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How to choose a vent pipe for exhaust: expert tips

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Installation of the hood in the kitchen - it is not a fad, and the need, because in the cooking process produces a lot of soot, odors and grease contaminants. In poorly ventilated room to work hard, and open windows do not replace the exhaust unit.

Extractor fan in the kitchen
Therefore, when refurbishing a mandatory step is to install the cooker hood, which through a duct and the vent removes the spent air mass

ventilation device

Ventilation system, furnished by all the rules, It is the key to finding comfort in the kitchen. Performance Exhaust device depends on the setting of competent. If the machine is equipped with the flow-through type, to output outward exhaust air connection is required to vent or shaft. It happens sometimes, that the vent is located far from the hob and an exhaust device. In this case, special tubes for kitchen hood help connect the unit with vent. For the machine to work effectively, required when installing the device to comply with the installation rules.

duct device

Polluted air mass is displayed on the outside through an opening in a wall or a ventilation shaft.

exhaust duct
The apartments often have to pull the duct to the channel as opposed to private homes

In this case, you need a long tube with bends, partially lowers productivity. If a building is built for a specific plan, the vent outlet in the construction process immediately set on the future of the cooking surface. Therefore pipes Ventilation in a private house are short length.

Many people do not like the look of the duct, which does not fit into the interior of the updated kitchen. But there is a way out of this situation,. Often prefer to mount the air duct for the kitchen cabinets of the upper tier. As an option - coloring to match the walls or wallpaper pasting washable. It is possible to hide the pipe in decorative plastic box. These boxes often equipped with spotlights, and that additional lighting for cooking poverhnosti.Esli kitchen ceilings, the box has a right under them. In this case, the box will be virtually invisible. If you plan to install a kitchen room split-level ceiling, the exhaust pipe for exhaust hiding for low design level. Options for installing and decorating many, then one chooses, it is more convenient and easier.

What are the pipes for Hood

Ducts different manufacturing material, shape and cross-section. In DIY stores there are two types of pipes for Hood:

  • plastic;
  • corrugated aluminum tube for drawing

Corrugated aluminum pipe for exhaust

The cross section may be circular or rectangular. Pipes rectangular mask easier than round, they fit harmoniously into the interior of the kitchen space and merge with the suite and ceiling. Ventilation of plastic pipes It requires the use of adapters for drawing. It is necessary to immediately acquire the connecting elements, to ensure the smooth flow of air mass. it's desirable, to vent adapter purchased complete with a duct, while interfacing with no problems. All the joints are filled with sealant.

Ventilation pipes for drawing of plastic have the advantages:

  1. no gaps, so the inside does not accumulate dirt and grease;
  2. low noise level when the device;
  3. little resistance to exposure of the air mass;
  4. Not being corrosion processes;
  5. a light weight.

Plastic pipe for exhaust
Plastic pipe for drawing has a more attractive appearance, than the air duct from the corrugations

Of corrugated tube mounted just: one fixed on the edge of the hood, on the other ventilation duct. To secure the air duct clamps used round, which tighten the bolts. Yield drawing has a square shape, so you need to immediately buy an adapter for the round hood.

Corrugated duct has such advantages:

  • ease of installation;
  • no bends and adapters;
  • demokratichnaya price.

To determine the length of the tube bellows for exhaust, it should be the maximum stretch. The unstretched form a duct will create a lot of noise when operating the exhaust ustroystva.Tak like corrugation - a flexible material, during its installation does not use additional coupling elements. This allows you to extract air to freely escape to the outside. Among the shortcomings - corrugated pipe for drawing has a strong resistance level and unsightly appearance.

Therefore, many wonder, how to hide from the corrugation hoods in the kitchen
Therefore, many wonder, how to hide from the corrugation hoods in the kitchen

Rules of selection of the required pipe

Tube for kitchen hoods should have the same diameter, as the outlet port, otherwise decrease engine power and greatly increase the noise level. It is not recommended to make transitions from round holes exhaust devices for square ventilation ducts.

The duct should not be long and izognutym.Poetomu hob may not be placed near the wall, opposite the door into the ventilation shaft. Each sharp turn reduces air performance of the device in 10-15%. All bends have to go at an obtuse angle (no less 90 degrees). The total length of the duct should ideally not exceed 3 m. If the pipe has a length 4-5 m, We need to remember, which reduces the efficiency per meter in 7-10%. Round plastic ventilation tube with smooth inner walls has the advantage over other, since they have the lowest index of air resistance.

That air from the ventilation shaft at the back did not get drawn into the house, Suction devices equipped with non-return valves. In this rotary valve axis is set strictly vertically, otherwise the drive with the wind will be strongly clap.


Installing the air - a simple process, therefore cope with this kind of work each person, at least a little familiar with the words "construction" and "repair". Now you can choose the right pipe for the exhaust in the kitchen.