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Kitchenette with sleeping: Folding and other options

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Owners of apartments with a small area because the circumstances are forced to seek innovative approaches to the functional organization of their personal space. Sliding kitchen Sleeper - a way to get in the apartment extra bed. It hosts the remaining placed overnight guests or yourself comfortably spend their time drinking tea or watching TV. In the latter case, the one-bedroom apartments only room unloaded from the permanent residence of family members.

Kitchenette with sleeping
Small sleeper - great idea in the interior

Kitchenette with sleeping area is not sleeping in the conventional sense. It will not always be in the unfolded form, otherwise not be able to use the kitchen space for its intended purpose. This furniture is made as compact as possible, because it is designed with the expectation of kitchen area 9 m2, and berth no different comfort.


Кухонный диван со спальным местом является полноценной мягкой мебелью, unlike conventional corner sofas. At the expense of a full-fledged soft foam folding Corner Kitchen provide additional convenience:

  • It occupies a small area. At the table, you can plant more persons, than on chairs;
  • Sitting on the sofa bed folded people comfortably. On the long section loose sit 3 man.
  • In addition to the traditional functions kitchenette, such as the organization of the dining area and storage of household items, folding soft corners provide an opportunity to organize the sleeping area.
  • When folded, it occupies the same space, like a normal kitchen.

Stylish kitchen
In fact, this type of furniture does not take up much space, since sobiretsya

Disadvantages include the need for additional space for moving apart the couch.

Important! Pullout corner - is a versatile furniture, which is set in the living room, and in offices.

A feature of the sliding bracket for the kitchen is its upholstery. This is due to the specifics of the kitchen facilities, where the interior is exposed to an increased risk of contamination. Therefore it did not use natural stitched fabric. A typical kitchen furniture upholstered in imitation leather.

Types of sliding mechanisms

Corners for kitchen sleeper equipped with sliding systems, from the diversity which increasingly use of the "Dolphin" mechanisms and "French clamshell". Depending on, how often you plan to use an extra bed, choose the type of construction sofa bed for kitchen. Each folding method has advantages and disadvantages.


This system is most often equipped with sofa beds, which are commercially available.

area with Sleeper Kitchen with dolphin quickly transformed withdrawable system berth:

  • Rollaway part, hidden under the seat, come to the fore;
  • for concealed hinges from the box who advanced raise an extra pillow, which is fixed flush with the seat.

This mechanism determines the unfolding features corner sofa structure. It is equal to the length of a short section of a long double seat width.

The mechanism of transformation of furniture dolphin
The mechanism of transformation of furniture dolphin

The popularity of this mechanism is due to the advantages:

  1. The surface of the bed is flat and spacious.
  2. Transformation is carried out quickly and easily.
  3. Area decomposed corner does not go beyond the perimeter of the sofa folded.
  4. inexpensive system, but it is reliable. In the event of failure it is easy to change.

The disadvantage is conventionally considered the fact, that the space under the seat is occupied by a long booster cushion, and only a short section is used to store household items at a corner sofa.

French clamshell

The sofa in the kitchen sleeper of this type is not suitable for the establishment of a permanent berth. This is due to such causes:

  • The French model is made up of three sections, folded like an accordion under the long seat. Sleeper in this sofa has a thin mattress, but is not strong enough fold-out leg design under it will not sustain regular use.
  • Mattress - a tilt of polypropylene, laid on a metal mesh or a Curved Plate. Thickness ranges of the mattress 5-10 cm. These limits are determined by the necessity of bending when folding mattress. From the frequent use he quickly stretched and sag.
  • To unfold the sofa is necessary to remove the seat cushion.

Important! The standard length of the mattress is a French clamshell 185 cm, so sleep on it a person taller than 1,8 I'm comfortable.

French clamshell selected only for, to have the potential to build a berth in emergency situations.

French clamshell
The French version of the clamshell also spread the word

Despite these shortcomings, French sleeping area in the kitchen has significant advantages, making it popular:

  • Due to the fact, that bed when folded is divided into 3 parts, French sofa takes up less space, than other systems. This is a good reason, that in small rooms set this kind of upholstered furniture.
  • French standardized mechanism, and models from different manufacturers are interchangeable. not necessary for repairing a broken mechanism to change it entirely. On sale there are some elements.
  • The design of the legs of the sofa does not damage the flooring.


Upholstered furniture kitchen furniture is divided into standard and non-standard sizes. Commercially available parts of the model correspond to a typical kitchen area and are diverse. The length of the short corner section - 1.2-1,6 m, long - 1,6-2.2 m. Often pick up in-store kitchen kitchen with sleeping space in that size does not work, so the main way of acquiring sliding over the kitchen - is the production of individual measurements on request.

Before contacting the company for the production of upholstered furniture, necessary to determine the size of the corner.

Kitchenette red
Shooting range, Choose the color and order furniture specialists

Sofa is convenient, If the calculation of its size into account such factors:

  • Corner size ratio of the kitchen area. It is necessary to provide sufficient space for free movement in the kitchen after the installation of the sofa. Passage width should be at least 60 cm, thus should be free passage to half lockers.
  • To the man had to sit comfortably, required Width 60 cm and depth 50 cm. Based on this, Section length is a multiple 60 cm, and the seat depth - 50-60 cm, height - 50 cm. Man comfortably sleeping, if the width of a berth of at least 70 cm.

Important! For small rooms it is recommended not to order sofas with large backrest. The thin backrest upholstery to save money and do not steal valuable amount of kitchen space.

Tips for Choosing

If you decide to buy a corner in the kitchen with a sleeping place in the store, when you are choosing to be guided by such rules:

  1. When buying a specified corner of the size of the unfolded form. Free space in the kitchen should be enough for the folding bed.
  2. Carefully inspect upholstery for quality seams, lack of permits, protruding thread. The fabric should be evenly tensioned, without wrinkles and bubbles.
  3. Sliding are modular sofas, where a short section can be positioned to the left or right. But not all manufacturers offer such versatile models. This nuance is refined from the seller.
  4. For small spaces sofas with armrests and pillows do not choose. These elements increase the visual design dimensions.
  5. If the choice fell on an expensive sofa Kitchen Area Sleeper, It recommended to look at the manufacturer's certificate, which confirms the quality of the materials used.
  6. In order not to puzzle over the assembly of the sofa after delivery, order services master builder.

For permanent use, transforming the sofa features a soft corner for choosing a kitchen with a sleeping place, equipped with a mechanism of the "Dolphin". To be prepared for a sudden visit of guests and relatives, French kitchen set cot.