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Sink With Kitchen cabinets: 5 combining the advantages of

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Kitchen sink with pedestal - universal version, nezavisyashtiy garnish. The market offers an assortment, due to which customers get lost in the choice of. Together with the plate and worktop combines a working kitchen area.

Kitchen Sink
The chosen model will serve their owners for many years

The product does without headset, tk. it alone. This saves budget, If the kitchen is not complete customized. The sink is easy to install. Knowing the rules of selection, working area provided functionality.

Types cupboard under the sink in the kitchen: shapes and sizes

A bedside table under the sink in the kitchen sink and do vary in shapes and sizes. The product must integrate harmoniously with the interior and provides functionality. The mistress of a different perception of the latter concept. Therefore, the market offers a diversity. They vary in:


  • forms. there are rectangular, square, rounded, corner. Forms of bowls - Extensive, complemented by oval and polygonal products.
  • mounting method. Superimposed on one cup, on the other - bump.
  • material. It occurs more frequently than others, enamelled, steel and ceramic. Artificial stone has advantages, but the shell of it is too expensive. Sometimes used other material, like iron, but these products are outdated, rarely offered.
  • A method of installing cabinets. There are drop-in wardrobes and monolithic. Recent easier to install.

Sink with a beautiful pedestal

Flush with pedestal sink in the kitchen more popular, tk. it is more aesthetic and more comfortable to use. Between the pedestal is not formed and often gaps, moisture can not penetrate into hard to reach places. Therefore, increased use of the product durability.

Overhead sinks with cupboards common among truckers, because of their easy to install, repair, if something went wrong. They cost customers much cheaper.

There is a unique option - Corner cupboard under the sink. Improved ergonomics and functionality premises. It offers a variety of design solutions.

Washbasin with pedestal

selection rules

Bedside tables for kitchens selected according to the size of the room. You can not buy a cabinet with wide 120 cm. for 3-4 . He looks out of place, It minimizes the useful work surface. Sometimes there is a lack of space for the headset or its individual modules.

Cupboard with sink for dishes purchased in a store. So they are selected in accordance with the styles, the size and other properties. reduces the risk, that the cup does not fit to the cabinet. And reduced cost, because once bought 2 products.

Narrow sink with a pedestal for a small-sized flat. In most cases it is set to the corner, or so, to share space 2 zone. It is intended only for washing dishes, other actions to make it near or at inconvenient. The place has an impact on the selection of.

beautiful sink with cupboard

The shape of the bowl depends on the size of cabinets. If square footage allows, choose artsy product with carving on wood or stucco. round, polygonal or oval bowls look aesthetically pleasing, although losing functionality.

Styling extends to the cabinet with a sink, too. You can not take the goods, which does not fit into the interior, It stands out against its background, but not as an accent.

coupe sink
Superb and stylish sink for your kitchen

Sink in combination with pedestal: advantages

Kitchen sink pedestal has advantages:

  1. Suitable as a temporary option (during repair, when moving, etc.) and to give.
  2. Easily installed and dismantled. having skills, tables do yourself.
  3. Combination kits sold. This saves time, buyer power.
  4. Low cost. If you select an extended cabinet, then it is used as a table-top.
  5. They are access, assortment.

Vanity sink in the kitchen varies in price depending on the material production. There are products made of wood, DPS and MDF. There are metal cabinets, but they are rarely used in homes and apartments, operation focused on public places.

Cupboard under the sink for dishes vary in size. Standard embodiment includes the product, appropriate size shell. But there are more functional: enhanced or additional drawers, compartments.

Red and white wash
This wash will decorate your kitchen and will delight the excellent wear resistance and durability

Installation of stainless steel sinks with their hands: how to fix design

To install cabinets under the sink for the kitchen took place without problems, you need to prepare the socket sewerage. Remove old putty, then the available surface (inside and outside) treated with sandpaper. Pre-acquired rubber ring with a diameter, respective water tubes. Usually this 70 mm. It is covered with the top sealant, then inserted into the socket.

