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How to collect the kitchen at home with their own hands

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Is it possible to transform an ordinary kitchen into the center of attraction of domestic? definitely, Yes - from the kitchen to create a home is not so difficult, as it seems. Add to the kitchen sofa, Sheds TV and put a small radio: place for family evenings ready, It left buy a couple of board games.

Buy furniture is still easier, rather than doing something from scratch on their own, and the funds for such a product will take less, than consumables, nerves and electricity, which is required when a handwritten manufacture. so, you shop, booked kitchen under the right size home delivery.

The most usual for any small apartment kitchen

Bell rings ... and you pass a huge number of packages and packaging: who would have thought, that the assembly kitchenette fall on your shoulders. Well, there is nothing necessary to start the installation, let's get a look, how to protect themselves from low-quality goods and get a good result.

initial inspection: how to avoid mistakes

Do not just be happy to throw and break the whole package, dumping the entire contents of the heap. Before opening the way should carefully examine the packaging:

  • To begin, count the number of boxes and brought the number of, specified in the consignment note. If there is a discrepancy, without delay, call the store, where you bought the material for a corner
  • Externally inspect all packages, they must be free of defects. Even wrinkled corners may indicate damage to the material
  • Now just open the package. If they are numbered, We do it in the same order. First of all check the relevant details checklist, which should be in each package
  • Conduct an audit of the details, look, whether they have any shortcomings. Pay particular attention to the seat and fabric, sidushka should be qualitatively covered with, and the fabric looking new and to be sewed to the base of the seat around the perimeter

supply furniture
Upon receipt of the furniture, always check the packaging integrity

If you have found any flaws, it is not necessary to proceed to the assembly and make area. Take a picture details, and if possible - take a marriage to the store and at the first opportunity to go. That is why we do not recommend getting rid of the packages until the end of the assembly, because you can and miss something. Besides, chipping may occur during assembly: if you do not violate assembly technology, it is a defect of the goods.

Buying corner from a major reseller, The assembly does not present special difficulties, since all the necessary components, including assembly instructions kitchenette, present in packaging. If you intend to buy a ready-made version, note, that weighs such a design without 10 kg centner.

Parts and tools

If you have ordered in the area of ​​the enterprise-manufacturer, you will need to separately purchase the following parts and tools:

  • Shurupnaya screed (evroşurup) radius 3.5 mm and length 0.5 cm
  • Drilling and drill him (№ 5-6) - Wood, of course
  • Allen key for evroshurupy
  • boring machine
  • plugs (plastic and adhesive)
  • Piano hinges / awnings
  • Bases for furniture
  • Optionally - screwdriver
  • Screws for mounting parts, rolyanyh hinges and thrust (4 x 16, 3 x 20, 4 x 30 - respectively)
  • small tools: screwdriver, line, roulette
  • Pencil

Tools for assembling furniture in a special zone

How to collect?

Begin by sorting details. Wood put the tree, screws and other Consumable - Put on the types, everything has to be in front. Important, that the room was not extraneous things, and it is desirable to "advisers". Even if you pick the day, turn on the lights, extra light will not interfere. The first step is going to frame, Assembly begins with the edge parts:

  1. Find the longest side panel, her fasten the front and rear part of the housing. Fixing is done at the expense of evroshurupov and dowels. Do not neglect shkantami - they will add the strength of the supporting part
  2. Visually check the fixing strength and look, to the edge parts fit tightly to each other. After that, we turn over to the side frame structure and holes fiberboard insert rear stub
  3. here attentive. Take the second side portion, put on top of the construction (covering its) and put on the screws
  4. Screws anchoring bases for furniture, If the design has something else - to be fixed with the same screws
  5. We do the same for a short section (repeat steps 1-4)
  6. check the, the height was the same

Some models include the availability of external pads on the sidewall, attempting to install this items must be after the completion of the frame assembly.

Furniture assembly
When assembling the furniture follow the instructions

By installing sidushek proceed on both hulls assembly completion. Sheds for seats are mounted on both sections in two places on the back side. This is done, so that when the lid is opened, they were invisible. After that, as a complete shop, Getting back mounting bracket. note, that production models for the area of ​​the side hole covered with a cloth, Do not be confused by the sight of them lack, note their location SCREW.

Next, we need a range. It is possible to proceed to a compound of the long and short sections. The frameless version of the first case fastened to the seat back, then put it on your site. check the, opening the cover. We start with screwing SCREW, then fasten lower lobe radius.

To assemble the kitchen from particleboard, must begin with securing the corner portion of the substrate, and after already mounted to the seat back. May happen, it back into place, then vary the angle of sharpness. If this does not help, it is likely, that your kit is not the radius.

Accessories for furniture assembly

There, where fixed evroshurupy, insert plugs.

On the table queue

Now it's time to assemble the table. We will describe the common assembly options. Take one of the side panels and fasten it Acquire. When assembled, this structure on top of a narrow panel (which is perpendicular to the floor), and the lower panel resembles the letter T. It is important to comply with the rigor of a right angle between them! After all fasten pivot bearings.

finale close: We collect stools

Another important detail: the installation itself countertop should be on the floor. Only at the very end we put it on to get a "skeleton" and secured by corners.

With the assembly of the stools will not be any problems: One of the side portions is fastened item, reinforcing the product, then all the second part is mounted. Thrust bearings fasten again after all. Thus we collect remaining stools, We check them on the strength of strong pressing. Soft Seats put at the end of the entire assembly.


Summing up

If you carefully read this article, paid attention, that collect in the corner of the kitchen is not so difficult. The only problem with the material can be, if it is not chipboard, and solid wood - will be harder to collect. However, we recommend it chipboard, since it is easier to, easy going, and it is no different serif, internal cracks, as is the case with wood. In addition, it is not inferior in strength wood - it showed the furniture industry, working with this material.

Choosing a fixed area in the kitchen, Pay special attention to the quality of the product, and then you will not have problems in the assembly. And it serves this area many times more the warranty period. Now you know, how to build a kitchen corner.