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Instructions independent manufacturing kitchenette

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Fitted kitchen space is now difficult to imagine without the use of the corresponding corner, which has an interesting appearance, practicality in use and other technical advantages. Да и к тому же за счет многих преимущества этого предмета кухонной мебели, each person provided appropriate convenience when using, поэтому многие даже решают сделать Kitchen Area their own hands. In order to understand all the intricacies, you must familiarize yourself with everything individually.

Kitchen Area
Soft kitchen interior

Advantages of the kitchen seating area made of wood, metal

Kitchen Area

Attractive appearance kitchenette is considered his most important advantage, and that's due to it's popularity and growing, because everyone wants to equip their premises so interesting option of furniture. If you choose the right kitchen, even the simplest interior is complemented by refinement, originality and, the most important thing, ease of use.

Some options may settle kitchenette and sleeping, which is convenient and practical for small apartments, because if family or friends come to visit, it is possible to arrange a berth in the kitchen, creating a comfortable environment all required. Usually, a kitchenette is a separate niche for storing utensils, some kitchen utensils or cereals, depending on the preferences of the hostess. If a make a soft kitchen corner with their hands, you can come up with a unique model with unique additional features.

beige headsets
Beige suite with a niche for storage

There are also models of seating area, which are equipped with a small bar-buffet between soft seats, therefore, there can be put coffee, sugar, cookies or candies. A host can easily get it if necessary, that he needed, and it does not take up too much space in the kitchen.

When it comes to equipping a small kitchen space, you can consider the option of acquiring a shortened version of a corner. The compact furniture can be complemented by an extendable table, where eight people can comfortably stay in the unfolded form him, and folded to provide substantial space savings.

Kitchen Area

It is better to buy ready-made version of a kitchenette or make (overtighten) his own hands

In spite of the formed large range of kitchen furniture, in every furniture store buyer can provide a customized solution of the problem. But if you want to try yourself in the manufacture of furniture, you can make a kitchen corner with his hands. And besides homemade kitchen saves money, as yourself, you can choose some alternative materials, thereby providing appropriate usability.

soft angle
Soft angle with coloring chess

If you have not had experience with natural wood, then you should not do it out of a corner for the kitchen with his hands, because you can do more than just material. For example, It can be made of chipboard kitchen with his hands, which will look beautiful and stylish. Where seat and backrest are upholstered with cloth, or even possible to make a leather sofa with his hands, depending on the features and capabilities.

And to do the same kitchen will cost much lower, that allows you to create it literally every person, that is considered the main advantage.

Independent production of kitchen sitting area: instructions with drawings and diagrams

First you need to get the appropriate materials, которые понадобятся чтобы сделать кухонный угловой диван their own hands:

  • - laminated chipboard to create a facade details of the future kitchen corner.
  • Chipboard ground, without any coating.
  • Edge for facing ends, without the risk of delamination.
  • Foam to create soft seat and backrest kitchenette.
  • Upholstery is selected depending on individual preferences and opportunities.

Chertёzh furniture
Drawing furniture for independent production

- Well, of course, manufacture of kitchen corner with their hands not possible without fasteners in the form of metal parts, screws for furniture, etc..

but remember, that the particle board may have different colors and shades, so try to pick up the, that will be combined with the material used upholstery and interior kitchen facilities.

But then, corner in the kitchen with his hands can be built in accordance with the instructions provided:

  1. From the outset, held all the relevant measurements, and the chosen design of the future of soft kitchen corner.
  2. If possible you can use the drawings and diagrams, to have an accurate visual representation, how to make the kitchen.
  3. After that the purchase of materials for the manufacture of.
  4. If you have not performed and cutting edge DSP in hardware store, you can do it at home, if you use the dryer building, or ordinary iron.
  5. Be sure to prepare yourself for a comfortable workplace, where you will create a soft corner for the kitchen with his hands. There must be present all the tools and materials, to have everything at your fingertips.

long module assembly settee soft kitchenette with sleeping

Assembly instructions
When the assembly should strictly follow the instructions

Drawings corner of the kitchen with his hands contain precise cutting out details of the scheme, you need to clearly follow the guidance of cutting material, that there was no marriage.

When all the parts are cut, faces materials papered special end edge, you can start creating your kitchen corner, namely the assembly of the sofa. Sidewall corner are considered the main carriers facial details of construction, so you must create them using high-quality laminated chipboard, because only in such a case it provides an attractive and quality to use.

Assembling furniture niches under kitchenette.

The front side is created from laminated chipboard, but all the internal parts can be created from a polished chipboard.

kitchen self-assembly

Strap for securing the cover can be attached by means of a piano hinge.

The backrest and the upper strap detail sawed laminated chipboard, wherein such parts are attached to the sidewalls by means of metal corner.

Obbivat back and seat upholstery foam and the selected pictures. At the same time remember, that each padding has material properties and its usage rules, so try to carefully study them prior to installation.


Actually spend fabrication corner sofa with his hands is not so difficult, because the most important thing is to choose the desired material and tools, have sufficient time, have a basic idea of ​​how to make the kitchen a sofa with his hands, follow the instructions and have the desire to create a piece of furniture with his hands, without resorting to the art and furniture stores. And only then we can do everything at the highest level.