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Features and range of frame MDF kitchen

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A popular design technique furniture in the kitchen zone is considered MDF frame. These facades are executed in a variety of colors and styles.

Framework MDF kitchen
MDF Framework - is a standard and simple version of the world's cuisines

Frames come in contrasting or monochromatic or rectangular or rounded.

MDF is a plate of wood fiber average density. This material is characterized by resistance to bacteria and moisture resistance.

Kitchen made of MDF frame the characteristics are not inferior to natural wood. In this article appear various colors.

MDF frame for the kitchen

Why you should choose for the kitchen furniture framework?

Frames are made of MDF blanks. Then the details are handled with the help of milling, by which creates the desired design and shape. Making performed using PVC film and wood veneer.

Рамочный мдф кухни обладает следующими преимуществами:

  • ease of manufacture;
  • reasonable price products;
  • aesthetic properties;
  • the ability to combine colors, textures and materials;
  • Facades are selected for different types of furniture;
  • little weight;
  • selected non-standard sizes.

Furniture for kitchen area can withstand higher temperatures and evaporation. Details of the MDF have quality data.

The material is very easy to clean

The quality of the headset dependent on the coating and filling of the facade.

framework material the advantage, that is inserted into the frame of the glass element, plasty, veneer or mirror surfaces.

Before you purchase furniture construction, a detailed plan for the placement of elements in the kitchen area.

Especially melamine coating

Melamine coating is an artificial veneer. This thick paper, which is treated with melamine resins. Such material gives the product reliability and improved resistance to moisture. Carried elements with imitation wood. Melamine coatings have a resistance to mechanical damage. Such a process is called lamination processing MDF.

Products made of this material does not interact with the solvents and paint. They are indistinguishable from real wood.

Melamine kitchen framework has the following advantages:

  1. The ability to create design solutions: drawings, solid color background or use images.
  2. Reliability and durability.
  3. The availability of any budget.
  4. Simplicity in the care.

melamine coating for kitchen
Melamine coating looks wonderful

It has given material and demerits. The surface is damaged by aggressive types of household chemicals. For use in a wet environment joints treated with a special sealant.

Such elements will decorate the room in a classic style or Art Nouveau.

Variants with film coatings

A huge plus PVC film - it is safe and reliable. kitchens MDF, pasted film, characterized by comfort and coziness.

Pasting is made in membrane vacuum press. It uses a special water-based glue. The choice of such structures is the right solution for decorating furniture.

Elevations film coating produced by the latest technology. These boards solid wood and are much cheaper.

MDF kitchen

Decoration film strength and is characterized by heating the material becomes plastic.

Film thoroughly covers the part surface and fills the recess. After cooling, the material keeps and maintains shape long time.

PVC material suitable for printing and embossing lends itself. Therefore, the set is matte, glossy, with a metallic sheen and with a variety of imitations. There are the following advantages of film products:

  1. Affordability.
  2. Large assortment of colors.
  3. Long life.
  4. Resistance to abrasion and household chemicals.
  5. Can be used products of all shapes and sizes.
  6. Resistance to sunlight.
  7. Easy maintenance and environmental friendliness.

PVC film in food decoration
PVC film is very popular material for finishing cuisine

To the film-coated dishes served for a long time the body, the rules:

  1. Furniture wiped with a cloth moistened with water with the addition of detergents.
  2. Products should not be installed next to the cooker and heaters.
  3. Do not expose the coating film of cooling or mechanical influences.
  4. For cleansing agents are not applicable or with abrasive-containing chlorine.

By separate panel technology is made with pattern. Applied to the surface pattern. After drying, the coated film material facade.

The variety of products makes it possible to create an interior in any style.

MDF frame

The advantages of framework aluminum

Aluminum is used for frame fronts. This product is a frame made of metal, in which you can add any content. It uses plastic, rattan, MDF or glass. Frame structure serves as a skeleton.

The following advantages of this material:

  1. A small mass of the product contributes to a better durability, as there is no extra burden on the hardware and fasteners.
  2. The material is characterized by high strength. When this frame is not deformed by moisture.
  3. A significant factor of reliability of this product - it's resistance to chipping. The edges of the aluminum elements protects against damage.
  4. As the filling material is such as MDF, glass or chipboard.

beautiful frame MDF kitchen

Before you choose the furniture in the room, is to determine the options fillers. They can be as follows:

  1. Glass is considered sufficiently brittle embodiment, but hardened type of material is even suitable for use on the lower front part. On the surface of the glass are applied ornaments, photo or film coatings. It is used in the interior style of hi-tech or minimalism.
  2. DSP is used less often, because it has the ability to absorb odors and moisture. Use of the material with an additional coating or film lamination.MDF facades for kitchens
  3. Rarely used natural wood. Since this material is heavier product.
  4. Film-coated MDF They are economical embodiment.
  5. By common excipients relates MDF, plastic coated, which makes the construction durable.
  6. Filling with photo printing is resistant to moisture and temperature jump. It provides the ability to choose the image for any design in the interior.

MDF - facades are considered durable material. Besides, in these products use a variety of colors.

The correct choice of frame MDF will create as a classic interior, and the use of modern styles in the kitchen space. Selection of high quality materials affects the life of the structure.