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Fashion for all ages: classic bright kitchen with antique furniture

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Classic does not tolerate ill-conceived and spontaneity. The interior of the walls and decor elements need to be carefully considered. No one part can not lose sight of. Let's Deconstructing, what it classic bright kitchen.

light set
Bright suite will make the kitchen spacious and elegant

Color palette

classic bright kitchen few people remain indifferent. If you imagine the snow-white kitchen, it is not so. Kitchen light colors includes various pastel shades. Most often used such light shades: cream, Ivory, ajvori, cappuccino, beige. For kitchen design in bright colors, you can use white, subtle shades of blue and pink.

If you want to build a bright kitchen design contrasts, in any case do not get the bright colors, combine different shades of light intensity.

patterned floor

facing materials

kitchen interior in bright colors involves finishing materials of natural origin. When the budget approach allowed artificial substitutes of good quality. To use bright kitchen light in the care and practical materials.

Floorings classic light cuisine

Идеальным вариантом для кухонь классика light, will flooring, made of wood or stone. Bright floor will make the kitchen bright and spacious. Natural materials can replace the low cost options, imitating their. Often on the floor classic cuisine in bright colors put parquet, laminate, granite tiles or floor tiles. Choose an option, on the basis of material capabilities and tastes.

Light floors in the interior are relevant in the kitchens of various sizes, ─ especially in small spaces.


We make the ceiling in the respective colors

Classic dishes require smooth white ceiling. Therefore, the surface is first necessary to carefully align, and then paint with paint. An alternative option ─ plasterboard, which is inserted into additional sources of illumination. Fashion in the 21st century ceilings, have been used in the design of light classic kitchens. Use only matte canvas fabric, gloss look ridiculous. Painted ceiling if desired, garnish moldings, but do not get carried away. For classic style is characterized by moderation. For the decorative elements of the ceiling height should be at least 2,7 m. Otherwise limit to a ceiling cornice.

Decorating the walls and floor

The bright kitchen in a modern interior imply a plain light-colored wall. To finish, use a paint, plaster relief, wood paneling or wallpaper. To pick up a floral print wallpaper, ornament, strip, cell or stop for monophonic embodiment. It is better, if they are of the fleece or vinyl. Sometimes kitchen design in bright colors for the walls take the cloth. It looks so rich finish, but the difficulties in the care provided.

kitchen light colors

plaster relief easy-to-work, it provides opportunities for the manifestation of fantasy, from the selection of textures and finishing color.

Decorate the walls with plaster relief with their own hands. To begin, prepare the necessary materials:

  • composition for planarizing;
  • plaster relief;
  • primer;
  • paint;
  • varnish;
  • putty knife;
  • bead;
  • construction mixer;
  • TURKS;
  • means for applying a pattern.

beautiful furniture

Make the surface finish, following the instructions:

  1. Prepare the wall. Remove the old coatings in the form of paint, wallpaper or plaster. Sweep up the dust with a broom or brush.
  2. Carefully prime with the surface and let it dry. If necessary, repeat 2-3 fold.
  3. With the construction of the mixer to prepare a solution of the base layer plaster according to package instructions. It will help smooth the surface and will form the basis for the decorative layer.
  4. Trowel, apply the mixture on the wall. The flat wall, the lower layer of the mixture will need.classic cuisine
  5. Take the grater and level surface, and then let it dry.
  6. On a dry flat wall, apply primer.
  7. Actions at this stage are directly dependent on the planned figure. Mixture for textured plaster is applied on the surface in different ways. To create the image, use the spatula, polyethylene film crumpled, sponge for washing dishes, nozzles for bead with different textures. If the pattern requires several layers, then each subsequent apply only after drying of the previous.
  8. Prepare the paint for the finishing of the finished image. If applied by roller, then use a special tray. Cover the surface of the paint in two layers. for items, requiring coloring in several colors, Use a small brush.
  9. Gently coat the wall paint, avoiding smudges.

classic cuisine

Apron interior with patina

The design of the light kitchen in classical style is hard to imagine without apron. To finish, you can use a variety of materials.

Especially popular among housewives uses ceramic tiles. Kitchen Classics Light pick embodiment of pastel hues. Interesting effects give contrasting color tiles.

Apron often spread mosaics. kitchen interior in bright colors and is unlikely to decorate the colorful mosaic of rich colors. It will benefit from the soothing natural shades.

Is it possible to use the classic kitchen apron with photo printing on glass? well, it is important to choose the right story for a picture. Demand still lifes, ornaments, panorama of the city and the black-and-white images.

Classic creamy cuisine

Apron made of artificial stone picked up in a couple of table top. This allows the duo to reach the interior of completion.

Council! If the funds do not allow artificial stone decorate the entire apron, Apply for a fragment in the washing zone, and the remainder of paint or wallpaper obkleyte.

Select furniture according to the rules of style and design: correct worktop in the corner version of premises

Furniture classic kitchen in light colors should look like rich, elegant and tasteful. Stay on models made of natural wood. To select a wooden kitchen as lime material, ʙerjozu, Sosna or buk. Furniture made of wood give the interior a special heat and light. Welcome elements with thread, gilded, intricate accessories.

If you are an adherent of the classics, and natural wood furniture you can not afford, pay attention to its substitutes ─ model of MDF, Fiberboard or veneer.

You can save in other ways. If the attic with antique furniture, suitable style, safely get it. With a little imagination, Time and effort will give new life to the old grandmother sideboard. Do not hesitate to look at the flea market. Here we come across pieces of furniture of classical style at an affordable price.

The bright kitchen in classic style equipped with table tops made of natural stone. Budget embodiment countertop material may be artificial stone.

classic style kitchen

Possible to use models with ceramic tiles or granite. Cheap versions of classic kitchens have worktops, made from chipboard and coated PVC film, simulating the texture of wood or stone.

Choosing a sink and mixer has its own nuances. Neorganichno look of stainless steel sinks. It is better to choose a model of ceramic or stone. mixing color should match the color handles on the facades of furniture. combination of the elements copper and silver color is not acceptable!

Beautiful kitchen in the style of a classic needs properly selected household appliances. Pick a neutral model. Household Appliances antique ─ not a cheap, but it's worth it. Besides, You can order a built-in appliances, and place it behind the facades of cabinets.

Classic kitchen in light colors

kitchen interior in bright colors, stylish, when in its design takes into account advances in science and technology. To keep pace with the progress, use the modern ideas of classical cuisine:

  1. When ordering, make sure the headset is a classic, Shuhlyada to lower modules fully nominated. This is convenient in small kitchens.
  2. Insertion of glass require additional funds. Limit open shelves or make blind facades.
  3. For a small kitchen bright facades ─ the best solution. Do not overload the set decorative elements.
  4. Hood hide behind the facade of a locker or a stylized retro look.

bezhevaya kitchen

finishing touches

In the center of the room, hang a crystal chandelier with forged elements. On the perimeter of the kitchen spread sconces or floor lamps, made in the same style with a chandelier.

white kitchen
Classic style is, that never goes out of fashion

In the selection of decor elements for a classic light cuisine remember, that the main thing here is not to overdo it. decor overabundance ruin all the positive impressions of the interior.

In the traditional classical interior curtains sewn from thick expensive fabric. A modern classic of the waste from this requirement and allows the curtains on the windows of lighter materials. Good textile elements look in one color.


On the walls hang pictures or images from still lifes. For glass facades and put on shelves beautiful dishes. Emphasize the taste of the owners home statuettes made of porcelain and ceramics, antique candlesticks. The finalization arrange flowering plants in pots.