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As fitted wardrobes Additional shelves with their own hands: 6 Method of attachment

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Shelves are an integral part of any cabinet. Their number and ergonomic location directly affects the quality of things storage and usability. For discerning owners are also very important is the aesthetic appearance of the objects placement in the storage area.


Often the degree of comfort the shelves location is shown only in the process of maintenance of furniture. to understand, how to add a shelf in the closet, you need to know some of the nuances:

  • What are the types of attachment;
  • what tools to use;
  • what material is best to choose;
  • how to determine the size of embedded parts.

Preparation before installing the shelves

Even if the wardrobe itself is quite spacious, shelf it can be located not very convenient. You can choose to vary the "infrastructure" of internal space, depending on the specific needs: change the distance between the shelves, their depth, install additional partitions.

Before, how to make shelves for cabinet, you need to determine, which bulkhead it is already installed. Usually, is veneered chipboard thickness web 16 mm or 18 mm.

What material to buy

The most common material for walls in canteens, book, wardrobes considered chipboard. He is most in demand because of its relative cheapness and versatility. Chipboard is marked and easily sawn, allowing to obtain workpieces of any shape and size.

OSB - a fairly flexible material, so in order to avoid deformation of shelves under the weight of heavy objects, they can be strengthened. Usually, to give rigidity parts of chipboard, sufficiently screwed to the upper or lower surface of the shelf narrow wooden bar along the rear and the front edge.

Pruning saw at the optimum size

First we need to make sure, that the rear enclosure wall is flat and is at right angles to the side wall surfaces. This can be accomplished by screening gon.

If the idea is, to set the new partition, identical old, it is necessary to make the size of the old regiments in three dimensions: thickness, depth, width. You can then go to the store building materials. Often mortar stores provide services for sawing chipboard sheets under the indicated dimensions. However, many prefer to do it with his own hands, armed with a manual or electric circular saw.

Edge band veneer

Unfortunately, when sawing wood chip cloth, region to get blank looks not quite priglyadno. In addition to this edge when storing or retrieving may cling very delicate thing and spoil. To give the edge more refined look, typically use fusible edge band, where you can choose the exact tone of the resulting shelves. It is enough to attach the tape to the edge, to iron a hot iron. After edging it must accurately and securely.

Methods for attachment of shelves and their location

Get a suitable color, size and material shelf is not enough. Particularly important is the issue, how to mount shelves in the cabinet in the presence of vertical bulkheads. Main options for their location just two:

  1. On different axes;
  2. On one axle.

Under the first method partitions difficult position to face any pitfalls. It is important to define a kind of a fixture, which will be used, and observe parallel planes. The second - a more complex. Here it is necessary to tinker, since it is necessary to achieve a reliable connection to the junction of two flanges with an overall wall therebetween.

An important factor in the assembly is also a functional feature furniture. Depending on, that is supposed to be stored inside, which will be subjected to load shelves, you need to decide for yourself, how to install a shelf in the closet and what kind of connection to use. Here are a few ways to tie:

  • angular;
  • Screw;
  • conical;
  • eccentric;
  • dowels;
  • Evrovint.

Angle screed

Seating area - one of the most common types of accessories. Their installation does not require any special skill. With such work can handle every. seating area, usually, made of wood or plastic. Therefore, they are very durable and inexpensive way to fixing the price.

Setting this element is carried out by fixing it with the screw between the side wall and the shelf directly. This type of attachment is considered obsolete among professional builders, however, it continues to enjoy an enviable popularity among the people. Its disadvantages include the presence of the protruding portions corner. This can result in an unpleasant surprise when storing clothes in the closet - there is a risk hook and spoil it. A doubtless advantage is considered to be simple and cheap.

screw box

Helical coupler is a tandem screw and barrel, which gives large contraction. Due to this, it is very firmly connects one panel with another plane, eg, end of the shelves in the cabinet with the side wall.

fixing mechanism is rather complicated, and novice may encounter problems during the installation element. Difficulties may arise when combining the keg aperture mating, if necessary to remove unwanted or wrong embedded barrel.

