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cooker hoods: Types and operating principles

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With the invention of extracts hostess lost problem odor of burnt food, spreading through the apartment and soak into the furniture and wallpaper, blackened with soot the ceiling in the kitchen. The device with built-in filters and fan will help eliminate problems, which can not cope natural ventilation. And to choose an air purifier, suitable for a particular room, you must first familiarize yourself with the features of each type and criteria, should be targeted at purchase of the unit.

extractor hood
extractor hood- the most common appliance in the modern kitchen

The operating principle of the hood

In order to make the right choice, We need to understand principle of operation kitchen hood. Purpose device - removal of contaminated air mass, resulting from cooking. In modern devices, there are two possible modes duct action.

  1. flow hood. This type of air purifier is characterized by mandatory installation of a ventilation system. With the help of the channel the fan for drawing, air with particles of soot and fat is released into the general ventilation system. Clean air in the room falls outside due to pressure drop. When a device with such mode of action, it is important to be sure of the status of the ventilation system at home, because it affects the efficiency of the exhaust equipment.
  2. circulating device. The operating principle of this type of drawing is to purify the air in the container device by means of installed filters. Filtering two levels, used in the air cleaner, It allows you to clean the air with soot and grease particles and eliminate unpleasant odors.

Most models extractors operate in both modes: circulation and flow. This gives the user the ability to choose their own preferred way of working. If the connection to the ventilation system can not be, extractor cope with the problem of odor and the combustion products into the air circulation mode.

white hood
Pristennaja sloping hood white

Types extractors

Depending on the shape and placement options The following types of hoods for the kitchen:

  • dome (mounted) devices. Located above the hob and connected to the ventilation system at home. They have a wide variety of shapes and designs. Possess high working capacity.
  • island hoods, as attachments, are placed over the kitchen stove. The difference between them lies in the fact, that this type of air cleaner mounted to the ceiling in cases, when the cooker is not located near a wall, and in the center of the kitchen. Often, these hoods are used in large rooms, since they have high productivity.
  • Hoods Mortice (recessed) mounted in a hanging kitchen cupboard, thus take up little space. These models are equipped with a sliding panel, thereby increasing the air intake surface.
  • Flat hoods operate solely in the circulation mode, so to connect them to the vent is not necessary. They are installed above the hob. This equipment is fitted with metal or acrylic filter for the adsorption of fat fumes.

island extractor
Island range hood is used at the location of the plate in the middle of the room

How to choose

the, how well the cooker hood works and whether it copes with the assigned duties, It depends on the characteristics of its performance. Here we are mean exhaust capacity Device skip a certain amount of air time per hour. It is believed, that within one hour air volume, located in the room, must be replaced 12 or more times.

When choosing a kitchen hood to count the necessary performance needed with counts kitchen dimensions. The classical formula of calculation is: * the amount of space the calculated ratio, which is 10-12. It is desirable to select a device, having a power headroom, since the work on the limit of possibilities reduces lifetime.

Another factor, which is worth paying attention to when choosing a hood - noise devices. As the hostess staying in the kitchen a lot of time, it is important to make it comfortable. Optimum volume device operation - not higher 50 dB.

Another point, which I would like to remind: do not forget about the size of the exhaust system - it must not be less than the width of the hob, otherwise the hood will not remove the entire amount of fumes and soot.

How to service the air cleaner

air cleaner
The air cleaner unit Elikor Retractable 50, NA 1 motor - built kitchen hood

To increase the life of the exhaust device, it is important not to forget about its rules of use and maintenance.

The most common user error - closed kitchen door when enabled drawing a flow-type. It is not right, because the fresh air in the room is not. Therefore hood worse cope with the functions of the air due to the sparsity.

Nor should we forget, that include an air purifier must be started as soon as the cooking process, and off - through 5-10 minutes after the end of.

Another important point, which hostess forget - the need to replace or clean the filters. The handling units use two types of filters:

  • grease;
  • coal.

Function grease filter is to remove soot particles, vapor combustion products. In various models extracts disposable or reusable filters may be installed. Disposable plates are often made of synthetic material and equipped with a clogging indicator. The replacement they need an average of once every three months. Aluminum filters are reusable and require periodic cleaning. This is done by using detergents or dishwasher.

Activated carbon filters, liquidating unpleasant odors in the cooking process, also disposable and need to be replaced. The periodicity of this event - twice a year.

Outside Hood cleaning is carried out using a damp cloth and neutral detergent, without chlorine- and acidic elements. Now you know, what kinds of kitchen extracts are.

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