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What is the framework for the facade of the kitchen better: 3 main requirements to them

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Furniture in the kitchen is constantly being exposed to high temperatures, steam and fat splashes. Frame fronts for the kitchen take all the harmful effects of the, therefore, made of durable and water resistant material. In this case, the product can be done by yourself. The framework is a facade facing the kitchen. From the correct color and appearance of the product depends on the overall view of the structure and the kitchen area. Replacing the front part of helping to create a new mood and style of the room.

kitchen Framework
Framework kitchen light color with a brown finish is ideal for kitchens

A variety of frame designs and their properties

Facades have a simple and robust design, and at the same time look modern.

frame facade for the kitchen

This material is made from durable materials, and connections are made by advanced technology. The main advantage of facial elements - an affordable price and a long service life.

There are several types of models, made of a Framework technology: film, wood, aluminum and painted model.

The structure consists of a framework and panels of glass or insert. The frame is made of solid and other materials. The glass elements are inserted in aluminum structures.

Frame fronts

Frame fronts with their hands should meet the following requirements:

  1. Stress resistance and reliability of the material.
  2. Resistance to humidity.
  3. Resistance to the effects of temperature shocks.

From furniture designs are used for kitchen, that meet all the parameters. Any variant its own characteristics and specific application.

When selecting a model should become familiar with the properties of the materials used.

Especially facades made of wood, white MDF for the style of Provence

Wooden style frame is made of wood of different wood species. Panels made of wood, MDF and other materials.

Wood texture suitable for classical design kitchens. Modern technologies allow to apply not only to the natural look of wood, but the veneer elements.

Kitchen wood
Base cabinets under the tree color looks perfect with mounted glass cases

Wooden buildings are of two types:

  1. One-piece construction made from natural wood and are characterized by high cost. Special coatings are used to protect against cracking and damage.
  2. Paneled models consist of several layers. Used veneered MDF or chipboard. Such a structure reduces the cost of the material and increases the service life.

Wood products require quality care. Do not clean the construction of abrasives and abrasive sponges.

Wooden fronts have the following advantages:

  • safety and a high level of environmental;
  • presentable appearance;
  • resistance to temperature extremes;
  • recovery after injury;
  • high performance.

beautiful framed facades for kitchens

The disadvantages include the increased cost and the possibility of swelling or shrinkage.

The wood is susceptible to sunlight, so over time it changes hue.

The facades of natural wood are treated with special coatings:

  1. The varnish protects the material from dirt and moisture. Creates a matte or glossy effect.
  2. Polishing wax or a special oil to protect the surface from damage.

making MDF frame fronts characterized affordable price. Material produced from comminuted wood, which is compressed under high pressure. As the binder resin used natural.

MDF base are finished in different ways: painted, processed veneer or veneered PVC film.

The product is decorated in a classic style carvings, cornices or curly elements.

Kitchen with a photo-patterned
Kitchen with a photo-patterned " coffee beans " ideal to light the floor

What are the advantages of painted facade: from which it is made

Painted facade is made of MDF panels. These designs fit into any style of interior design, since it offered in various colors.

The coloring process is complex. product surface should appear smooth and shine on the specks of.

MDF is considered durable material. He has no irregularities, which are present in the natural wood.

Veneer is used for decoration, coloring or PVC- film.

Framework set for the kitchen

Dyed products have the following advantages:

  1. Ability to select from a variety of color palettes.
  2. Various choices of coatings: matt surfaces, glossy or metallic.
  3. Ease of care and maintenance.
  4. Resistance to high temperature influence and to steam.

The disadvantages are the instability to mechanical damage.

Manufacturing with sophisticated paint application technology allows you to create robust products. First, the item is covered with soil, and then several layers of paint applied. In conclusion, the surface is covered with varnish.

Such products fit into the interior minimalist or high-tech. Combined with metal and glass elements.

Application of the film-coated façade

By cheap embodiments refers assembly facade framework structure of MDF, treated film.

PVC - film attached to the material by means of a special adhesive and vacuum press.

Kitchen coated with plenachnym
Pink kitchen looks perfect in the interior of bright tones

Film structures have different textures, thickness and color.

This material has the following advantages:

  1. A wide selection of colors and imitations of natural materials.
  2. Resistance to harmful influences. Tolerability of household chemistry.
  3. cheapness.

Eventually a film otslaivatsya. The back side of these facades is white.

Tips for Choosing a blue facade Cleaf from the array to the kitchen corner

There is also a framework aluminum facades. They are used less often, than the rest. Aluminum is considered a brittle material, which fades with time. In this case mounted in a frame structure of any glass or printed images.

frame facade kitchen mint color

at choosing a facade it is worth considering the following nuances:

  1. Select product type depending on the style orientation of the room. For the style of Provence suit wooden model, and modern design - painted MDF.
  2. The film coat will allow to find the right color and texture for the kitchen.
  3. Lovers of natural materials can choose veneer, which compared with an array of more affordable.

The right choice will help the facade to create an original interior. The quality of the material life of designs and ease of use depends.