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The question of acquisition cuisine from producer It requires a detailed study. The range of products in the furniture market is multi-faceted, Russian-made kitchen occupy a worthy place among foreign competitors. What to look for when choosing a headset, what shapes and styles offer potential buyers, consider in detail.

Set to be made by the manufacturer eminent

How to choose a new set

Given an order to update the interior after renovation, selecting one of two options: manufacture of kitchen furniture to order or pay eyes to the finished product furniture companies. Style and attractive appearance - good arguments when buying a headset, but primarily focuses on quality kitchens.

kitchen set

Which products fall into this category, determined by the following parameters:

  • Material. In addition to natural wood, cookware factory are widely used chipboard and MDF. Kitchen furniture manufacturers often use a combination of receiving materials, when the housing is made of chipboard, and the facade is decorated with MDF, natural rock or glass inserts.
  • findings. Russian manufacturers are often equipped with kitchens manufactured products imported fittings. Products Austrian company Blum and German Hettich is the market leader in components for kitchen furniture. Deserved popular Grass, Hafele, Harn. Through the use of hardware companies, time-tested, quality kitchen furniture worthy of attention of the consumer.

salatovyaaya kitchen

Choosing furniture cuisine from producer, pay particular attention to functional features. All kinds of racks and drawers make it easy cooking, doing the work in the kitchen a comfortable. At the expense of a compact placement of kitchen utensils freed space, create a cozy atmosphere in the room, not cluttered with small details, it becomes much easier.

An overview of the Russian manufacturers: ranking of the best furniture firms

Times uniform sets were in the distant past, cuisine Russian factories produced in accordance with modern trends. When finishing and decorating the facades are used quality materials and fittings, Each company is committed to improving the functionality of the products offered.

Russian headsets

Select high-quality cuisine from the manufacturer can be among the following companies:

  1. Factory "Lorena" more than a quarter century pleases the release of furniture individual projects, using production materials Italy, Germany, Austria, USA. You can order from the kitchen manufacturer in "Modern" style, "Classic" or "Classic City". Proper use of color contrasts and textural combinations will please owners for a long time.
  2. Brand "Trio" is a choice of suites in the style of Provence, modern, avant-garde and classical direction. Each of the options is of high quality, functionality and stylish design. This is confirmed by the well-deserved awards at international exhibitions.
  3. Furniture "Likarion" designed customized using computer programs. unconventional approach, unique model - the distinctive features of the company.
  4. Quality kitchens from producer represented by "Dryad", using fashion trends combined with natural materials. Two dozen variants of furniture sets for the kitchen can satisfy the refined taste of the buyer.

kitchen light

Through the introduction of innovative technologies, prepared dishes from the manufacturer combines high quality with affordable pricing.

Kitchen corner - space saving

To fully engage small-sized room manufacturer offers kitchen by installing a corner furniture. Designing modern sets can be used effectively, each square centimeter, while maintaining comfort and convenience in the preparation of food and the movement of a limited space.

Competent planning even in a small area provides an opportunity to put a fridge and dining table. And if you own a large room, usefully involve free parameters can be due to hardware dining area.

Council! tables Kitchen from producer, intended for ingestion, is selected in a single stylistic solution of the rest of the suite.

kitchen classics

Corner suite - is not a panacea for a modest area, its size can be bulky. Exists 3 options for installation of kitchen furniture corner:

  1. standard, when the two parts of the headset adjacent to the wall.
  2. Furniture, forming a peninsula. In this case, one side is located along the wall, and the second takes a position across the kitchen. These headsets are designed for large rooms, often perform separation function on a dining space and work area.
  3. Corner unit with breakfast bar is usually U-shaped. In a small space is acceptable in the absence of a full dining table.

Corner furniture options make for easy organization of the triangle in the kitchen.

styles corner, modular options, accessories

In addition to colors and materials for a wide range of furniture provide a variety of styles offered. Thereby, you have the option to choose a kitchen set from the manufacturer in accordance with personal preferences and concepts of beauty and functionality.

kitchen in the Chinese style

Popular furniture following directions:

  • nouveau cuisine are practical. Furniture, made of modern materials, combined with smooth lines as much as possible adapted to small spaces. Its high functionality will appreciate the hostess, conducting at the stove for a long time. Glossy or matte surface, wide palette of colors offers the chance to pick up headsets, satisfying picky taste of the buyer.
  • Traditionalists will love the classics. Kitchen furniture in this style is a work of art with stained glass and frame members, bars, often made of natural wood. In the production of particle board and MDF using budget options. It is characterized by the absence of bright colors, colors palette mimics wood or represented muted shades of gray and pistachio-colored.
    beautiful headsets
    Beautiful set to decorate the kitchen
  • Beautiful shape and gravity inherent English style. The priority of gentle colors, silver or gold present patination. Furniture fronts made of natural wood species or MDF panels. The presence in the center of the headset of a portal, simulating a fireplace - another feature of the direction. This kit will fit harmoniously in a spacious room with large window openings.
  • Lovers of quiet village life should pay attention to the furniture in the style of Provence. Open shelves to demonstrate kitchen utensils, artificially aged the elements - the characteristics of the French countryside style.

By studying the styles of kitchen sets, contrast them with the available space and planned finish surfaces. The only way you will achieve a harmonious interior, which will delight the eyes of the visitors for a long time.