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How to combine the color of eggplant with other colors in the kitchen

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Noble purple tone is popular among designers. Kitchen eggplant provides a peaceful environment.

Kitchen color eggplant
Kitchen color eggplant looks bright and respectable

The secret color versatility - he is in harmony with the light and dark shades, not use matt, glossy surfaces.

Kitchen color eggplant accessible to a wide range of buyers, tk. shade is hard to put on a wooden furniture. Therefore, the set is made of cheap plastic, not inferior in quality natural materials.

color Features

Kitchen eggplant color has features, they should be considered in the design:

  1. Space visually reduced, therefore it is impossible to maintain the furniture or finish in the shade in a small room.
  2. Purple and all shades absorb light. Poor lighting - the main enemy of the interior.
  3. Better use of aubergine color in combination with light tones. Brown added to gloom and darkness.
  4. Tone - too intense. therefore combination of colors eggplant in harmony with the variety of bright colors. It is also desirable to maintain it in emphasis, as a backdrop, it looks negative.

You have to be careful with lighting. Purple - dark, and unsophisticated townsfolk addicted fixtures distribution. In fact, they are becoming too much, that the whole environment begins to "sink" in aubergine gloss. With a matte surface this is not observed.

style solutions

Shades of purple suitable for modern style. They correspond to the rich colors and combines with glossy surfaces.

Provence style is also no stranger to playing with purple tones. But here it may not be the primary or accentual. It is advisable to use it in detail or decoration elements.

linear kitchen
A small room with a compact layout

The Art Nouveau-style purple combined with silver. successfully, If this harmony is complemented by purple soft furnishings and large bright accessories.

Tech suite is made with glossy surfaces. Then a feeling of mystery, mystique. But it will require the diversity of small lighting, preferably with soft light scattering.

Color dark eggplant visually increases the volume, if used for vertical moving surfaces (door, boxes). Therefore, it will be involved at the design of small spaces.

Furniture and decoration

Winning looks purple furniture with glossy facades. But if the color is used in the design of finishing, then you can not use it in the headset. It is advisable to choose a light-colored furnishings, playing on the contrast. In this embodiment, the selected surface with a soft texture of a wooden (ash or birch).

Sometimes used furniture with purple details - doors or trim. Such variant safe, regardless of the trim. But the best solution is to aubergine kitchen combined with snow-white furniture, bright decorating details and beige walls.

spacious kitchen
Unusual interior of the peninsula

Successful steel corner kitchen eggplant color. they are versatile, suitable for studios and small apartments. Able to divide the space without the use of additional parts (bar or uneven surfaces). Worktops dark, black. Not allowed patterns or pattern on a glossy surface, They supersaturated interior accentual details.

The purple trim is performed only one wall, and that if the room size allows. Such a decision shall be taken, when you need to align the room, make it square. All the walls in aubergine can not withstand, they create the effect of "the cave". Against the background of the selected walls is not desirable to place a lot of decorative elements, tk. they distract attention. Lost main purple accent, sought by designers.

The apron can use any shade. In recent years, designers prefer such elements of glass or mosaic. Another suitable yellow tiled aprons.


Aubergine shade is suitable for virtually all light colors. But you can pick up both a good combination?

Kitchen with peninsula
The arrangement of furniture in the form of letters "P

  • eggplant-colored kitchen with white harmony, despite the contrast. It feels a certain lightness and depth;
  • Eggplant combined with gray, if selected light shade. Dark imparts bleakness, making the interior and atmosphere oppressive;
  • kitchen color eggplant and vanilla looks good, interior becomes soft and cozy;
  • Eggplant and green - the natural harmony. Always winning option, if inexperienced people working with design;
  • Kitchen aubergine and pearl luster - saturated colors, focus becomes too much. Interior bright, but there is a risk of overdoing;

Kitchen eggplant with white blends well, but not so, like shades of purple. Such a composition is suitable for large rooms or studio. However, the total monochrome is not welcome. It requires the presence of decorative elements of different colors and shades.

elements of decor

Curtains in the kitchen
Energetic colors in the interior

The hardest thing to choose the kitchen aubergine curtains. They depend not only on the hue, but also design furniture, decoration. Usually selected blinds or blinds neutral colors, but they are too noticeable. In order to emphasize this element, better to choose a strict curtains delicate flowers (pink, light orange, blue).

Aubergine cuisine in the interior does not allow the use of elaborate dishes. The latter is kept in white and steel colors. Otherwise, the room filled full with vivid detail and accents.

Poor fit purple tablecloths, Cushions for chairs or towels. They should give a sense of airiness, and the tone gives the impression of "fossils".

But the picture with purple flowers perfect finish interior. The same effect was observed when using a window aubergine, doors or archways.


At the heart of aubergine cuisine is the lack of spare parts, tk. it is absolutely self-sufficient, It does not require parts or accents. The kitchen eggplant extravagant and unique. It must be approached in the spirit and mood of the owner of the house / apartment, otherwise it will escalate the situation.