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dairy food: executed or pardoned in 2019?

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There is still a dairy food? That someone put? Up to what age dairy kitchen provides free meals? How to get pregnant dairy kitchen? These and similar questions are of concern and future parents held. Together, let us try to answer them.

dairy food (MK) - government program to support families, which will soon have children or already have at least one child under the age of 3 years old, and - place, which give some free baby food, taking into account the age of the kid. issuing norms differ by region, tk. left to the discretion of local authorities. Learn more about, who and what is necessary for breast kitchen, read on.

Moscow and Moscow region

In Moscow Our stores are located in the clinics. According to information on such items today in Moscow 250. Below we will explain, what documents are needed, to be supplied to the dairy kitchen, Take help from a pediatrician from the local clinic.


Compared with the, how our parents lived, which nearly every day had to run over to the special children's products 6 morning, today issuing offices work in a very convenient schedule. MK. start work at 6.30. Closed in different ways: someone - in 10.00, someone - in 10.30, someone is working to 12. Specify a schedule of its MK.

St. Petersburg

In many regions of the Russian Federation the practice of paying financial compensation instead of using natural products. Such a system operates in St. Petersburg. Compensation shall be paid on a monthly basis.

The exact amount of compensation and who are entitled to it, decide local authorities. Please contact your local social security, to learn, Do you put the payment for meals.

In St. Petersburg, the compensation shall be appointed on the conclusion of a pediatrician.

For non-concessional categories for the child from 0 to 1,5 years 2019 , the payout is 3145 rub., and a half to three years - 913 rub.

To put MK

Offer details deal, who can be powered on a dairy kitchen:

  • Future mothers (after 12 weeks);
  • breastfeeding mothers (up to six months);
  • children under 3 years old;
  • children under 7 , from large families;
  • Children with disabilities to 18 years old;
  • children under 15 years with chronic diseases (on the list).

What is provided in the kitchen breast

Pregnant and lactating women can receive a juice and milk, true, in different quantities.

Dairy food for pregnancy is made in the local women's clinic at the attending gynecologist. Put products issued from the date of registration in the LCD and before delivery. In fact, they are obtained in the issuance step, where food for baby.

Dairy food to nursing mothers is made in the local children's clinic pediatrician, it is imperative that, that the baby is fully fed breast milk. Dairy food for nursing involves a monthly confirmation of a prescription from a doctor, tk. if the child goes to a mixed diet, the products are issued only for the baby.

The main list of free baby products for up to three years, included in the power set on a dairy kitchen:

  • The dry and liquid dairy mix
  • Cottage cheese
  • Kefir
  • Milk
  • Vegetable and fruit puree
  • fruit juices
  • Meat and meat-vegetable puree

In the capital from the spring 2018 , the products are issued in the form of pre-packaged in accordance with the age sets. Dairy food for children under one year most diverse, albeit with one to three years - products, issued free, They are a great help for parents.

That someone put on in Moscow age, and, It is included in the sets at the dairy kitchen, see below.

whom what How much per month
breastfeeding mothers Milk 8000 ml
The juice 3300 ml
Child 0-3 months The liquid mixture 4800 ml
dry mix 700 g
4 months The same products in the same amounts +
The juice (fruit.) 1200 ml
The product is homogenized fruit 1200 g
5 months The mixture in the same volume +
The juice (fruit) 1000 ml
The product is homogenized fruit 1000 g
dry cereal 400 g
The product is homogenized vegetables 1920 g
6 months The liquid mixture 2400
dry mix 350
The juice (fruit) 1200
The product is homogenized fruit 1000
dry cereal 400
The product is homogenized vegetables 1920
7 months The same products in the same volumes +
Cottage cheese 600 g
The juice (fruit) 1400 ml
8 months The same products +
Homogenised meat product 560 g
The product is homogenized meat and vegetable 1300
9-12 months Those produky +
Kefir 2400 ml
1-2 of the year baby milk 2400 ml
Kefir 2000 ml
Cottage cheese 600 g
The juice (fruit) 2600 ml
The product is homogenized fruit 2200 g
2-3 of the year baby milk 2000 ml
Kefir 2000 ml
Cottage cheese 600 g
The juice (fruit.) 2600 ml
The product is homogenized fruit 1200

This table gives a complete overview of, What is dairy food monthly.

What and how much to give to pregnant women and children from large families in Moscow

Expectant mothers get milk (6000 ml) and juice (2640 ml)

Children from large families, as well as children with chronic diseases to 3 s give the same set of products, then milk (18000 ml) to 7 and 15 years respectively.

Baby food on MK

many people are interested, who delivers meals, what is the quality, of which the breast milk on the kitchen. Every year in the capital is a contract for the supply to manufacturers of the highest quality children's products with the most natural composition.

What documents are required, to receive food kits to MK

Dairy food for the child and for expectant mothers is made in social protection bodies of residency or place of actual residence, To do this, the following documents are required:

  1. Passport plus copies of the pages with a photo and with a residence permit;
  2. A doctor's note*;
  3. The birth certificate of the baby (copy);
  4. Medical insurance policies on mother and baby (copies);
  5. In appointing the cash grant information on, where to transfer the money;
  6. Statement of earnings of all family members over the past 3 calendar months prior to treatment.

*For more details about, to whom, and what the doctor's conclusion need:

  • expectant mothers (after 12 weeks) - a certificate from an obstetrician-gynecologist;
  • lactating mothers up to six months from the day of birth, if the kid eats only mother's milk - the conclusion of a pediatrician;
  • kids up to three years - the conclusion of a pediatrician;

In the Moscow practice (in the presence of registration or registration) not required statement of earnings, and there is no need to further appeal to the social authorities. It is enough to be under the supervision of state-LCD (for pregnant) and clinic (for nursing and children receiving). note, that if a pregnant woman or a child are observed only in private hospitals, they will not give dairy kitchen.

On registration of additional help for disabled children and children from large families need documents, respectively confirming disability and large families.


Even if you go into the category of those, Issued on dairy kitchen food, you must have a residence permit or official registration in the region, on which you want to.

MK in 2018-2019 Will be canceled

with about 2014 year on the women's forum actively discussed, Does MC closed. There is information, What's on 2019 Appointed global review and inventory of MK in the regions, where they are still functioning. Presumably by the end of 2019 , the fate of this type of assistance will be decided.

According to experts, Most likely, MK, as such, will be closed. Instead dispensing foodstuffs will be compensated. This scheme is valid for several years in many regions of the country. maybe, that the issue of food is kept only for the poor and disabled children. There is a probability, that in MK transferred to the pharmacy, which operate full time.

However, until it guesses, official information about the fate of the MC is not. one thing is clear: parents need help from the state, and preferably in the natural form. Let's hope for the best!