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Carbon hoods for kitchens: Advantages and disadvantages

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For any hostess nothing is better, than a kitchen hood quality and reliable, greatest advantages is the absence of soot which, stations, the spread of odors in the apartment. But today there are many Hood: a grease filter, without a filter, coal, evacuation, and many others. Every housewife dreams of drawing in the kitchen, which would effectively have to cope with the smells of the kitchen, preventing the spread of the whole apartment. modern manufacturers of kitchen appliances offer a wide range hoods, can not only absorb the fumes and soot, but also clean the air in the room.

coal extractor
Modern coal extractor perfectly fit into the interior of any kitchen

Among the variety of extracts of the main types are: evacuation and recirculation. Let us consider each of them individually and find out, about all the pros and cons.

evacuation hood

Pull out all the odors of the premises capable of evacuation hood. This type of equipment characteristic compound with the vent duct, leading into the ventilation shaft building. Also, the duct of this type of technology can be output directly to the outside through a hole in the wall.

When equipped with kitchen appliances such a model filter, It plays an important role a number of nuances, as:

  • Adequate ventilation, providing fresh air intake, equivalent volume of vent gas from the kitchen.
  • Duct must match the power equipment.
  • If desired output duct directly to the outside through an additional opening, may require coordination with the relevant authorities, responsible for the condition of the building.

Among the advantages of the following devices can be distinguished: evacuation hood on kitchen has high performance, indicating that guaranteed the elimination of odors in the room; for this type of filtering is not required for drawing; instead of smoke and fumes, that appear, comes clean and fresh air.

evacuation hood
Evacuation hood Kuppersberg Onda powerful enough for large kitchen

Of course, as well as many other devices, evacuation kitchen hoods has its drawbacks, which are necessarily connected to a ventilation channel; necessary, non-return valve to avoid violation of natural ventilation; presence of a source of clean air Incoming, in the absence of which may receive the reverse Incoming odors from the ventilation shaft toilets; because the ventilation system overall, thanks to the powerful hardware, unpleasant smell from your kitchen can get into the apartments of neighbors; duct is unlikely to fit into the overall food situation, therefore it is necessary to mask, and this work will cost is not cheap; at vent-off system you can often hear the rumble and roar of the wind; winter to replace the warm air out of the apartment will be delivered cold, cold air from the preview, respectively, heating costs increase.

Such a device is fully justifies its high cost, but it is recommended more for use in catering establishments. For installation in an apartment more suitable for less powerful equipment with filters. Besides, the price of coal extraction hoods for the kitchen order below.

recirculation hood

The next type - a recirculation hood for the kitchen. The device works on the principle of: secreted during operation amount of soot is drawn and is processed through a carbon or grease filter for exhaust, and then returned back into the room. Unlike previous type, recirculating hood less productive. Besides, filters for hoods require frequent replacement. If the carbon filter is not replaced in time, the device fails.

recirculating hood for the kitchen
Recirculation hood for the kitchen is not associated with ventilation

The positive performance can be attributed the, that buying a hood with air recirculation, You can be sure, that the additional cost of professional installation and installation works without any additional cost; This model does not require the installation of additional holes in the walls or ventilation system; the device fits well with the kitchen design; It does not violate the microclimate in the apartment; No reverse thrust channel from neighbors or bathrooms.

It is making its drop of poison need for frequent filter replacement; weaker performance; lack of 100% smells output; Failure to replace the filter can lead to equipment failure.

Extractor fan in the kitchen with a charcoal filter is suitable in conditions not very intense cooking, eg, convenience foods or reheating ready meals.

Myths about filters

Today, there are a lot of myths about filters, but let's deal with them in order.

