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Country style kitchen: combination heat, light and comfort

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Currently, rustic style - it is a popular solution for kitchens, which leads compared to other styles, it is called country. This style is fascinating in its simplicity and unpretentious, clean lines. Kitchen in rustic style creates an atmosphere of antiquity, peace and tranquility, in the room to be nice and relax the soul.

Kitchen in a rustic style
Kitchen in a rustic style - a perfect comfort

there are views, that the kitchen in a style reminiscent of something wretched. They imagine pieces of soot and fat next to the stove, nails, that protrude from the timber, dirty floor and walls. But actually it is not so. Interior rustic beautiful, it can be done in different directions, quite different from each other - it's delicious Provence, ranch cowboy on the farm, Swiss cozy chalets and other styles.

design space

Rustic kitchen has a lot of advantages compared with other styles:

  1. The interior is buried in the wood: set, table, chairs. Also worth noting is the wall, shelves, ornamentation, cornices, false ceiling with logs.
  2. The exclusive use of natural materials - stone, metal, tree, bricks, imitating various materials.
  3. Furniture "under the old-fashioned".
  4. The corresponding decor and crockery, made in a similar style to fit perfectly in the interior of the kitchen in a rustic style.

Beautiful kitchen
The atmosphere created by the correct attributes

To see all the beauty and positive aspects of this style, let's take a closer look at its specifications.

Tree, imparting light and heat

The more wood will be in the room, the more heat it will radiate. Do not be afraid to go too far with the material, in this case, the style provides an excess. Festive and cozy atmosphere of the interior will add wood floors, walls and even the ceiling.

Kitchen in a rustic style with their own hands is not a problem, the main arm with fantasy, good humor and abundance of material.

The first determinant with style, if Russian rustic interior, so, The ceiling is made with the suspension beam, and between them the white plaster. But if the direction for the countries of Europe, In this case the ceiling is completely made of wood or imitation.

Moren is permissible to use a dark-colored wood, which can be covered with varnish or leave a, what it is. If the ceiling between such dark beamed ceiling to make white or cover it with white enamel, kitchen furnished in a rustic style will look stylish and unusual.

Stain the wood at home is quite easy process, this will require 10% ammonia solution (ammonia), as well as vessel, the value of which depends on the size of the log. Further in the pot pour ammonia and put wood on it in limbo. Ammonia vapors during evaporation will starve tree, turn a dark color. The number of treatments depends on the time log and color, you want to achieve.

Morenaâ Wood
Stained wood - it's easy and you can process the material on their own

As for the walls, the rustic it familiar and does not cause much surprise. Not necessarily to spread the wall logs, perfectly suited boards or paneling wood.

Stone - refinement and environmental friendliness

Natural stone or an imitation - the perfect solution, which will add some flavor to the design of the kitchen in the cottage.

The stone used for flooring or wall, but it can also be used in the creation of a single element - the fireplace, stoves, columns, working wall.

Council: worktop headset is built of brick, corresponding tile or stone formless dark seams.

Tiles help to create color, if you use it in conjunction with the ramp falsehood over the fireplace. Turn on your imagination, and even quite absurd element fit into the rustic kitchen interior and create a peaceful atmosphere in it.

Such a material such as granite, it would seem that, not quite fit our style, but it is often used for countertops and work surfaces, and it looks spectacular and expensive, diluting the simplicity of the interior.

Granite countertop
Granite countertop looks very expensive and stylish

Hearth and furniture - style lawmakers

Probably, nothing will decorate the interior rustic kitchen so, as the hearth and furniture. for sure, in fiction, fairy tales and other stories, You have often heard of the oven - the hearth of every house. It is also often referred to fireplace, shop, buffet, a huge table and other furniture. The kitchen in the cottage the stove - it is stylish, and adhere to the style it is very important, so as not to destroy the overall harmony of the building.

If you are a handyman and want to realize themselves in many ways, if desired, you can make the fireplace stove for the kitchen with his hands. In this case, there are various designs, which will help you in this. Present personal ideas? Forward! So your stove or fireplace will benefit in comparison with other elegance and uniqueness.

Council: creating a rustic interior in Russian style, make sure that, to your furnace was appropriate - white, built of brick, a metal surface, and small arches, rounded at the top.

