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Can I make a corner sofa in the kitchen by yourself: Master Class

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The ability to make furniture in the home is an advantage.

Corner sofa in the kitchen
Corner sofa has become the most popular furniture in the kitchen

Can to make a corner sofa in the kitchen with his hands individual sizes, that seamlessly fit into the interior of the kitchen. Soft corners for the kitchen are characterized by functionality and convenience. Such headsets save area. If you make yourself a sofa, then this option will cost half the price, than a store of articles.

Features angular designs for the kitchen area

Corner sofa at the kitchen is considered to be the best solution for small apartments. In this case, a small area located area for cooking and a small dining room.

sofa in the kitchen

This design is equipped with comfortable seating for storing, which are located under the seat. In addition to the soft sofas in the table Comes, which may be of any shape. These furniture sets are fixed and sliding.

The main criteria when choosing a product is the size of the kitchen and the number of family members. Also takes into account the following factors:

  1. The angle of inclination of the sofa.
  2. Dimensions and design of individual elements.
  3. If you do pull out sofa with his hands, it is determined by the layout mechanism.
  4. Characteristics Upholstery.
  5. Device storage tanks and mechanisms of drawers.

performed drawings and diagrams to facilitate the work. In this case, we compute all working construction sites.

corner sofa
The most important thing, that all family members were placed in the kitchen and feel comfortable

Selected place in the area, and measurements of space held. Based on these parameters, defined width, length and height of the product. It should define the design depth, from the front edge to the back.

Production of the sofa with his hands has the following advantages:

  • cash savings;
  • the opportunity to choose quality materials;
  • the creation of any design;
  • if necessary, you can manually perform constriction.

After you create a drawing, selected the necessary materials and tools.

Mounting bracket: stages of work and materials

Construct a reliable corner sofa to the kitchen with his hands to help build quality and a choice of durable materials.

it is recommended not to use expensive materials or complex elements of fasteners.

We need to work timber, DSP, plywood, screws, sintepon, foam rubber, legs, fabric for furniture and joiner's glue. Applicable mechanism of transformation and the roller device for drawers.

Corner sofa with his hands
Materials for self-production of furniture Pick up for yourself - it all depends on the budget

It is not necessary to fasten the elements with nails, as they were loosened with time. Better use of self-tapping screws. Strengthen the sofa to the kitchen with his hands to help glue, which firmly connects the parts.

As the tool is selected Saw, electric drill or screwdriver, stapler for furniture and sewing machine for tissue processing.

Beam made of wood treated specially before working solution. Details are cut from the sheet material.

To make a sofa with his hands need to do the following:

  1. Of cut plywood sheet side elements, which are installed on the supporting bars.
  2. The frame is collected separately for each part. Sides are assembled using timber. This forms a frame for seating, upper and lower struts. After assembling the carcass structure, plywood mounted to the racks.
  3. Performed elements storage tanks. They are made of chipboard and amplified at the corners of bars. Plywood produced solid bottom.
  4. Of the three elements mounted side corner module.
  5. Corner sofa with his hands is equipped with a folding seat. They are cut out of plywood and attached to the frame of the timber and are upholstered with foam and cloth. The elements are fixed by piano hinges.
  6. Seat cover is connected to the rear longitudinal beam. In this case, the cover extends beyond the sidewall. By the bar screwed back rack.

Then, sofa kitchen with his hands upholstered fabric. Before this procedure should nonwoven foam obtyanut.

Drawings corner sofa
Drawings corner sofa better to instruct a specialist

Options for upholstery kitchenette

Before upholster a sofa with his hands to check the design strength. Elements must be properly equipped and carefully adjusted.

Simple area considered rigid structure, however foam layer is used in the size 45 mm at the back and on the seat.

The upholstery consists of the following::

  1. For each element, and the foam is cut sintepon.
  2. Foam is glued with a special adhesive and fitted by cloth.
  3. Corner is going to the holes.
  4. detail measured, the dimensions are transferred to the fabric. Material is cut with oversize. The fabric is tensioned by the element is fastened and braces.

To create a kitchen corner sofa with his hands to choose a high quality and durable material.

For the back of the sofa cushions are made.

The back of the sofa cushions
The back of the sofa pillows - very comfortable invention

What fabric to choose?

Required practical fabric, to perform the kitchen sofa with his hands. For the kitchen area suitable synthetic materials. Such fabrics are characterized hypoallergenic and resistant to soiling. Material from synthetic well cleaned.

Kitchen sofa with his hands finished with the following materials:

  1. Jacquard.
  2. Velours.
  3. Flock.
  4. microfiber.

sofa in the kitchen

Synthetic fabrics are resistant to sunlight and have the following characteristics:

  1. Anallergic.
  2. The porous breathable fabric structure.
  3. Material not electrified.
  4. The fabric has a water repellent. From it makes a convenient mini sofa in the kitchen with his hands.

Practical material considered leatherette, which gives different solidity and strength.

Benefits skin for furniture designs

Runs a sofa in the kitchen with his hands in leather. This material is characterized by monotony and done without ornaments. But there is a large selection of color palettes.

The skin is considered to be the best one for the kitchen facilities. The material is characterized by ease of maintenance, ecological compatibility and reliability.


By using high-quality materials and the necessary tools can be constructed the original area for the kitchen in the home. In this case, the product drawing can be performed alone or special order. Having the skills to work with wood and fabric, the scheme can collect high-quality design.