  1. The filter is not able to get rid of extraneous plow also, as an evacuation hood. Universal carbon filter is quite able to cope with the smells, grease and grime, are deposited on the surface of the furniture. Relatively evacuation hoods, it is also a controversial issue. Many imported equipment is simply not suited to our domestic ventilation systems, who often can not even function, but, Consequently, the desired fresh air in an apartment will not be.
  2. Regular replacement and installation of activated carbon filter in the hood expensive connection evacuation hoods to the ventilation system. Things are not so simple, as it may seem. Evacuation device also requires the installation of the filter to protect the motor, in addition, the high cost has purchase duct, a plurality of adapters, clamps, sealant, foam, PVC pipe. If necessary, obtain a permit - are additional costs. A filter replacement timing is not so small, to be able to splurge on their endless purchase.
  3. To extract only suitable filters of the same brand, and that the device. It is not necessary to acquire firm-producer filters, You can find even better quality from another company.

Recirculation cooker hood
Recirculating extractor hood with replaceable carbon filter

In fact, device with charcoal filters have several advantages. First of all, They are easy to install and easy to connect. Secondly, they are excellent for plohoventiliruemyh premises, where there is no fresh air. Also pay attention to the fact, that the filters can be easily replaced, they can even make their own hands.

Installation and assembly work

hood assembly principle in the kitchen in the first place depends on the type of the device itself. Consider, independently install a recirculation hood.

The principle is quite simple device connection. To do this, you need the following components: gofra; grid, closing the installation location corrugated pipe; 2 lock.

Of the tools needed: punch or drill, Cordless; Metal hacksaw; for marking - pencil, tape measure and level; knife and screwdriver.

The first step is to secure the attachment to the wall. The installation must be performed fairly well, and maximum reliability. Extractor hood over the stove should be located not less than, than 70 – 80 cm. After that, as the mount solidly fixed, hood is hung on the wall, exactly in the center of the working surface of the plate.

The next step - is to connect the device to the duct system. Using a special sleeve, a ventilation duct installed duct. The resulting compound is necessary to fix clamps and grease or silicone sealant.

air vent
Withdrawal of air from the hood into the ventilation by means of special plastic pipe

The final stage - the equipment is connected to the network. Extractor fan does not consume a lot of electricity, It does not bear heavy load on the wiring, therefore, an additional circuit breaker is not necessary. When drawing wire was not originally provided, it is necessary to make a special socket, burying it in outer vent.

After that, as the installation is, checks the device functionality.

Do not forget about, hood that requires proper care. And here the question arises: can you personally put a filter and how to do it? We deal with this issue step by step and see, how to install a carbon filter in the hood yourself.

filter replacement

You must first disconnect the device. Next, remove and clean the fat exhaust filter. For this purpose it is necessary to fill the foaming agent against fat and leave 20 minutes. that Clean the filter of the cooker hood from the fat means can be used for washing dishes or plates. At the expiration of 20 minutes, filter rinsed well with water and dry.

Also wash the fat exhaust filter will help the following method: taken a large saucepan, water is brought to boiling and dissolve in it baking soda (1 glass). Filter omitted for half an hour to a solution of. After it is necessary to rinse well under running water.

Wash oil from the filter
Wash the grease from the exhaust filter can be with the use of household chemicals

Now you can get to a carbon filter. His tape tightly secured, so you should very carefully to treat her, so as not to damage the. The tape is pulled out of the housing and the filter itself is unfastened from her. Cassette itself must be cleaned of dirt and let it dry. Thereafter, filter is replaced by a new, and the cassette back in place.

Also on the spot is mounted grease filter, and the device is connected to the power supply. If done correctly, problems with air purification should not be. It is worth paying attention to, that the installation of the filter circuit must be specified by the manufacturer in the instructions.

Now the question arises: when it will be possible to change the filter? Usually, the replacement is carried out in 1 every 3-4 of the month. But some manufacturers allow you to use an extract without changing much longer or even -2 1 once a year.

Would like to note, what can be done to filter the air with his hands. Products used for homemade charcoal core. It should be emphasized, that the body remains the same. Replace with a new one can only spent activated carbon.


To make filter for hoods in the kitchen with his hands needs regular sinteponovye filter and more activated carbon plates in tablets. From syntepon cut 2 square size replaceable filter housing. At the bottom of the housing rests one of the cut squares. Laid top syntepon coal tablet, fragmented into quarters. Above a carbon filler is coated with a second fabric square. You can install and check homemade product.