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Themselves with hands, or how to assemble the kitchen furniture at home

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When purchasing or ordering kitchen units necessarily raises the question: who will furniture collect. When the option to collect the kitchen does not fit with the help of professionals, will have to collect the kitchen with his hands. The main thing - patience and careful preparation. Tips on preparing premises, Required tools and principles of the assembly will be useful. maybe, assembly will take longer, but as a result you will get not only a beautiful kitchen, but also a great experience. Today let's talk about, how to build kitchen furniture .

A man collects the kitchen furniture
A man with his hands to collect the kitchen furniture is not difficult

first, Where to start, - this kitchen design. You draw it yourself or order professional, It does not matter. In order to collect their own kitchen from purchased material, it is important to not only visually represents the future of the kitchen, but carefully carry out all the measurements. The length of the walls and the ceiling height will give an idea of ​​the dimensions of the common kitchen. Now you need to measure the distance between the refrigerator, stove and sink - it will allow to plan the size and placement of cabinets and pedestals. When all the measurements will be prepared and a visual representation of the kitchen is made, can be solved: checkout or buy a ready set.

How to start a kitchen: preparatory stage

Irrelevant, you buy a kitchen set on a new kitchen or pereoboruduete old building, it is necessary to prepare.

If necessary, align the walls and floor. Smooth walls are necessary not only for beauty. Hang cabinets and formalize the working area (apron) It will be much easier. Flat floor needs, If cabinets kitchen units do not have adjustable feet.

Apron of tile you need to lay out in advance. After installation of furniture will make it difficult to.

At the stage of preparation of the premises paving sewer and water pipes.

When designing the kitchen think through the placement of appliances and kitchen equipment. Accordingly, the project assembled electrical outlet before installing furniture.

Mounted electrical outlets
It is necessary to mount the outlet before kitchen assembly

Take the instructions on arms

Regardless of, you are ordering furniture from the manufacturer, or buy ready-made kitchen, attached to the product assembly instructions of furniture. Following the instructions will considerably simplify the assembly process, so do not save time for its study. It tells, what is and what parts need to use, and most importantly - the procedure works.

In order not to be distracted during assembly, you need to immediately prepare all the necessary tools. What is needed, to assemble furniture with their hands?

  • Screwdriver save time and effort when tightening bolts and screws,
  • Drill or punch useful when attaching the cabinets on the walls,
  • The level will help to establish exactly the furniture,
  • Hexagon comes complete with accessories, is required to secure the side and top walls,
  • elbow, hammer, roulette, pliers, Carving Knife.

Even if the furniture was custom made, you may need to fit under the kitchen size. This will require:

  • hacksaw,
  • jigsaws,
  • Sandpaper.

Be sure to check that all the necessary accessories - handles, closing and opening elements, guides, etc.. All arrangements are complete with furniture.

Instruments, which will be needed for the assembly of kitchen furniture have virtually everyone

Play Designer: Furniture assembly

If you are wondering, that the first gathering: upper or lower module, We need to rely on logic. After all, do not build a house from the second floor, and here. Convenient to first assemble furniture bottom row, and then proceeding to half parts.

Council. The assembly starts with a corner kitchen corner cabinet. Usually, This cabinet with sink.

When buying a kitchen is better to take care of the neckline for cleaning. Sellers kitchen sets, usually, provide additional services.

Putting the bottom row

Closet with shelves is going on the following principle:

  1. Read the instructions for the assembly of a particular cabinet.
  2. Put all the details of a stone, including fittings and fasteners.
  3. Connect the bottom and side walls of the enclosure using evrovintov, which are part of a set of furniture.
  4. Attach the rear wall with screws or small nails.
  5. Attach the front bar.
  6. Set the legs with screws.
  7. Make a layout for the installation of doors loop.
  8. Screw the hinges of the cabinet doors.
  9. Screw the handle.
  10. Navesity dverki.

Door cabinet is best to install in the end, when the cabinet will stand on its own place. Simply put, first install and hang all the cabinets and pedestals, and then proceed to the installation of doors.

The lower part of the kitchen units
Assembles in order prailno

Shelves in a cabinet installed very simply. In the factory mounting holes are inserted into special, they placed the regiment.

Wardrobe boxes under the above-described method is going to. On the inside of the side walls are screwed guides (front roller). Then you need to collect a box according to the instructions.

The algorithm next:

  1. Collect three walls of the box using evrovintov.
  2. Insert the bottom of the box.
  3. collect facade (most often used eccentric screed - it is invisible from the outside).
  4. Screw guide (rear roller).

Putting wall cabinets

Hanging lockers are collected similarly Cabinet base. Particular attention to the type of attachment - it DIN rail or hoop.

When using a DIN rail using an adjustable canopy. It is attached to the cabinet, rail - to the wall. When the cabinet overhang the hook clings to the rail and is pulled. With this installation can handle one person.

The hinges are attached to the cabinet and cupboard with dowels attached to the wall on the hinge. Such an attachment - a budget option.

Standard distance between the lower edge of the drawer and the table - 50-60 cm.

Tips for kitchen furniture care

If you want to, the furniture in the kitchen last a long time, you must adhere to the uncomplicated tips to care for her.

Try to avoid mechanical damage - severe shocks or scratches.

With care, consider the material, from which the furniture is made. Laminated or plastic surface is not afraid of any cleaning agents. In the care of furniture from MDF to forget about chemicals (facilities, which include alkali and acid).

Countertops made of acrylic is easy to make the original beauty. It needs to be sanded on a regular basis - once a 2-3 of the year. It will return to its former glory, and minor scratches They will be eliminated.


load distribution cabinets and shelves should be uniform. This will avoid distortions and loosening.