When the installation is finished stone, installed under the sink knee. PARTS sewerage, cups, mixers. All secured by nuts and washers. The siphon drain hole falls, equipped with a gasket. Then tighten the screws, which is tightened to a maximum.

beautiful sink with cupboard kitchen

Underframe under the sink for the kitchen - a continuation of the situation. It should not spoil the design or finish. So now is the time to adjust the trim under the Communications. The discharge pipe is cut, to match the size of, you can then remove the cap. One end is placed in the O-ring 5 cm.

When the preparations are completed, you need to open water for leak detection, If there are any. If not, the joints treated with a sealant.

Now cabinet with sink installed. Functional product is ready for its intended use.

Cupboard with the sink in the kitchen
Sink with pedestal made of high-tech equipment of modern materials

Mortice and overhead items

Cupboard under the sink in the kitchen is designed for overhead and mortise bowls. In the first case it loses the top of, washing if completes the composition. Mounting it simple, what caused the popularity of. Fixed a bowl of three ways::

  1. fixed with adhesive. Butt tables treated with silicone, to provide good cover mounting.
  2. Fixed mounting brackets. It allowed provided, that complete with sink any. Otherwise, there are no locks on the surface, screws pass through.
  3. Is fixed brackets with wooden beams in size to the pedestal. rare variant, used, when other methods are not suitable.

with pedestal kitchen sink

A bedside table under the sink in the kitchen itself contributes to the definition of the method of fixing. If you are with your own hands, in the manufacturing process chosen optimal variant fixation.

Cupboard under the sink for the kitchen for the mortise bowl is executed fully, ie. the upper part is present. Washing superimposed over, if the cover. It does not sag down due sides.

The product is more difficult to mount, especially if it is satisfied of composite materials. Also, it is difficult to connect to the communications system, it is better to call the plumber.

At the top of pedestals made incisions, appropriate under the sink dimensions. After measuring said electric part is removed jigsaw. Then ledges shell wall and pedestals are cleaned from dirt, sawdust. Once they are covered with silicone or other sealant, to help consolidate. cup pridavlivaetsya. If there are additional clips from the kit, then they should use. remove the remains of sealant.

corner cabinet
Kitchen sink is made of high quality materials resistant to high and low temperatures

Corner version of wood tables: how to properly mounted sink

Corner washbasins with pedestal designed for small spaces. With their help a complete washing system, but in a space-saving. Carried comfortably and cooking process.

corner sink with cupboard kitchen

Corner cabinets for kitchen vested benefits:

  1. Unique original design. Aesthetics using the product is at a height;
  2. density. At an average size kitchen option allows the use of valuable space for other purposes, like dining area;
  3. Functionality. It maximized.

Corner cabinet with a sink for the kitchen in the parameters and shape shall conform strictly to location.

with pedestal kitchen sink

common elements

Typically, the location of the pedestal sink is oriented to bind to an apartment sanitary. But modern technology allows flexible arrangement of the kitchen to look at. there are rules, which it is desired to adhere:

  • Do not place the cleaning around the refrigerator or stove. Excess moisture on the gas pipes or directly in household appliances contributing to the deterioration of their work;
  • To increase the comfort of using stand under the sink is located as close to the working surfaces, to food preparation was carried out quickly;
  • Shares sink area on designed for clean and dirty work. Good, if on the one hand it is located worktop. Even better, when it is a continuation of tables - then the moisture is going on her, and does not spread to inaccessible places.

corner washbasin

You can make a cabinet under the sink with his hands, if used for that old furniture. It is cut to size. If the shell bill, the upper part is completely eliminated. When she Flush, you will need to use electric tools to create space for the cup.

Such kitchen cabinets are put in order by varnishing, painting or wallpapering. If kept in the Provence style, rustic or country, the aging of the furniture will be in hand. Enough to handle with sandpaper to avoid splinters.


Kitchen sink involuntarily causes to attract attention. Therefore, it becomes an integral part of the interior. With the right mix is ​​in harmony, consistent with the style. And when choosing a thoughtful addition to the aesthetic side opens to the owner the convenience and versatility. Now for the kitchen sink with a pedestal mounted.