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Kitchenette Laguna: for comfort in the kitchen

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The kitchen uses in the home increased attention, But this is not just a place for cooking and eating food. Here spend time for emotional conversations family, the owners welcome guests.

Kitchenette "Laguna"
An instance of a seating area in the kitchen

correctly chosen kitchen furniture It will help to rationally organize the kitchen space and at the same time give it the comfort of home. A good choice for the kitchen will be Kitchen Area.

Selection of kitchen furniture

Kitchenette ─ a wonderful choice for any kitchen, especially with a small area. Such headsets has several advantages:

  • savings of space;
  • lightness and ease of care;
  • large variety of upholsteries;
  • the presence of niches for storage;
  • long service time.

A wide range of such sets is due to different requirements from buyers. If for some important functionality, for others ─ design. And no doubt there will a third party, which selects and then, and other.

Standard kitchen of this type consists of a corner sofa, a table and a few chairs. But manufacturers have gone further and propose a model with sleeper. With the kitchen sofa guests do not put you in an awkward position, if they stay with an overnight stay. Besides, this kitchen furniture is suitable for a child's room and even for the living room.

Kitchenette with sleeping
Furnished with beds in the kitchen room is very original

Kitchen Area

How to choose the kitchen, so satisfied with the results? Special tricks in this case there is no, but there are nuances, which saves time knowledge, nerves and money.

first, which attracts the attention ─ corner Sizes. It must match the parameters of the kitchen. Trying to squeeze into a tiny kitchen area with a gorgeous huge table and chairs in the boot does not succeed. Samples kitchens "Laguna" is the best suited for the assembly of small kitchens, who are forced to use the bulk of consumers.

Next, you should decide its placement. follow, Approaches to the lockers, refrigerators and other household appliances are not blocked. note, corners that can be right-handed and left. The complexity of the design will not allow the headset to move from corner to corner, If you think about the transposition. Function Universal have only some models. If you plan to place the corner of the wall, Stay low back sofa, and if he will serve as a separator between the cooking zones, choose a high back.

Kitchen Area
The height of the back will play an important role in the comfort

that Corner Kitchen lost appearance during operation, it away from a gas stove, heating and cleaning system.

Be sure to consider, of what should be your area. This can be not only a sofa and table, but chairs, footstools etc. Main ─ not to clutter the kitchen space and trace, to all the furniture in it was sustained in the same style and color harmony.

Look carefully at the fastening and do not buy a corner in such cases,:

  • parts loosely secured together;
  • you find the defective hardware;
  • clear visible defects on the outer side of the headset;
  • bad looping.

Kitchen corner sofa "Laguna"

corner sofas "Laguna" are a good choice for the kitchen. Their sizes vary depending on the customers' wishes. You can select the standard of the, what is available, or make a bed on request from the manufacturer. Reducing the size of the headset will not affect the price of the product, whereas the increase is taken into account when the price of each added a centimeter.

For a small kitchen often choose square or oval folding table, two chairs and a soft sofa "Laguna". But the favorite model of customers is considered to be a kitchen area "Laguna" with pull-out sofa.

Kitchen sofa "Laguna" Sleeper - Features:

  • easy transformation of the corner in a place to sleep for one or two people using the "dolphin" system;
  • reliable design promotes long-term use;
  • a niche located on the bottom are used to store things underclothes, dishes and cereals;
  • hinged cushion provides additional comfort during the sitting.

Kitchen corner sofa "Laguna"
Curtain airbags are very comfortable, if you spend a long time for the meal

Under the sofa "Laguna" is better to choose a table round shape, thus increase the number of seats and the comfort of the people, seated at the corners. This option is recommended for families, small children. Table with rectangular tabletop most practical. Compromise ─ rectangular table with rounded edges.

Square table for "Laguna" is to choose a kitchen corner, if the room sorely lacking space. Excellent choice would be the table-transformer. In this case, take care of the additional places for sitting.

The most viable option for the kitchen "Laguna" will stools. To save space you can hide them under the table. If the catering area allows, it is quite possible to stay on the chairs. Besides, a kitchenette acquire poufs, benches or pews. Tables and chairs for the "Laguna" kitchens can be implemented as a complete suite, and separately.

Interior kitchen corner

Upholstery corner sofa Kitchen "Laguna" is selected on the basis of existing pieces of furniture. Hence, a large range of colors and a wide range of materials and finishing fabrics.

More often, angular kitchen sofas "Laguna" adhesive qualities cloth and leatherette, ─ less skin. Consider the characteristics of different types of upholstery:

  1. Synthetic fabrics suitable for allergic. They are characterized by high hygroscopicity, easy to wash and clean.
  2. Furniture suede looks no different from natural suede. Benefits: It can not be withdrawn due to a special coating of Teflon, repels dust and moisture, good air permeability;
  3. leather corner sofas for "Laguna" kitchen shows financial situation of the hosts, their status. Skin practical in operation and maintenance, but the model with a cup in the kitchen looked uncomfortable. This material can be trimmed and the chairs for the "Laguna" cuisine, which can be used in the living room for the seating of the guests in a festive atmosphere;
  4. imitation leather, which obbivat furniture "Laguna" in properties different from natural leather, and will cost at 50-70% cheaper.

Council! When buying a kitchen corner with a synthetic upholstery make, that it will not bring harm to health. To do this, ask the seller a certificate of quality.

Where can I buy "Laguna" furniture


Kitchen tables and chairs "Laguna" is available to customers in all regional centers and large cities of Russia. All items of furniture set of this model can be selected in the network, in one of the many online stores. Also, instead of, to buy the traditional kitchen chairs "Laguna", we can consider the range of comfortable and sturdy stools and soft ottoman.

Kitchenette Laguna the perfect solution for your kitchen.