The disadvantages of this method of attachment provides visibility screw head on the front wall surface. To the visual effect was better, you can take advantage of special in furniture plugs. However, cap plugs do not always look appropriate, can spoil the overall impression of the interior.

However, small errors aesthetic and some disadvantages far outweighed the build durable and reliable connection.


Dowel is a very inexpensive kind of furniture fittings. It has a cylindrical shape, It made of hardwood and has long been used in many wood joints. The main dowel function - to prevent the displacement of the panels relative to one another and to provide additional rigidity.

Important: The shelf in the closet is better to carry out a combined way. Dowel is rarely used as a stand alone fixture and method can not provide a reliable design fully. Most often it is used in conjunction with other types of fasteners.


Most often, the screw used in the assembly of economy class furniture, as well as kitchen sets and furniture relatively simple construction. Choosing this type of attachment, We need to be alert to the, that the whole side panel is dotted with caps or screw caps.

Its use does not cause too much difficulty. It connects the side wall with the end of the shelf directly. Pre-marking up panel and defining, where there will be joint with shelf, drilled holes. Then, using the screwdriver evrovinty screwed from the front plane, connecting two elements. Typically used evrovint 7 mm in diameter and 50-70 mm.

When the assembly of kitchen furniture and bollards, who will stand firmly together, aesthetic shortcoming easily hidden. However, there is another disadvantage of this assembly. Evrovinty in multiple screwing and unscrewing the threaded destroy their internal structure Chipboard.

Therefore it is recommended to use such a contraction, if the cabinet is going to "forever" in the future there is no urgent need for disassembly. Third or fourth disassembly of furniture can not survive. The undoubted advantage in this case is the cheapness, availability of accessories and ease of application.

conical strainer

Such fasteners typically used to connect the thick elements, layers thick chipboard 25 or 38 mm.

In contrast to the previous type of fastening, the reservoir is screwed into a special panel of stock. Fastening consists of three parts:

  • Housing in the form of a barrel;
  • Screw;
  • Stock.

Screw with a conical tip enters the hole in the rod, whereupon the fixation parts. This type of connection requires special accuracy in the additive, and has a small stroke of contraction, so the shelf in the closet, thus fixed, We should not be subjected to heavy loads. Otherwise with time can tip deformation, may become loose holes for rod, whereupon the compound, Most likely, lose their properties.

Talking about the positive aspects of, It should be noted, that the front side wall using a conical tie visually does not suffer. Cupboard or closet with shelves, fixed with its help, acquires the properties of a collapsible structure.

screed eccentric

The most popular form of connecting fittings for today is a cam lock. Virtually all modern manufacturers of quality furniture used screed eccentric. ÎÍÀ malozametnaya, robust and reliable, use it can be repeatedly.

Eccentric coupler includes three elements:

  • Eccentric;
  • stand;
  • Nut (Threaded).

Depending on their functional characteristics, Ties may vary on four grounds:

  1. diameter and height of the eccentric;
  2. the length of the rack;
  3. type rack mount (screw, screw);
  4. Threaded type.

The operating principle of the eccentric connector ties the most difficult, special care is required in the correctness of its installation.

Eccentric clamp defines the exact position of an attached element. On parts of the pre-set coupling kit, which further screwed into the eccentric, mounted to another panel. Cam captures the rod head and turn creates effort, tightening a shaft.

Eccentric screed or minifiksy provide high reliability and strength of the connection, enables to perform multiple assembly and disassembly of furniture without sacrificing quality.


Having carefully considered the above methods, you can consider in detail, how to improve the usability of the space in the wardrobe or cupboard; in the closet to make additional shelves, creating a more organized and comfortable storage area; how to improve the favorite piece of furniture, without losing the harmony of the interior.