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Modern kitchen corners: accommodation and comfort in a small kitchen

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Kitchen furniture in this time of so striking diversity, Each purchaser chooses for himself what, what it needs at the right price. Among the range of choice can be stopped on models, to suit the size of the kitchen with different quadrature. In this article you will learn, some interesting kitchen corners put people at home, in accordance with the layout and style.

Kitchen Area

Options over constructions

Modern designs of kitchen sets many variations, that dazzled. They help to take every available centimeter per room. Among them:

corner sofa

  1. sofa-sided. These pieces of furniture are found among the lineup of "Metro", that fit into the design of a small kitchen;
  2. corner sofa. Such variant convenient, So, as the performance variations of many - wooden armrests, side walls, one big pillow, sleeping place.
  3. Hull soft model. In the model, there are separate modules, Buyers are selected and so complement, as they please. Such variations are present in the "Sultana".

If you have a small apartment, but you have guests from out of town, buy Kitchen Area Cosiness sleeper, which decomposes when needed - it is practical.

Kitchen Area

not important, a way of life in your family, or preference, the main thing - is to choose an option, which benefits and additional space for folded items, sleeping place, comfort and fit under the premise. Prices of kitchen furniture depend on the coating material, printing and decorating elements.

unilateral sofa

This piece of furniture is an option for small spaces 5 quarter. m. Sofas from the series "Metro" feature within the drawer, which holds enough items and kitchen utensils. Material - Particleboard.

this modern kitchenette choose this, which looks at you - they have an incredible selection of colors and upholstery, that fit under your furniture and complement the interior of the kitchen. Length 800 mm, but if desired, it varies in a different direction.

green kitchen

If a room with a quadrature 6-8 quarter. m., then to fit a kitchen area with a length of Senator 1100 mm.

Council: buy a couch sided layout. They are easy to use, and under them pick up a chair or footstools, chairs with the same upholstery.

The national team of modular furniture for kitchen

Buy modular furniture, if the room is present unconventional stylistic decision. High-tech style, art-wei and modern furnishings complemented by a, and will be in harmony with each other. Just soak the style of the room in one direction to harmony.

Prefabricated corner kitchens are convenient, they are going anywhere in the kitchen, even if it is standing next to a washing machine or dishwasher, fridge.

stylish kitchen

Design sofas Kitchen

Sofas, formed in an angular clearance, convenient and practical in the kitchen. Depending on the location of the furniture put the headset on the right or left corner.

Sofa for a small kitchen

Everyone, which has little space in the kitchen, understands, that care for every centimeter. therefore, better to stop your choice on these models of sofas.

  1. Kitchenette comfort complement the interior of your room and gives use the extra space for storage and appliances. modifications, packing, upholstery and colors different, they emphasize the modern style kitchen.
  2. Kitchenette Dream - a boon for owners of small compact kitchens, beauty and aesthetics - the main features of the furniture, which you can combine with any style of interior and other furniture. elements, that emphasize sofas - carved decorated with inserts of wood, textile or leather upholstery.sofa for a small kitchen
  3. For classic style or fit Provence kitchen Fortuna, in different versions and colors. Carved details on a frame of wood emphasize the severity of lines and beauty.

Council: if you liked or corner sofas Dream Fortune, manufacturers will make it if desired - from natural wood or chipboard, padding and stuffing at the discretion of the owner.

  1. If you liked the kitchen Catherine, make any embodiment and Upholstery colors, which is suitable for the interior of the kitchen or dining room. But this piece of furniture will be pleased with, So, as the kitchen on the metal with chrome finish.
  2. Solid kitchen Mozart did not disappoint convenience and a compact design. Upholstery - suede in colors to choose from, which is combined with polyurethane foam back and seat - it creates a comfort and convenience for with complete furniture
  3. Caesar - the kitchen corner, which the, like many others, you can select a different color scheme and upholstery, Besides, it has a complete folding table on metal.

Sofa with extra bed

Family, who lives in a small apartment, and often receives visitors, in need of such a couch, so that it decomposes and was equipped with another berth. Luckily, there are some models, which are made in the form of sliding structures or clamshells. Senator kitchenette with a sleeping place is very popular among buyers, he has reasonable price and the different variations of colors and upholsteries. Laid out sofa on the principle of "dolphin".

Council: at the time of buying kitchen corner sofa Sen., which has an additional pull-out bed, needs the exact size of kitchen space, to be sure, that it will fit in the kitchen and did not take a lot of space.

sofa in the kitchen

You can safely buy sofas with wooden armrests, that the kitchen convenient to use. Next to this furniture looks good kitchen chairs on metal - it is durable and will last for decades.

Choosing furniture to the kitchen corner: the nuances

a set of furniture in the kitchen

All models, referred to in this article, popular among consumers. Before, how to buy a sofa, make, it is not fake. To do this, you need to know the nuances of:

  • The inner seat has a strong attachment, carefully attached upholstery, crisp seams;
  • The products have the necessary quality certificates, so do not buy furniture without them;
  • If the certificate in the presence of, there indicate the composition of materials, their safety for health, instructions;
  • Retractable design should take place, where you can attach
    kitchen chair on metal.

Corner sofa in the kitchen
Corner sofa in the kitchen looks always beautiful

Council: do not buy a sofa, if it has not accompanied by instructions and material composition, in this way, you will see the poor quality of the goods soon, and the money for it you no one will return. To not have to pay twice - select furniture and good quality from the manufacturer, which had worked well.


Headsets and corners of the kitchen are made in different styles, variations and colors. Manufacturers provide a range of, each of which selects the, that he needed a room design, and at the right price. When choosing carefully look at, how to make furniture and ask for the necessary operating and maintenance instructions.