Imaginary focus on rural kitchen
Even imaginary center gives the kitchen coloring

The fireplace in the apartment

Make a fire in an apartment high-rise building is not a good idea, So, as a space to create it will not be enough, and the need for smoke too much pipe. But do not worry on that score, good alternative - electrical substitute, or false fireplace of wood with their hands.

Council: on top of the fireplace make a few shelves, which put the elements of decor - poker, clay pots, vases with dried flowers, paintings and still lifes.

Rustic style in the interior of the kitchen, even substitute electric fireplace, do the same style, to some elements of the appliances is not appropriate to look not with the old and the appropriate furniture.

Fireplace and stove in the house

  • Another thing, when you have a large private house. Then make the kitchen stove made of clay with their hands. To do this, look at the examples in books or magazines on construction, or consult with experts in this matter. After completion of the furnace it may be desired to decorate drawings.
  • If your kitchen is combined with living room, in the kitchen, you can make the furnace, and in the living room, outside dining area - cozy fireplace. the heat, he radiates, pleasant smell of cracking firewood - all this creates a comfort and an incredible home furnishings, from a place just do not want to go anywhere.

Fireplace integral part of a cozy atmosphere


The kitchen in the country house with their hands - it's a great opportunity for self-realization with the implementation of their own ideas and fantasies, without assistance of specialists. If you need a kitchen in the old style, and the furniture is modern sample here is not suitable. It's not a problem, every situation is out.

Kitchen design in rustic style completely ruin the furniture:

  • metal;
  • wood;
  • vine.

Use bold classic furniture, she is quite fit into your decor, and give it rigor.

To design a kitchen in rustic style has been made on all 100%, in the interior of the timber, use furniture. It should be the, that matches the style of the room and your personal preferences. As for the color, then choose any, if it is bright colors - they complement the room, if the dark - dilute it.

To make furniture from logs with your hands, you will need:

  • A log or stump;
  • Saw;
  • Hammer;
  • teeth.

Excellent designer armchair embellish your room

Council: rustic furniture should not be accurate, make it arbitrarily.

  1. Select the appropriate tree stump or a log to tables, stool or bench.
  2. Make, it dry. When, If the log is still wet (it happens when he only cut down), give it time to dry thoroughly, it may take up to 60 days, depending on the type of wood.
  3. Remove with a hammer and chisel gently bark.
  4. Then, make it evenly on all sides and smooth.
  5. Color product or cover varnish.

Such furniture in rustic style can be used as a stool. To make a table, Take thinner trunks, do the above procedure. Now podyschu suitable countertop of any shape and fasten to the legs with an adhesive or corners with screws. Carved wood inlay only it decorates the product, So feel free to do any masterpieces.

elements of decor

To make the design of the kitchen in the country house with their hands is not enough stove with chimney, or personally made furniture. Take care about the decoration, which is perfectly suitable for the style of the room. Decor gives wide open and create unexpected fancy masterpiece.

If your rustic kitchen interior is rather dull, Paint her intricate and unusual decor elements:

  • textile. This industrial production, or made their own - curtains, prihvatki, apron, tablecloth, napkins, etc.;
  • Interior country-house in the Russian style perfectly complement the tablecloth and curtains in national ornaments;
  • Pottery - figurines, jugs, plates;
  • Objects tableware and decor grandmothers and great-grandmothers - it perfectly accentuate the old days;
  • Collage with black and white photo;
  • Still lifes and landscapes;
  • onions bunch, garlic and hot pepper;
  • with tufts of grass.

More details:

  • As for textiles, but it is easier - at fabric stores provided as a range of, that dazzled. Choose the, as for your national patterns and ornaments. Preference is given to products with embroidery, So, as the proper time for such fun is not always enough;
  • Do not necessarily buy clay figurines, articles of porcelain and china also have a place on the shelves of our kitchens;
  • Samovar - the king among the decorations on Russian cuisine - the perfect table decoration;
  • Bundles of garlic, pepper and onions are used for beauty and comfort - took off and eat;
  • Photo frames or paintings tell about hosts and their enthusiasm, interest.

Finally add, that kitchen renovation in the country house with their hands - it's quick and easy, the main thing is the idea, further fantasize about balance and decorate the overall picture interesting decorative elements. Everything, your rustic kitchen ready!