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Padding kitchenette: instruction

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Finally, over a prolonged repair, kitchen shines and catches the eye comfort and freshness. Such idealistic picture not destined to exist forever, under the influence of temperature changes, moisture, contamination, fat and sunlight colors fade, fade, the walls are covered at first imperceptible specks, and the furniture is worn.

corner sofa
Corner sofa red color blends well with beautiful wallpaper

Refresh the paint or wallpaper on the walls is easy and inexpensive, and the wooden furniture components steadfastly stand the test of time, can not be said about the upholstery dining group, where traces of the spilled food can be clearly seen, dirty hands, scrapes. overtighten Kitchen Area their own hands - a reasonable way, giving the opportunity to update the furniture, return it to the lost appeal and gloss, without spending money to buy a new product.

Padding kitchen corner with his hands: the best kind of material

hauling furniture

When the kitchen has worn, upholstery enriched cracks, holes and scuffed, not provided for the master, a furniture frame while still strong, Upholstered furniture with his own hands - a reasonable and logical solution. The process itself is quite simple, it is able to cope with even a novice in furniture, possessing instruments at a basic level. Venturing on this procedure, you will save a considerable sum as close-fitting furniture with his own hands will entail costs do not exceed a few thousand.

Kitchen Area

Originally defined with an upholstery material and one product performance. For example, consider the standard area, often found in modern kitchens. It is a soft sofa with a seat width of about 40 cm, located within the spacious drawers for storage of useful household items.

Padding kitchen corner performed using one of the following types of material:

  • leatherette;
  • Velours;
  • Textile;
  • nubuck;
  • Flock;
  • Jacquard.

Beautiful colors corner sofa

There are also low cost options with a upholstery from a natural leather. Buying an artificial skin, check its density and strength, the textile material must be impregnated with a special water-repellent substance.

Padding corner sofa with his hands It will provide an effective and long-term results by using extremely high quality coating. Artificial leather - Practical Option, especially for families with young children. It is easy to care for, If liquid does not absorb it, in contrast to the velvet and textiles, in need of washing.

Coloring and pattern upholstery Pick up the most suitable for the general style of the rest of the interior. Upholstery upholstered furniture with their hands gives room for creativity, It may be a combination of several kinds of materials.

Upholstered furniture for kitchen


Padding at home kitchen corners process, though simple, but responsible, It requires a number of tools:

  1. Staple for removing old upholstery or use a flat screwdriver and pliers;
  2. Knife (useful for cutting tissue);
  3. furniture stapler, if it is assumed one-time interior furniture with their hands, It fits most inexpensive option, loaded clamps 10-14 mm;
  4. Set of screwdrivers;
  5. Hammer;
  6. Dense foam height 40-60 mm, rolls sold in specialized stores Construction;
  7. Glue;
  8. Material with a margin of about 15%;
  9. Furniture cardboard to fit seams;

Magnificent corner sofa is ideal in the kitchen

Learning process necking steps: everything can be done at home

Below is a detailed step by step instructions for those who want to change the upholstery of the sofa with his hands:

  1. Advertisement and remove the part of the bracket, which carries the upholstery.
  2. With the help of Removers or no knife to remove old paint, possibly, rusted, brackets.
  3. Neatly, trying not to break, remove the foam and trim the old stuff, because it will serve as the most appropriate templates. If the foam is put on the glue, removing it will take some time.
  4. Thoroughly clean the base of the foam and glue residues, and then lay on the seat and back new, pre-labeled.Upholstered furniture for the kitchen with his hands
  5. According to measurements made sew a cover for his corner. With a lack of funds for the purchase of material, you can save and manage existing unwanted clothes, for example, update the sofa with his hands possible with the old worn jeans. Such a solution fit into any modern interior.
  6. Comes the most important stage - just hauling kitchen corner with his hands. Approach the process thoughtfully, without undue haste, pull on the sofa frame and fix a few staples svezhesshituyu upholstery. vote result, if you are satisfied, carefully fix the covers.
  7. dragging parts, having a large degree of curvature (armrests), staples nail within 1 cm. This will avoid uneven tension and waves.

magnificent sofa
Gorgeous sofa with beautiful pillows look great with suitcases and flowers Ornamental

We advise to capture with the camera, found under the upholstery and foam padding polyester, namely the manner in which they are laid (butt, vnahlest, before reaching the edge). This action will simplify the process of rebuilding the model and allows you to quickly sheathe the kitchen with his hands.

How view, sheathe the sofa with his hands is not so troublesome. Thus, you prolong the life of your favorite interior items, save on the purchase of new furniture, you choose the appropriate structure, structure, quality and color material covers. Result of your work will become a subject of pride of the family and home decoration.

tied with kitchen corner

Separately, about cutting new upholstery

Let us dwell on the most laborious stage of "upgrading" kitchen corner - cutting out the calculation of the size and covers. After spending this process is not correctly, you risk to buy an insufficient amount of material or, conversely, outspend fabric.

Measurements should ideally be installed on the old upholstery, adding 5 see stock, which will go to the folds and seams, from each side. Mark directly on the material for covering the sofa with his hands fulfilled soap or chalk, their traces in contrast to the marker removed without residue.


Increase obtained by measurements on yardage 15%, that you are guaranteed to have enough, even in case of damage of one of the cuts. Surplus same in the future, you are used to decorate the kitchen, Staple covers stools or cushions.