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Set the style of the kitchen with the help of the couch: Secrets chic design

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Little couch fits well into the interior of the small-sized kitchen. This - the type of couches, backed, descending to the foot, and with a single headboard. With the French language translated, as a small bed. It is not a sofa in the classic sense, and Bed, but something in between, located between.

Your couch is not only harmoniously blends into the room, but sygret an important role in the home

History and Present

According to the story, in ancient Greece couch could belong exclusively aristocratic estate. In those ancient times, it was an expensive and elegant piece of furniture, on which rested members of the nobility.


Interest in this subject was revived in furniture 17 century, and gradually spread across Europe, classicism as an indispensable attribute of the interior.

Modern couch ceased to be the prerogative of the aristocratic strata. It is a functional and comfortable piece of furniture. She put in the living room, nursery, in the office. Can be found in the kitchen and the couch. She is in demand among consumers, because not only saves space, and money, because it costs cheaper than traditional sofas, or bed.

couch, and how a small sofa or couch-ottoman complements the dining room in the kitchen area. But unlike its counterparts, characterized by grace.

couch in the kitchen

Manufacturers equip the couch for relaxing sliding mechanism, transforming a compact furniture full bed. Wherein, the lower part is used as a chest for bed.

Couch with sleeping - this is the piece of furniture, which unobtrusively solve the problem of an additional place to sleep in a small apartment. why unobtrusively?

  1. The couch in the kitchen will not show, that there is someone sleeping;
  2. initially it did not take up much space;
  3. rational and attractive.

Kitchen furniture
couch- is not only a sofa, but also comfortable benches

styles couches: version with a berth in the style of Provence, Folding and sliding model in the form of the sofa, Corner leather harnesses

Like any, respecting a piece of furniture, couch different machinery manufacturing, and performed in accordance with a predetermined style, that allows you to select piece of furniture, fits well into a specific style.

Even modern high-tech style and modernism reflected in this kind of upholstered furniture. Minimalism - unpretentiousness in lines and minimal number of decorations. Hi-tech tech reflected in the performance of some models, in applying cold shining metal when placing the feet, armrests. Belonging to this style and stresses of the modern interior, leathery, materials.

Couch kitchen in high-tech style merges with the interior and will blend lining furniture, electrical household appliances.


country style, on the other hand tend to the abundance of wood and warm, Pastel colors fabrics. This style contains all sofas benches, couch with latticed or woven armrests.

Art Nouveau, which is present in the interiors of modern apartments, characterized by smooth, rounded lines. In the kitchen, decorated in this style, for sure, It is a round or oval table, next to which a soft couch with oval curves will look harmonious and elegant.

AND, of course, not least in modern interiors with classic. This right linii¸ harmony in colors, natural materials.

This furniture will create in the kitchen a comfortable sitting area

Making the couch to the kitchen with his hands: Tricks in the interior

This couch to the kitchen with a sleeping place you can do yourself, without notch skills. Enough to have a basic knowledge of and ability to use tools. We do not need as complex machines and special fittings.

To work required jigsaw, electric drill with screwdriver, and a stapler for fabric upholstery. From a hinge fittings are used, on which is mounted a single armrest.

Armrest thickness should correspond to the thickness of the mattress. The picture shows, that the couch is on the floor, but it is better to do on low-legged, and to provide a pair of pull-out of the wheels. Then the fabric will not sponge oneself down on the floor. Feet do adjustment wheels. Or another option. Cut plywood residues 6 triangles of the same size, paint them in the color of fabric, or conventional lacquer otlakiruyte. Tighten the screws. And do not cling to the screws and do not scratch the floor, drill countersink holes for cap screws and drown.

Couches Kitchen
Now the couch to the kitchen is not only considered a luxury, but also a convenient place to relax with family and friends

such legs

  1. pripodnimut couch, and the fabric will not sponge oneself down,
  2. further strengthen the connection box.
  3. Made easy and simple,

For couch sleeper need

  • 2 standard veneer thickness 15-18 mm;
  • maybe, It takes another piece of thin plywood or fiberboard for the box bottom. and small (20 mm) nails. The box is fixed by tightening the corners and small screws, or screws;
  • Mattress and armrest need 1list foam thickness 7-10 cm;
  • for the back and the front bezel - 1 Foam sheet thickness 2 cm;
  • Fabric with a width 1,4 meter - for 3 meters of each color.
  • screws, braces for stapler.
  • Two loops for the armrest.

When assembling, take care, the dimensions of the mattress width and length were not less than the size of the box. Do not forget, that the thickness of the wall is added on to the plywood parts held together.

couch in the kitchen

Mattress and armrest is elementary: to cut the size of a sheet of plywood glued foam, and the top is fitted by a decorative cloth. Foam cut out on 1 cm more veneer. Thick foam easier to cut with a knife sharpened. The fabric for these items cut out of the calculation of the size of the plywood plus double height plus foam 8 centimeters hem (by 4 cm on each side).

Cover for front and back carve out in the form of wood pieces and sew on a typewriter. These details are faced with a cloth on both sides. On the outer side of each of these two parts glue foam cm.

couch in the kitchen

That in the process of opening the mattress does not kosilo, and he did not move down from the stand, inside tamp it slide rails. The back attach to the box-base with three bolts and nuts.

Do not forget to sew the fabric handle. If the fabric is very soft and stretchable, into strips for the handle, insert the strip of calico or linen.


If from this model to eliminate back, you get a traditional ottoman. But then it is not recommended to upholster it in two fabric colors, better make it one color.