 -mya cooker hood fits average - 60 cm. Holders overall plate do without the corresponding device for cleaning at least the size of the air 90 cm.

Calculate the capacity of the device, multiplying the area of ​​the room to 10.

Dome hood
Dome hood BEST SUN - powerful and quiet

Well, if the system has the following features:

  • Off timer device, after a preset time;
  • remaining play;
  • Ultrasonic humidity sensor;
  • Electric speed selector.

During cooking, Lighting is important dishes. Choose appliances with halogen type lamps, they last longer and are well illuminated products.

How to install a suspended hood

Installing an overhead hood can be in a special hanging locker, decorative box or on the wall. Secure the unit to the cabinet with screws and make her a slot for the corrugated hose. One side of it is fixed to the device, the other is pushed into the hole and is held directly to the ventilation duct. The second option attachment - to the bottom of the cabinet. Embed suspension structure in a cabinet or a special box, so you save the integrity of the interior and increase the functionality of the kitchen. Do not forget about the possibility of exhaust air in the ventilation system, via a special channel of flat PVC.

Remember! If the hood is equipped with a corrugated hose, productivity drawing dirty air depends on the diameter of the duct.


The height of the mounting device, It depends on the type plate. Above the gas appliances is not mounted extractor enlarge, than 75 cm. Over electric permissible 65 cm from the surface of the plate. Do not neglect these rules, otherwise, the accumulated fat and lights a fire there.

Now you know everything about the kitchen hood and easily cope with the selection of the desired device. Jaritye, cook, bake, and do not be afraid - the smell of burning and fat droplets do not remain in the kitchen. Clean air in your kitchen, no longer just a dream! Hanging extractor hood for the kitchen helped her realize!