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The blue color in the interior of the kitchen: tips

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What color is best for the kitchen? This response can not be. No bad color. There is inappropriate and unacceptable for a particular case and person. Colors have an impact on the psychological and physical well-being, even independently of consciousness. From the kitchen interior color depends significantly on the overall atmosphere at the dinner table. Designers are advised not to choose a specific color, and the effect, you want to create with the help of. Let's talk about the blue color.

blue interior
Sea and mountain lakes: blue color in the interior of the kitchen

General characteristics Colors

Blue in myth and symbolism

To begin, let us turn to the legends and myths. The clothing of blue dressed wizards and sorcerers. It is the color of mystery, divine manifestation. The blue color of the flags of the countries denotes freedom, peoples association.

The heraldic symbol blue - honor, nobility, "blue blood". Ancient Slavs associated with blue light sadness, mourning.

Blue for medicine

In real life - it is the color of tranquility, stability, wisdom, silence and at the same oppression, melancholies, weakness.

Blue treats mental disorders, paranoia, hysteria. It is a complementary tool for deafness, bleeding, insomnia, enhanced sertsebienie, Sore Throat, intestinal diseases. Lowers blood pressure and calms passions. It reduces appetite.

In the other role of the blue - it's cold, fanaticism. For weak people, melancholy, weary disease, blue walls cause amplification of the doldrums. Person, in a state of prolonged stress, subconsciously sides by blue.

Blue interior

The blue color in the interior space, in which a person is often, It helps calm. This relaxing color helps create an atmosphere of trust and security. Deep blue - the color of human serous, tight, persistent, thrust. People, preferring blue, distinguish businesslike, recollection, tendency to streamline the system and.

kitchen in blue
airy sky, fresh water - these associations helps to create a kitchen in blue

Setting calm blue capable, console. It's easy to fall into a reverie, dream, come to the right decisions. Blue interior is recommended for classrooms, meeting rooms. Often the interior in blue tones reject smokers.

Important! Kitchen blue color, It does not contribute to increased appetite. For people, suffering from obesity - it's good, for the recovery of the weakened human disease, especially a child - not much.

How to achieve harmony

The color palette of blue It has a wide range of. Bright blue shade can be termed as indigo, and the color blue. airy sky, fresh water - these associations helps to create a kitchen in blue. Blue is easy to combine with shades of green, brown, yellow.

Getting a kitchen design in blue, do not forget a few simple rules:

  1. Blue kitchen on the north side will look dark and cold, in contrast - blue on the south side will give freshness and brightness.
  2. Dark blue color further reduce the size of a small and narrow spaces, In this case, it is advisable to use a bright accents, diluting the basic tone.
  3. using dark- blues, take care of additional illumination of the working zone and dining.
blue and white
The combination of blue and white in the kitchen design

Other accents combined and blue kitchen

  • White with blue. Most often in the design of blue designers use white. Kitchen blue with white refreshing small rooms, visually increasing their.


  • Blue and white - the colors of gzhel porcelain, with which the kitchen becomes blue elegant and festive.


  • Azure reduces cold color dark blue, give light and warmth. White in such a combination can be replaced by milk, pastel cream or coffee with milk.


  • Tree - and as color, and the material is very friendly to any combination of the blue hue. They both represent natural natural elements. Blue can be represented by any shade, Wood is better to use saturated colors.


  • naturalness, the natural range of the combination creates a friendly, nonpolar colors - blue and green. If the blue reduces appetite, the green, in addition, also reduces cravings for sweets. Sladkoezhki, blue - green kitchen will save you extra kilos!

blue and green

  • Blue and red. Fire and Ice. The combination of opposites. color strength, of movement, struggle, appetite - on the one hand, and peace, cold, calm - other. Possible to reconcile the irreconcilable, if you give the main preference is still one, and other use, as a bright addition. Reconcile the two elements will help neutral white color.


  • Yellow and blue color - sea and sand. Yellow kitchen adds a blue sun and heat.


decorative design

Design blue kitchen, in fotoprimerah:

  • Blue kitchen with wooden worktops, framed in blue apron looks presentable and strictly.


  • Black - white kitchen - it is stylish, but too strict and cold. A blue light lets soften this impression.


  • Blue elements are always present in the design of kitchens in the style of Provence. In this embodiment, often decorate the kitchen in a large country houses.


  • Blue kitchen interior, where a lot of sun and light, It helps cool the atmosphere and add freshness.


  • Blue kitchen pastel shades and surrounded by the same quiet tones for those, who is in stark contrast to prefer the tranquility and warmth.


  • It is a combination of blue, gray and purple to make the kitchen look like a Christmas fairy tale.


  • Well, lots and lots of blue. Bold decision.



  • practical, modern, multifunctional kitchen ...


... and again a romantic Provence.

The blue color in all shades and variants in the kitchen can satisfy a variety of tastes and preferences.